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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

This small camp is situated in the suburb of the city of Buriram, in the Northeast from the Thailand. He is in the middle of new private housing estate. Before this camp was called Sitni Gym and existed for several years. But since four years Mr Yat Kiatpetch restructured the camp and gave him his name, “KayasitYaKiatpetch”. Mr Yat Kiatpetch was a long time the chief trainer of the famous camp Kiatpetch Gym in Bangkok. The camp which belongs to one of the biggest promoters of the country, Mr Peerapong Theeradejpong (Chun Kiatpetch). It is moreover Mr Chun who is the promoter of the boxers of the KayasitYaKiatpetch, when these come to fight in stadium of the capital.

The structure of the camp is not very big. There are just 4 punch bags and a small boxing ring. The atmosphere in this camp is rather stifling because the roof in sheet steel and the covers which surround the boxing ring allow passing neither the air, nor the light. It is in the real oven that trains the boxers…

The car of the owner of the place with which the body shines is parked in front of the entrance of the camp. With the signature of the “Boss” registered roughly on the hood!

On the right of the boxing ring, two rooms can welcome six persons each. The boxers are really cramped in these tiny rooms. The only entertainment of these fighters is the unique television set hung on over the boxing ring. In the evening having ended their hard training, the boxers rise again on the boxing ring. But this time this it is to look, peacefully stretched out, programs broadcasts on the television…

One of the best fighters current in 140 lbs, Tukkatatong Petphayathai (TV7 Champion, current N°1 in the TV7), began his formation here. His photo is proudly explained over the boxing ring. Tukkatatong is in Kiatpetch Gym of Bangkok today. Other great champion of this small camp is Charngperk Sit Or. Boonlerd (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion) who began at first to the camp Sit Or Boonlerd to come then to KayasitYaKiatpetch. Having fought during several years for the camp, Charngperk left fighting abroad especially in Japan and in Hong-Kong.

Today the most endowed from camp is the boy wonder 16-year-old, Fakamlong (Champion of the Isaan), who this year gained only victories. There is also of very well boxers for Meknam who in only 15 years has already 110 fights in his credit. Phetpalongnom champion of the Isaan in 52 kg in 17 years. And Phetsayam, 15 years, who made 60 fights in the category of – 42 kg. A dozen of nakmuays trains permanently in this camp. They are supervised by the only one trainer, Kongkiet (80 fights).

One of the technical specialities of this camp “Fimeuu” (technician) are the knocks of knees. The boxers work enormously this technique on bags and on paos.

The morning training begins with an infernal jogging of 12 km. The boxers have to cross a small mountain near Buriram. The jogging of him after noon is less hard because the course is only 8 km without passing by the redoubtable mountain. The rounds of paos here are very long, 8 minutes. For the preparation of a fight it is 4 in 5 rounds minimum which the fighter has to make. The session of clinch is also testing. Because that of the morning lasts 30 minutes but the session of him after noon can exceed the 45 minutes…

Little foreigner came to train in KayasitYaKiatpetch. Just two boxers Australian remained some time here. For a foreigner to train in this camp is a little bit difficult. Because there is no structure of accommodation and he is off-centred of the city. But for the derisory sum of two hundred-baht, you will be entitled to both daily trainings…