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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2009)

This camp was created by Mr Kukiat Prapaskul, here is soon 20 years. He is to Nontaburi in a “soï” (alley) very wide and quiet. Nontaburi is a bordering city of Bangkok, in the North of the capital. Kiatpraphat is a camp typically thai with a simple infrastructure. When we penetrate into the camp by the small gate we discover one courtyard narrow with a heightened boxing ring, five punch bags were used by the knocks and the body-building devices of another age…

The boxing ring is sheltered well from the rain by a roof in sheet steel and from covers on sides. But the entrance of courtyard is often invaded by water because of the torrential rains which sometimes fall, in any case it cleans courtyard which is very clean. On the other hand near the boxing ring to the right, we would say almost a dump. Garbage and rusty objects are almost everywhere piled up. The food of the hens is on the floor. And when it is raining, it created a heap of waste consisted of rice and bones which meet scattered in all the camp. So, the hens and the dogs have a walk in the camp without that the boxers pay it attention. But these unhealthy sanitary conditions disturb not at all the nakmuays which trains daily here…

The house in front of courtyard contains several rooms of which a big room where all the boxers sleep together. There is a room dedicated to the relaxation or is a billiard table. The boxers of the camp play it every evening, it is their main entertainment with naturally the television.

Approximately 12 boxers are in the camp permanently, they are for the most part of the small categories. They come all of Isaan (northeast) except two who are from the South of the country, Trang and Phatthalung.

The training here is rough as the conditions in whom live the boxers. The trainers of the camp makes the boxers work in several styles, the style ” fimeuu ” (technical) and the style ” toymat ” (fists) are mixed in the formation. Both trainers Noi Surin and Wungprai Rojsongkram comes from Surin a city near Buriram, a region of the Northeast renowned for his excellent fighters…

Boxers who practise the Boxing come regularly trained in Kiatpraphat. Mekin Sumon former champion of Boxing and trainer in Nonthaburi to bring often its foals to make of the sparring with the nakmuays of Kiatpraphat. Mekin is the own brother of the famous boxer Krongsak (Great Champion of the 90s) who is installed in France for a long time.

The training after noon begins at about 3:30 pm but if it is raining, sometimes the boxers wait about one hour before beginning. Generally, they end their training towards 18h-18h30. The traditional sessions of paos and clinch are every day made relentlessly except Sunday. Here there is no ringing to indicate the end of every round, it is in the former, a boxer hit old bell to sound the “gong”…

All the nakmuays of this camp fight very often in the stadium TV7 because their promoter is Mr Chun Kiatpetch, the owner of the stadium TV7. They also fight in other big stadium of the capital.

The oldest and considered champions of this camp is Waifai Kiatpraphat who was several times champions of the Radja in the 90s. Then in 2000, him had the redoubtable puncheur Rakkiat Kiatpraphat who was in 2007, Lumpinee Champion in 105 lb and 118 lbs and Isuzu Champion in 118 lbs (-55 Kg). Today there are N ° 1 of Radja in 118 lbs and N ° 1 of Lumpinee in 122 lbs!

In 2007, Wangprai Kiatpraphat also gained the belt TV7 – 112 lbs.

Another champion also has took several belts it is Maneedang Kiatpraphat who gained the belt TV7 in three different categories, in 105 lbs, in 108 lbs and 115 lbs. Now, he is classified N ° 2 in the ranking of the TV7 in 115 lbs!

But this small camp also has the reputation to supply with good fighter which are always classified well in stadium of Bangkok. At present there is in the camp, Kitti (N°6 TV in 115 lbs), Komkiat (N°8 TV7 in 108 lbs) and several other good boxers as Permsiri, Khundet, Wicharn, Jongrak, Raksurin, Worasak, all are in the small categories…

A long time no foreigner not it is trained in Kiatpraphat. The first foreigner to come in this camp is the French young Tony Fiorelli who in 2006 stayed there near one year. He fought several times for this camp, in particular in the stadium of Radja. Then, another French and some Japanese are crossed in Kiatpraphat Gym but not for long period.

The foreigners are rare to train here but they are welcome. It is necessary to possess a good level to be able to follow the trainings which are rather hard. And for modest sum of 200-baht you can come to train twice a day in this rudimentary but very warm camp…


254 Soi Ngamwongwan

Bangkrasor Mueng Nontaburi