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Once a month, on the last Sunday of the month, the large Tor Yaemsuan boxing camp is transformed into a real stadium for an entire day dedicated to Muay Thai fights.

Located in the suburbs of Bangkok, in the Saphan Sung district at Soi Nakkila Laemthong 10, the Tor Yaemsuan Gym opened its doors in 2023. This boxing camp, although still young, has quickly gained notoriety thanks to its modern facilities and the quality of its fighters.

The vast structure of Tor Yaemsuan Gym can accommodate many people for boxing shows

In this event, the boxers competing come from different boxing camps in Bangkok and surrounding provinces. Some even travel from very far away, like the young fighters from the Petch Muay Thai Gym located in Hua Hin, about 250 km from Bangkok.

The fighting begins at 10:00 a.m. and continues uninterrupted until late afternoon. Nearly forty fights take place throughout the day, offering a continuous and intense spectacle to Muay Thai fans.

Fighters, of all ages and technical levels, prepare and warm up outside. They have their coaches massage them with namman muay oil (heating oil) and bandage their hands as the matches unfold.

The atmosphere is very family-friendly, with the boxers accompanied by their family and friends who come to encourage them. This warm atmosphere contributes to the unique appeal of these days of fights at Tor Yaemsuan Gym, where everyone comes to share their passion for Muay Thai.

For children and teenagers who have few fights under their belt, this is a great way to test themselves against new opponents and gain experience in the ring. Most of the fighters are locals from the country, but it is not uncommon to see foreigners come to fight during this day at the temporary stadium of Tor Yaemsuan Gym.

The fights take place in three rounds under the supervision of judges and official referees of the Thai federation.

The judges and referees of the Tor Yaemsuan Gym stadium

Sometimes, trophies are offered to participants in recognition of their performance and sportsmanship.

In addition, a belt from the “Tor Yaemsuan” stadium is sometimes up for grabs, providing fighters with additional motivation. These well-organized events help create a competitive and encouraging atmosphere for all participants!

A young fighter champion of the ephemeral stadium Tor Yaemsuan
Boxers prepare and warm up outside
Massage with the famous namman muay is essential for a good muscle warm-up
Boxing wraps are essential to wrap the hands and protect the wrists, a ritual, a moment of sharing between the trainer and the fighter, just before the fight
Despite the noise and promiscuity, this young boxer manages to take a little nap before his fight
Supporters of fighters are part of the family circle
The young twins Petchsii (Chadi Mohamed) and Petchhaa (Danial Mohamed) from the famous “3 nakmuay brothers” family of the Petch Muay Thai Gym are regulars at this event. Their three big brothers, Petchnung alias Isaac Mohamed (Radja stadium champion), Petchsong alias Kaïs Mohamed and Petchsam alias Nahyan Mohamed (SKS world champion) are always present to encourage them
These two little ring warriors are ready to fight
KOs are not rare during these small Muay Thai shows
Often, Thai fighters from the Southern Province, some of whom are Muslim, add their own style by wearing the keffiyeh (Arab head covering) in addition to the traditional mongkon
The matches follow one another without interruption throughout the day
Women’s fights are also highlighted at Tor Yaemsuan Gym
The young French champion Aya Bozarhoun (Junior World and European Champion) (Red Gloves) made her first fight without protection in Thailand with a great victory by stoppage by the referee in the second round
Barely 10 years old, these two little boxers already have the “Fighting Spirit”
The Petch Muay Thai Gym twins Petchsii (black shorts) and Petchhaa (black shorts) in action