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Special Report by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Around one of the most ancient and well known Bangkok’s stadium, the “Lumpinee Boxing Stadium” (open in 1956), several shops are selling very high quality muay Thai equipments. Professionals as amateurs will find without any problem what they’re looking for in one of the 5 shops that are storing the market. The most represented shops are the ones from the brand TWINS, there are 2 of them. One has opened 15 years ago and the other more recently. 2 employees work in these shops which export in the whole world. It’s the most known brand abroad. Twins industries are located in Samutsakon a little city at 30 km for from Bangkok.

The oldest shop is the one of the WINDY brand opened 20 years ago. Windy is one of the very first muay Thai brand that has also influenced the Twins brand. It has nearly been beaten by Twins but resists well and is still offering high quality material, and this is a lot of foreign countries.

The “KING PROFESSIONAL BOXING” shop is open since 2005. This brand created in 2000, just known a little abroad, furnishes already several champions much as those of the “Kaewsamrit Team”, the champion Anuwat’s camp. “King Professional Boxing” exports in Europe and Japan. It has a partnership with another brand, “BOOSTER”, made in Belgium. In fact, “King” is a new design produced by “Twins”. The models are made in the same industry as Twins which is located at Samutsakon 7/2-3 Moo 10 Soi Phuyodying, Suanluangruamjai road. The boss of the brand is called Mister Narit Wongprasertkan.

Finally the last shop that has just opened in 2007, is the one of the “MUAY THAI” brand, one of the oldest brand in Thailand (more than 30 years) and nearly unknown abroad. This brand has always focused it self on the interned Thai market.  Her high quality sign is the manufacturing artisanal and the production are usually made on order. It is very well known and very appreciated by Thai fighters. For the moment the shop sells only clothing, Thai boxing shorts and Thai boxing outfits of high qualities with designs made in Thailand. The boss of the brand is Mister Thongjan Amthwong and the industry is located at 988/7 Soi Udomsuk 26 Sukhumvit 103.

There are other equipments brands but without any shop near the 2 big Bangkok’s Stadium. The “FAIRTEX” brand exists since 1975 and has first been exported to the USA where there is a lot of distribution. Today, it exports all around the world, but USA, Europe and Japan are still the most important buyers. Fairtex is also a enormous structure lend by its founder, the millionaire Mister Philip Wong who created training camps in Thailand, USA and Japan. Fairtex has also a stadium in Pattaya and Dream TEAM with champions like Yodseanklai, Attachai and Narupol. 

Another famous camp “The Sor Vorapin” (The one of Kaichon and Rattanachai, World Champion WBO) created its own brand S.WIN not very well known abroad. But which is nevertheless of an excellent quality because everything is hand-made traditionally.

For the nostalgic, the “THAISMAI” brand which supplied essentially the internal market is the first one to produce equipments for the muay Thai. Established since 1960, this brand is very known in Thailand. In spite of the competition of the giants as Fairtex, Twins, Radja, her always produces her models in her little shop located in Chareonkrung Road.