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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

In 20 km from Bangkok in the city of Pathumthani is today the most beautiful and the most luxurious camp of Thailand.

This magnificent complex which opened in April, 2009 cost the paltry sum of 80 million baht!

By arriving by the main road of Pathumthani we discover this exceptional camp by perceiving its royal entry with an on piles big screen which broadcasts videos of fights of Muay Thai.

We would imagine almost in the entry of a casino of Las Vegas …

It is the millionaire Mr Sitide who created this magnificent place, he is in association with Mr Songchai Ratanasuban who is one of the biggest promoters of the country.

Because in this gigantic complex a stadium was also built and he can welcome more than 3000 persons. The official promoters for this stadium are Mr Songchai and Mr Peerapong Theeradejpong (Chun Kiatpetch). It is a stadium on two floors ultra modern with air-conditioning which offers several times a month quality fights.

“Baan” wants to say “House”, Baan Muay Thai it is the ” House of Muay Thai ” and we can say that we feel really good in this magnificent camp, as at the house…

Because everything was made for the comfort of fighters who come to train here. First of all the beautiful surroundings with an immense Japanese garden which calms at once the place. Then the infrastructure is of a remarkable quality with about fifteen punch bags, two big boxing rings, a fitness room, a restaurant, an internet room and a dream swimming pool…

For the accommodation to the Baan Muay Thay you will have no difficulty to have a room because there is 500 at disposal!

The “Best” of this camp is especially that it is held and managed by a legend of the Thai boxing rings Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj. This great champion (World champion WMC, Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) nicknamed “The Deadly Kisser” marked his time with his titanic fights in front of better nakmuays…

Sangtiennoi is the chief trainer of the camp and he is assisted by three other trainers. Sangtiennoi has the reputation to form of very good fighter and it for a long time. His former camp which was in the suburb of Pathumthani, although small, was world-famous because many foreign champions came to train to him.

At present in his new camp his best fighters are, the own son of Sangtiennoi, Moset (S1 Champion in 154 lbs, classified N°1 in Thailand in 160 lbs), Faasawang (Current Radja Champion in 105 lbs), Tanongchai (N°9 Radja in 105 lbs) and Tiankao (N°3 Omnoi, N°10 Radja in 105 lbs). These champions are almost for maturities and are soon going to make speak them, especially Moset who is now in the Top of the rankings of every big stadium of the country!

In this just quite recent camp about ten of nakmuays Thai trains here and they are all still schooled. The morning training is thus light, a small jogging, some sessions of warm-ups and at 9 am direction the school. Every day except the weekend it is the same rite, the young boxers are taken by car to the school.

The training of after noon is more serious. From the end of the traditional jogging, begin then a redoubtable lesson of pao under the expert eye of Master’s Sangtiennoi…

Many foreigners to train already came here. And it is in this idyllic camp that the French team of the federation FFSCDA of Mr Cintura came to get ready for its fights in the stadium of Lumpinee.

One France / Thailand in february 2010 which held its promises with in star guest Farid Villaume and Kamel Jemel who had the honour to compete for a belt of Lumpinee. Then for this exceptional event our French boxer Farid Villaume, Kamel Jemel, Damien Alamos, Albert Chey, Abderamane Coulibaly, Xavier Bastard and Sohan Bengenha were lucky of ended their preparation in this luxurious camp.

All the French staff as well as numerous journalists who came to cover the event put of the animation in the quiet everyday life of the nakmuays of the camp.

Dida Diafat the former star of the French boxing rings and today commentator for the TV channel Orange was there also to follow the trainings of the French team. Dida which knows Sangtiennoi for a long time had the pleasure to find are friend which shot with him in the movie ” Chookdee “…

In November, the French team of the federation FFSCDA come back to get ready in this magnificent camp. This time this, it was for one France/Thailand in the stadium of Radja and one France/Thailand in the King’s Birthday. The star fight in the stadium of Radja was Mickael Piscitello against Chanachai Kaewsamrit for the belt of Radja. Other boxers of the Team who fought in the mythical stadium are Remy Pariot, Raouf Beliouz and Xavier Bastard.

For France/Thailand in the King’s Birthday they are Brice Guidon and Charles François which fought in main fight, both French gained each the belt of World champion WPMF. Other boxers who completed this evening were Jeremy Rachou, Mohamed Bouchareb, Hicham Chaibi, Steve Zaidi and Erik Renon.

So, in November, two great French champion Fabio Pinca and Yohan Lidon are crossed to train with the French team for the Baan Muay Thai. Pinca got ready for the tournament Thai Fight and Yohan Lidon for a fight outside King Cup.

During the stay of the French team to the Baan Muay Thai, the boxers besides they coach were accompanied by a delegation of judge and French referee. These referees followed an exceptional seminar of international refereeing which took place in the camp.

During the same days, the team national of Italy trained in the camp. The boxers got ready for one Italy/Thailand which also took place in the evening of the Kin’s Birthday. No other camp in Thailand can welcome so much world at the same time, only the complex of the Baan Muay Thai allows to accommodate and to train more than about fifty foreigners!

Everybody is welcome to the Baan Muay Thai, the beginner as confirmed will be taken care with seriousness. The price is 1500 bahts a day for the training, the food, the accommodation and the access to all the complex. If you wish to train hard while having a space of comfortable relaxation, do not hesitate, put your bag to the Baan Muay Thai, you will not be disappointed…


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