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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

In Thailand bets and Muay Thai are inseparable. Bet in Thai says to itself “Panan”,

Panan are bets engaged between the punters (Khon Len Panan) during a fight in a stadium. The Dumpan Very common in Thailand is on the other hand a special bet. It is a bet with an agreement between both camps (Team) before the fight. Team of every boxer agrees on a sum in game, for example 100 000 bahts and every camp puts half, 50 000 bahts for one and 50 000 bahts for the other one.

The boxer who gains the fight makes take away the 100 000-baht sum for his camp. His camp put at stake 50 000 bahts and take away 100 000 bahts, it pays off its stake and gains 50 000 bahts!

This sum has nothing to do with the “Khaatoa” (purse) of the boxer which was defined between the promoter and the manager for the fight. Some is the outcome of the fight the boxer will get his purse. To make “Dumpan” it is necessary to find two camps which are persuaded that their boxer is going to gain. They are thus ready each to take the risk of betting some money on their fighter. As soon as the sum in game is determined, several persons of the camp, the trainers, the manager, members of the family of the boxer,

the promoter (rare) and sometimes same the boxer who is going to fight, put each some money of their pocket to gather the sum.

Generally if the boxer who fights puts nothing in game in Dumpan he gets approximately 10 % of the sum if he gains the fight. For Dumpan in 100 000 bahts he will get 10 000 bahts, a good bonus besides his purse…

The promoters like putting on the posters of events the sum of bets with Dumpan. It makes come from many people because that peppers a little the fight the financial stakes important between two champions.

To go up Dumpan between two camps is not always easy. Indeed it is necessary to find two fighters of the same strength to make a well-balanced fight. The luck to win between every team which bet has to be 50/50. For example with the fights of Seanchai Sor Kingstar, the best boxer of the current circuit, there is practically never Dumpan.

Because Seanchai in 80 % of luck to gain his fight some is the opponent in front of him.

No camp is going to take the risk of betting against Seanchai…

Dumpan always existed in Thailand. In the fights in the countryside often the sums are not very important, from 10 000 to 20 000 bahts maximum. But in the big events in Bangkok the sums can reach millions. At the end of the fight, it is impressive to see the victorious boxer posing on the boxing ring for the photographers with the total sum in cash of Dumpan. He is sometimes adorned with thousand notes or holds a cup filled with bundles of one thousand baht notes!

It is rather rare but some foreign fighters make so sometimes fights with Dumpan in game. In the time the champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky in a confrontation against Orono Por Muang had fought for 200 000-baht Dumpan, fight gained by Skarbowsky. At the beginning of his fights in Thailand the former champion Stephan Nikiéma with fact several fights in Isaan (northeast) with Dumpan in game. He fought against Lekmongkong with 40 000-baht Dumpan, victory of Nikiema. The champion Guillaume Kerner in the 90s faced in Bangkok the champion of Omnoi of time Kawoaw for 650 000-baht Dumpan, victory of Kerner!

Today of big sum are put in Dumpan. Most big Dumpan of these last years was in 2010 for the fight between The Lek Wor Sangprapai and Julong Ekbangsai with 3 million baht in games!

The Lek gained the fight, his camp Petchyindee Gym pockets the 1,5 million baht sum in net profit. The Lek Wor Sangprapai is a real phenomenon because he is only 14 years old and more than 200 fights to his credit. He has already gained world champion WMC’s belt in 105 lbs and champion d’ Omnoi’s belt in 100 lbs. On June 10th, 2011 he fought again against Julong Ekbangsai whom he has still beaten and he took the championship of Thailand in 106 lbs. In this event the only one fight with a dumpan in game was the one of The Lek vs Julong, a million baht dumpan, still gained by The Lek!

The Lek drives crazy the punters because from the first round he leaves to the war and his fights are always intense and indecisive. These last fights with Dumpan are: The Lek vs Petsakon (600 000-baht Dumpan), victorious The Lek. The Lek vs Wanpichit (400 000-baht Dumpan), victorious The Lek. The Lek vs Goti (200 000-baht Dumpan), victorious The Lek…

Other boxer in Thailand the fights of which at present put at stake of big Dumpan is Sam-A Thor Rattanakiat (Double Lumpinee Champion, double Thailand Champion). He fought against Pornsaneh Dangdangmuukatachiangmai with 2 million baht Dumpan, victory of A Sam-A. Then against Pokaew Fonjeangchonburi with 2 million baht Dumpan, victory of A Sam-A!


Here are some fights of these last years with big Dumpan put in games:

Petbonchuu vs Sakeddao (1 million baht Dumpan), victory of Sakeddao

Julong vs Lom-Esarn (1 million baht Dumpan), victory of Julong

Mondam vs Lomtaley (1 million baht Dumpan), victory of Lomtaley

Pet Ek vs Pokeaw (1 million baht Dumpan) draw

Wanchalong vs Wirachai (1 million baht Dumpan), victory of Wanchalong

Prajanchai vs Superbank (840 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Superbank

Yodsuper vs Wanchalerm (600 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Wanchalerm

Rungpet vs Thong (500 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Thong

Tuan vs Detkart (500 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Detkart

Por 5 vs Fonluang (400 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Por 5

Petchpanomrung vs Sangpraiwan (400 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Petchpanomrung

Saksurin vs Jaroenchai (400 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Jareonchai

Wanchalong vs Kamlayok (300 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Wanchalong

Singmanee vs Pomsaklek (200 000-baht Dumpan), victory of Singmanee