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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

The Chang Muay Thai Gym camp, opened there aout on 2009, is the outcome of a project which liked heart for a long time to Didier Martino. It Swiss which began the thai boxing to the gym Chiang Mai Muay Thai in Geneva crosses the Thailand for 17 years. It is a real passionate person of Muay Thai. Since several years he goes regularly in Thailand to train in different camps. He created a website on his favourite sport which if call “MUAYTHAIFORUM”. Didier is so fascinated by Muay Thai that he went as far as making a trek in the depths of the jungle, just to see a temple where we taught Muay Thai to children monks at the top of a mountain…

Having never fought in Thailand previously, in around thirty past he is going to try the experience. He is going to fight twice, for the pleasure and especially for know the sensation and the atmosphere of a fight in Thailand. Married to a Thai and fallen in love with the Thai culture, he decides to set up a camp to satisfy his passion. He had chosen the island of Phuket in the sea resort of Kata beach which has magnificent beaches, indeed far from the pollution and from the smothering heat of Bangkok. The name of the camp “Chang” (elephant in Thai) makes reference to a strong boxer who has to show intelligence to overcome his opponents. A little as the elephant, the majestic animal which is strong and intelligent.

The camp is in 300 meters of the beach, the place is quiet and aerated well. The structure of the camp is completely new with a boxing ring of competition and ten punch bags among which longer two for the special work of low kicks. The ground is covered with groundsheet with in the entrance traditional tires for body-building of calf’s.

The trainings are supervised by three trainers, Krai who was a champion of the North of the Thailand (200 fights), Pomphet who fought in Lumpinee and in Radja (100 fights) and Aung who has more than 50 fights. Two main fighters are Dieo (17 years old, 200 fights among which 50 in professional) and Bo (21 years, 60 professional fights). Thai champions come so often to train to the Chang Muay Thai Gym as Katawuut (Champion of Thailand of Boxing) which fights in Lumpinee, in Radja and in TV7 and Lone who has just gained a world belt WMF. There is indeed on many foreigners who train here because everybody is welcome to the Chang Muay Thai Gym. Each will find what he is looking for, woman, man, beginner, confirmed, can train correctly to progress. Didier likes that every person who comes in her camp leaves by having acquiring of good thing. Contrary to certain camps where the pupils make only of the punch bag and leave without having progressed. As quotes him the master of places “Here you will leave with an experience between fists”.

The training for the fighters is in the thai with jogging, sessions of paos, clinch and sparing. For the beginners, the professors cross more time to teach them the technical bases of Muay Thai. The competitors can fight in both stadium of Patong Beach to Phuket. And for the most motivated there is even a possibility of being able to fight in Bangkok in the stadium Lumpinee!

The camp possesses four rooms with air-conditioned (price 300 bahts) and an apartment close to the sea with air-conditioned, big room, big lounge, TV cabled (price 600 bahts). But there is also a camp of numerous cheap hotels.

Chang Muay Thai Gym is a small camp in the family atmosphere where Didier the boss will know how to make you share his big passion of Muay Thai…

Training (2 sessions a day): 600 bahts

One week: 3200 bahts

One month: 12000 bahts

Training (1 sessions a day): 400 bahts

One week: 1800 bahts

One month: 6800 bahts

(For the long stays possibility of lower price, to negotiate)


116/9 Kok Tanod Road,



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