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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2012)



This small camp of Bangkok is opened for 15 years and is in the district of Phayathai. The camp belongs to a important policeman of Bangkok which is the owner of the Go Go Bar T-DED 99. The ” Go Go bar ” are discotheques in which we can assist in strippers’ show where there are also prostitutes. The T-DED 99 is one of the most renowned of Bangkok. The name of the camp makes reference to this famous Go Go bar…



Teeded 99 is a camp at once “Muaymat” (strong in fist) and “Fimeuu” (Technical), because among three trainers of the camp, there is a big specialist of the techniques of fist. Nakmuays is thus very technically with a good Boxing.



The trainer in Boxing is an old fighter of boxing rings, he has a nice “Face” which reminds the French comic “Sim”. But it was an excellent boxer who made 70 fights in professional, he beat in particular Muangsurin, Pumpansom and he lost to points in front of the star Samart Payakaroon !



Although he is very small this camp to boxers who are all classified in big stadium of Bangkok. The boxers of the Teeded 99 are considered as being redoubtable fighters. They often fight in the stadium of the TV7 because the promoter of all these boxers is Chun Kietpetch (owner of the stadium TV7). When to the manager of the camp his name is Surasak Shaetung and it is very known in the world of the muay thai in Bangkok.



The camp has 10 boxers, 6 nakmuays and 4 muaysakon (professional boxer in Boxing). One of the best champions is Sudsakorn Teeded 99 who in 2004 was Lumpinee Champion and Thailand Champion in 115 lbs.



At present the most titled boxers of the camp are Phetmorakot Teeded 99 and Phetkasim Teeded 99. Phetmorakot to gain two belts, champion’s belt of Radja in 105 lbs and champion’s belt of Thailand in 108 lbs. Phetkasim him to gain the belt of Lumpinee in 135 lbs.



Other fighters are Sailomnoi Teeded 99 (N°3 in Lumpinee and in Thailand in 112 lbs), Rataket Teeded 99 (N° 3 in the TV7 in 115 lbs), Addam Teeded 99 (N° 2 in the TV7 in 112 lbs) and Nongmai Teeded 99 (N° 4 in the TV7 in 100 lbs)!



The camp is situated in « soï » (alley) quiet. To reach the camp it is necessary to cross a store of motorcycle, the courtyard of the camp is just close. The place is not very clean, there are motorcycles part almost everywhere, hens have a walk, and dogs make them needs near the boxing ring. The thing which shocks a little in this camp, it is to see cages containing dogs and cats locked inside. One of the trainers confides me that they put these animals in cage because they do not want that they urinate everywhere in the camp. But as soon as one of the animals is extirpated by his cage for a small walk, the first thing that he made it is to urinate right by the boxing ring…



The adjoining building to the store of motorcycle contains four rooms for the boxers. The whole camp is covered by an immense roof in sheet steel which has recently just been redone. Here, the training is extensive, the boxers make a daily jogging of 15 km. They make 45 minutes of clinch, 5 rounds of paos and 5 rounds of punchbags, in the morning and after noon. The rounds of pao owed 5 minutes and everything days, a special session in Boxing, to pads, takes place at the end of training…



No foreigner came to train for Teeded 99 but for 150 bahts the trainers of the camp shall give you the lesson with pleasures…