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special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

December 5th, day of the King’s Birthday was always for Thai the most important holiday of the year.

Indeed, His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX is venerating as a God living by his people…

A luxurious holiday is thus organized every year on December 5th and as in a lot of holiday in Thailand there is of Muay Thai to the program.

For a long time boxing matches are organized during the evening of December 5th.

This event takes place in the former gardens of the Palace royal ” Wat Pra Kew ” of Bangkok. Garden today called, “Square Sanam Luang”.

This special day hundreds of thousand Thai are alike to honour their sovereign…

At the beginning of the 90s, Mr Songchai Ratanasuban, then bigger promoter of the country had the brilliant idea, during the most prestigious evening of the year in Thailand, to make be in confrontation to itself the best Thai champions in front of better foreign champions of the planet.

So for a long time Mr Songchai was the main promoter of this extraordinary evening!

It is in 1993 when the adventure begins with one of the most beautiful event set up by Songchai with flagship fights such as

Gilbert Ballantine vs Samart Payakaroon,

Dany Bill vs Den Muangsurin

(Danny Bill will be the only foreigner has to gain a victory on a thai champion, World champion belt in games!),

Ramon Dekkers vs Charoenthong Kiatbangchon,

Mateo Marinovic vs Sakmongkon Sitnchuchoke


Stéphane Nikiema vs Changpuek Kiatsongrit !

The event takes an even more international dimension with the association of Songchai and the French promoter N°1 of time, Sami Kebchi.

Sami Kebchi makes the channel of French television come ” Canal + ” which is going to film in live the fights.

In 1994 of big meeting are organized with

Dany Bill vs Sayidkhan Kiatpathan,

Guillaume Kerner vs Sponser Kratingdaeng,

Mourad Sari vs Sansing Muangsurin,

Stéphane Nikiema vs Nokweed Devi.

The appointment is taken and every year, December 5th, memorable fights take place between the biggest Thai champions and the best foreigners,

in 1995

Guillaume Kerner vs Chainarong,

Dany Bill vs Saengtiennoi Sor. Rungrot,

Ramon Dekkers vs Den Muangsurin,

in 1996

Ramon Dekkers vs Jomhod Kiatadisak,

in 1997

John Wayne Parr vs Wihoknoi Ch Malithong,

Dany Bill vs Orono Por Mueng Ubon,

Hassan Kasrioui vs Saengtiennoi Sor. Rungrot,

Manu N’tho vs Superlek Sor Isan,

Raffi Zouheir vs Joe Louis Muangsurin…

In the time, the best foreign fighters capable of competing against the redoubtable Thai champions came in great majority of Holland and France.

It looked to us of big confrontation between these European champions and the best Thai boxers.

On a pu assister en 1998 à des supers combats entre

Dany Bill vs Saengtiennoi Sor. Rungrot,

Christian Garros vs Saimai Chor Suen,

Mourad Sari vs Vihoknoi Chor Malitong,

Totof vs Pet Ubon Por Mueng Ubon,

Hassan Ettaki vs Orono Por Mueng Ubon,

Stéphane Nikiéma vs Nuengtrakarn Por Mueng Ubon,

Najim vs Dejpitak Sidyodthong,

Abel El Quandilli vs Ekkarat 13 Rean Tower,

Gerald Mamadeus vs Robert Kor Bangkroui,

Mohamed Houari vs Yoddecha Sidyodthong.

In 1999 of the clashs between

John Wayne Parr vs Paeng-rit Sor Prapaporn,

Perry Ubeda vs Sakmongkon Sitnchuchoke,

Totof vs Pha Pra Kob,

Mourad Sari vs Orono Por Mueng Ubon,

Stephan Nikiema vs Dejpitak Sidyodthong,

Rayen Simson vs Yoddecha Sidyodthong,

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky vs Duen Easarn.

The year 2000 began well with beautiful meetings between

Dany Bill vs Kaolan Kaovichit,

John Wayne Parr vs Orono Por. Muang Ubon,

Totof vs Ekkarat 13 Rean Tower,

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky vs Robert Keanorasing,

Kamel Jemel vs Somrack Sor Khamsing,

Masato Kobayashi vs Suriya Sor. Pleonchit,

Hassan Ettaki vs Nuengtrakarn Por Mueng Ubon,

Raffi Zouheir vs Yoddacha Cho Prasobchoke,

Christian Garros vs Taweesub Sithsanganum,

Katsuya Kusumoto vs Kowit Lodknogyangtoy.

So in the 90s the champions as Khaled Hebieb, Farid Villaume, Patrick Eriksson made of great fight for the King’s Birthday…

At the beginning of 2000s, the promoter Songchai innovates once again and created a tournament which is going to be called S1 (Songchai N°1).

It is the tournament which is going to gather the best foreign fighters of the planet – 72 kg.

The winner of this tournament becomes World champion S1 and pocket the sum of a million of baths!

The tournament takes place during the evening of King.

Later several tournament S1 is going to take place in various country of the world but the most representative and main tournament will be made always during the evening of the King’s Birthday…

Besides the Tournament S1, main fights are organized always during the evening of King as in 2001 with beautiful fight between

Totof vs Sintung,

Wilfried Montagne vs Taweesap,

for the tournament King Cup :

Hassan Ettaki vs Nuengtrakarn Por Mueng Ubon,

Ryad Rihkis vs Vielvoye,

John Wayne Parr vs Duen Easarn,

Miguel Martinez vs Shinji Matsumura,

Ryad Rihkis vs Nuengtrakarn Por Mueng Ubon,

John Wayne Parr vs Miguel Martinez.


in 2002 with meetings between

Mourad Sari vs Nuengtrakarn Por. Muang Ubon,

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky vs Rambo Jew Por Tabtim,

Kamel Jemel vs Wang Wei Huang,

Usui Jotaro vs Jaipetch Kiatmuangkarn,

Kawazu Shinichi vs Charnchana Singklongsee,

Hirotani Harayim vs Joe Hunsunpeter!

In the middle of 2000s, the evening of thai boxing in the King’s Birthday took one such scale in Thailand which on December 4th, the day before, there is so now a big evening of organized.

One of the most important promoters of the country Mr Chun Kiatpetch organizes henceforth in the evening of December 4th.

Today promoters of the whole world want to organize with the promoters Thais for 4 and on December 5th, we were able to see meetings such as Japan against Thailand, Italy against Thailand and France against Thailand.

Since 2008 Mr Chun Kiatpetch often organizes with Mr Cintura preside of the French federation FFSCDA.

Delegations French with high-level fighters taken by the federation already have honour several times during the evening of King…

But the promoter Songchai the instigator of this prestigious evening is of course always the promoter N°1 of this world event!

Since some years now that for two days, an incredible number of fights takes place 4 and on December 5th with a lot of match between foreigner, and novelty of the tournaments in light heavyweight and even in heavyweight.

In this weighty category of the champions Russian as Ramazanov (winner in the light heavyweight 2004, Winner on heavyweight 2006), Magomedov (finalist in the light heavyweight 2004, 2005) if is illustrated as well as the Ivory Coast champion Ngalani (winner on heavyweight 2004).

So great feminine fights are from now on for the program of King’s Birthday.

And of course, there are always fights of very high levels between Thai champions and foreign champions…

The 90s were “The golden age” of King’s Birthday with memorable fights.

2000s offered us unique tournaments to the world.

Nowadays, the fights are always so exciting but it is not any more only the best Thai in front of better foreigners.

But for any nakmuay of the whole world to fight in the King’s Birthday will always stay a magic moment!

Tournament S1 main:

2003 King’s Birthday 5 December

Super Fight

Suoahualek Chor. Sopipong VS Bovi Sor. Udomsorn

Totof vs Komeflek Tor Silachai

Ishike Shinya vs Saddam Kietyongyuth

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Villaume, Nuengtrakarn, Surya, Yakult, Monkong, Phuthong, Zouheir, Aslan

Farid Villaume vs Nuengtrakarn Por Mueng Ubon,

Sahin Yakult vs Monkong Kiatsomkwan,

Surya Sor Ploenchit vs Aslan,

Eh Phuthong vs Rafi Zouheir

Final :

Farid Villaume vs Surya Sor Ploenchit


Surya Sor Ploenchit

Tournament light Heavyweight:


Balrak vs Mohamed



2004 King’s Birthday 5 December

Super Fight

Wilfried Montagne vs Chengneon Sor Sisan

Ishine vs Chengneon sor Damrongrith Yonada vs Sananchai Sor Visethkij

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Sari, Rambowjeaw, Skarbowsky, Khunsuk, Wanlop, Hansgut, Fidan, Gatez

Mourad Sari vs Rambowjeaw Por Tubtim,

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky vs Khunsuk Petchsuphapan,

Wanlop Sitpholek vs Yucel Fidan,

Xavier Gatez vs Michal Hangsut,


Khunsuk Petchsuphapan vs Michal Hansgut


Khunsuk Petchsuphapan

The Big Tournament at the light heavyweight organized by the French promoter Sami Kebchi takes place in the King’s Birthday.

Both finalists will be qualified for the big final in Paris.

8 boxers:

Nikolay, Mogadof, Apichai, Ekkelboom, Rosenberg, Mekkedem, Inzendam, Ramazan,


Mogadof Mohamed and Ramazan Mohamed

2005 King’s Birthday 5 December

Super Fight

Phil McAlpine vs Samkor Kiatmontep

Andrei Kulebin vs Rudolf Durica

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Skarbowsky, Balicha, Wanlop, Lamsongkram, Mac Fie, Sciacca, Fidan, Magamedov

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky vs Paolo Balicha,

Lamsongkram Chuwattana vs Matteo Sciacca,

Yucel Fidan vs Bruce Mac Fie,

Aslan Magamedov vs Wanlop Sithpolek


Lamsongkram Chuwattana vs Wanlop Sithpolek


Lamsongkram Chuwattana

2006 King’s Birthday 5 December

Super Fight

Fabio Pinca vs Pichitchai Sorprapa

Rudolf Durica vs ReungSiam SitKorwit

Sean Wright vs Dam PhuketMuayThai

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 4 boxers :

Askerov, Jomhod, Mahgagonoy, Wanlop

Dzahbar Askerov vs Jomhod Kiatdisak,

Sergy Mahgagonoy vs Wanlop Sithpolek,


Dzabar Askerov vs Wanlop Sithpolek


Wanlop Sithpolek

Tournament Heavyweight: final:

Ramazan Ramazanov vs Marek Dimitriov


Ramazan Ramazanov

2007 King’s Birthday 5 December

Super Fight

Totof vs Roonsirichok

Shota vs Petbangprang

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Camara, Chitrlada, Askerov, Crawford, Racz, Madsua, Carlsson, Beecher

Jonathan Camara vs Srisanchai Chitrlada,

Jamie Crawford vs Dzabar Askerov,

Egon Racz vs Madsua,

Joakim Carlsson vs Mark beecher

Final: Jonathan Camara vs Tum Madsua


Tum Madsua

2008 King’s Birthday 5 December

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Kem, Aliu, Konsky, Racz, Ahmadian, Mertens, Nopparat, Palmer

Kem Fairtex vs Berat Aliu,

Majid Ahmadian vs Vladimir Konsky,

Christophe Mertens vs Nopparat Keitkhamtorn,

Josh Palmer vs Egon Racz


Kem Fairtex vs Egon Racz


Kem Fairtex

2009 King’s Birthday 5 December

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Alexandre, Houshangy, Narupol, Madsua, Muller, Kehl, Merza, Juuhl

Cosmo Alexandre vs Kevyan Houshangy,

Cedric Muller vs Narupol Fairtex,

Erico Kehl vs Fadi Merza,

Tum Madsua vs Peter Juuhl,

Final: Cosmo Alexandre vs Tum Madsua


Cosmo Alexandre

2010 King’s Birthday 5 December

Super Fight

Cedric Muller vs Sayok Pumpanmuang

Yohan Lidon vs Jaochalam Sitkanokgym

Totof vs Kriangkrai Tor Silachai

Tournament S1 – 72 Kg : 8 boxers :

Yodseanklai, Alexandre, Colossa, Vogel, Pinto, Miles, Xu, Watson

Cosmo Alexandre vs Jesse Miles,

Alex Vogel vs Yan Xu,

Yodseanklai Fairtex vs Vuyisile Colossa,

Jordan Watson vs Antuan Pinto


Cosmo Alexandre vs Yodseanklai Fairtex


Yodseanklai Fairtex