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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

In 2004 a new camp opened on the sea resort of Pattaya, the Scorpion Gym. This camp had been created by the Dutch champion Rosalie Berghuis (Champion WMC, Champion Theprasit Stadium, 26 fights) and her husband Somphot Thotla (Lumpinee Champion, 300 fights). In 2007, he was completely make, with two big boxing rings, six punch bags and rooms, this camp is now endowed with a beautiful infrastructure, very clean. The main trainers of this camp was Somphot Thotla, Ekapon Junk (366 fights, World champion) and Jaroenwit (250 fights).

The fighters who trained for the Scorpion Gym had a very good level because they were a camp more centred on the professional fighters than the beginners. Yodchatpol (Champion Stadium Theprasit), Yodsankeang (Lumpinee Champion in Boxing), Numeechai ( Radja champion) and the pearl of the camp, Yodsenchai (Lumpinee Champion, World Champion) made the beautiful days of the Scorpion Gym as the most experienced fighters of it gym. But the reputation of the Scorpion Gym was especially known thanks to the very owner, Rosalie Berguis, who gained many victories in Thailand.

So, until 2009 the Scorpion Gym welcomed champions as the Dutch Albert Kraus and French Nash Ular who often came to train there. In 2010 a group of young French boxers of the AS Cobra Gym in Brittany stayed one month in the Scorpion Gym and some fighters fought for the camp.

The training here was sustained enough and the way for the daily jogging is one of the most redoubtable of Pattaya. Indeed the boxers have to pass by “The mountain of Buddha” whose ascent is very rough…

But today this camp changed owner, Rosalie Berguis young mom decided to put “in bracket” in her career of boxer and soon hopes to start again the way of the boxing ring. At the moment she is in the center of Fitness Golden Gym in the 3rd Road in the South of Pattaya. She thus sold her camp to one of the most prestigious Dutch Team, GOLDEN GLORY!

Bas Boon, the founder and one of the managers main of Golden Glory took back the infrastructures of the Scorpion Gym to open to March 2010, ” Golden Glory Thailand “. After Golden Glory in Holland, in England and in Rumania now Team Golden Glory can get ready in Thailand. It is a good base this camp for the boxers of this perfect Team because most often fight in Japan in the circuit K1, and it their will allow to make a stopping place with a beneficial preparation in their long journey between the Holland and the country sunrise…

The new phenomenon of the K1 heavyweight, “The Demolition Man” Alistair Overeem already came to train in the camp as well as Errol Zimmerman and Gokhan Saki, two other promising champions of the K1 tested the boxing ring of Golden Glory of Pattaya. Cor Hemmers, the famous trainer and Bas Boon the manager has even already put gloves in their new camp. And the rest of the team Semmy Schilt, Nicky Holtzken, Chalib Arrab, Ashwin Balrak to quote only them is not going to delay coming to train here!

The experimented trainer Jaroenwit is always there to hold paos but now the camp has in more a trainer of luxury, legendary warriors of boxing rings, Changpuek Kiatsongrit (9 times World Champion). Golden Glory Gym of Pattaya it is sure is going to make speak about him in the future with such a perfect Team which will regularly come to train for it, many fighters of the planet will want to come to put gloves with all these great champions!