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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2009)

The Kiatphontip camp has just been created by Rob Cox, sports correspondent of English origin who lives in Thailand for several years. Rob Cox is a journalist recognized in Thailand for his articles and his photos always of qualities. He works for international newspapers Australian (International Kick Boxer), English (fighters) and Dutch (Royal Rumble) and with the famous Thai magazine “MuaySiam”. But also for Websites as “Muaythai2000” and “Muay Thai Focus”.

The name of Kiatphontip was resumed by a camp which is in the South of the country in the region of Phattalung. Fighters of good names were formed in this South camp of the Thailand as Samingprai Kiatphontip (Champion of the Tournament Thamjai) and Jompop Kiatphontip (South Champion of the Thailand) who fought great champions such as Puja, Seanchainoi, Chartchainoi and Pongsing. Samingprai fight now for Rob Cox’s camp. Jompop which is the brother-in-law of Rob became him to trainer in the camp. Indeed Rob Cox is married with the sister of Jompop.

Kiatphontip of Bangkok thus opened its doors since 9 months already. He is situated in the suburb of the Thai capital in the district of Salaya not far from the university Mahidol. It is necessary to count about 20 minutes by car of the city center.

Although we are right by Bangkok we would imagine almost in the countryside. The place is quiet, aerated well, have is indeed far from the infernal pollution of the Thai capital. The camp is situated between a rail from which the station Salaya is not far and a klong wide (canal) in the quiet water which looks of the cool to the place. The klong is just behind the main building of the camp and a magnificent on piles wooden terrace allows to take advantage of this peaceful place…

The structure of the camp is quite new and very clean with a 6 meter boxing ring on 6, 5 bags of strikings and all the equipment necessary for Muay Thai. The camp can welcome about fifteen persons with several rooms and a big kitchen as dining room. Several foreigners already came to training here but Rob Cox does not wish to have a big camp to “Farang” (foreign). He accepts gladly the foreigners but no more than about ten to respect a certain harmony between Thai and foreign boxers, a family camp in a sense. He prefers the quality to the quantity.

The training is distributed in two daily sessions. In the morning the boxers make a 10 kilometers jogging then work on the bags of strikings and end by muscular exercises. After noon, the jogging is lighter about 4 kilometers. Nakmuays to link the rounds of paos with three trainers experimented, Jompop (South Champion), Sorapit who formed legends as Nokweed Davy (400 fights, 7 titles!), Changpuek (75 kg, World champion heavyweight, K1 Fighter heavyweight!) and Rit which was the trainer of Pokaew (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, Omnoï Champion) and of Sayseelek (fighter K1 heavyweight!). Finally the training finishes by the endless sessions of clinch (1 hour!) or the champions of the camp trainings’ gladly with foreigners. Here as any good traditional camp in Thai trainers works on the key points of the boxers and the analysis lot fighters in looks training…

In Kiatphontip the Thai champions of the other camps sometimes come to training as Captain Kane Narupai (Lumpinee Champion, S1 Champion) of the camp Pinsinchai and Pokaew Sitjafuang (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, Omnoï Champion).

As for the foreigners several French champions already came here. Of the Team Nasser K. of Saint Fons, Fabio Pinca (Europe Champion of Muay Thai, Intercontinental Champion WBC of Muay Thai), Yohan Lidon (World Champion of Muay Thai, World Champion of Kick boxing) and Mickael Piscitello (Europe Champion WKN, Intercontinental Champion WBC) stayed several weeks in Kiatphontip, Piscitello even fought in the stadium of the Radja thanks to the connections of Rob Cox. The young person Karim Bennoui of same Team (Nasser K.) also came to training at Rob Cox.

At present a French Leatitia Campana is installed in Kiatphontip Gym for 6 months and has already made 6 fights in Thailand!

Most of the Thai boxers who trainings here come South of the country, they are about ten at present to fight for the camp among which some high-level, Pe-Teng (twice South Champion of the Thailand), Samingprai (Champion of the Tournament Thamjai), Samsamut Kiatchongkao (N°1 stadium TV7, N°5 in Radja in 130 lbs) which has hardly just gained champion’s belt of Thailand in front of Petaswin Seatranferry, Prakaisaeng, Petchlamsin, Sakchai Inseedam and Denchai Kiatnamchai.

By some time Kiatphontip will make certainly speak about him because Rob Cox in the future shall wish that his camp is recognized in the world of Muay Thai. And why not one day to win the title of the “Best camp of the year “!

Price :

Training: 1 session : 400 bahts. 2 sessions : 600 bahts

Two trainings a day + 2 meals + accommodation : 800 bahts

For long stays in the camp possibility of discount on price lists.


6 moo 2 Salathammasop

Tel: +66897946442


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