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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

The K.Romsritong opened in 2003 and is in the city of Samut Sakhon. There are only three camps of Muay Thai in this region, Romsritong is the biggest of the region. Samut Sakhon is a city situated in 30 km from Bangkok, she is famous for its sanctuary dedicated to Phanthai Norasing the official helmsman of the royal barge of King’s Ayuthaya, Phra Chao Sua (Tiger King, formidable Nakmuay). There is also in this city one of the most important stadium of Muay Thai of the country, the stadium of Omnoi. The K.Romsritong camp is only five kilometres’ of the famous stadium.

To reach this camp it is necessary to take a motorcycle-taxi because he is in the countryside, far from the city center.

From the outside the aspect of the camp reminds a factory in a shed rather than a gym. But once inside it changes completely because the structure of the camp is completed for the training. It is very well aerated with many space. A gigantic boxing ring allows the boxers to train without crowding. Eleven punch bags hung around the boxing ring are spaced out as well. The place is very quiet and the wide river which passes by near the camp returns the even more peaceful place.

In front of the entry of the camp, along a pond, there are four bungalows which belong to the camp. These bungalows can welcome foreign boxers who wish to stay for long stay in the camp. In the small pond it swarms with fish because every day the main trainer comes to feed them. “It is our meat safe” confide me the trainer by laughing. Other passion of this cool trainer it is the football, he knows all the European teams and follows regularly championships English, Italian and even French…

The camp was created by Mr. SriKung Romsrithong, a businessman who is the owner. Romsritong is the nickname of Mr Srikung, in Thai it wants to say “Golden Umbrella”. The chief trainer and manager of the camp call Pairojnoi Sor. Siamchai, it’s a former great champion of the 80s. He began the boxing with monks in a temple. Then he belonged in a camp to Chachoengsao whose promoter was Songchai. In 1987 he gained the belt of Lumpinee in front of redoubtable Kompayak Singmanee. With more than 200 fights in his credit, he beat big champions as Karuhat Sor Supawan, Pongsiri “Rambo” Por Rumrudee and many others.

After his career of fighter he became to trainer in Thailand but he especially travelled a lot abroad to give lesson of Muay Thai, in Italy, in Japan, in Hong-Kong and in Brazil. In Brazil he stayed there six months and it is created by many contacts with the Brazilian fighters. It is for it that today many Brazilian boxers come in his camp. The first foreigners who came to train in this camp are the champions Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre (World champion WPMF, S1 Champion, World champion It’s Show Time) and Leo Monteiro (Champion WMC MAD, Champion of the Stadium Chaweng, Champion of Sao Paulo). They have everything them two fought several times for the camp…

About a dozen boxers train permanently here. They fights all for the promoter Chun Kiatpetch sometimes also for the promoters Seangmorakot and Songchai. Nakmuays are supervised by four trainers which from of the region of Samut Sakhon except Pairojnoi who is native him of Chachoengsao. The main champions of the camp are Kamlaiyok Kor. Romsritong (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion) at present N °2 of Radja in 112 lbs, Kongmuanjan Kor. Romsritong in 112 lbs (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion), Kongbeng Kor. Romsritong in 130 lbs (Thailand Champion in 115 lbs) and Asawin Kor Romsritong in 112 lbs (Thailand Champion). There are also excellent fighters such Ploymuangjan Kor Romsritong in 117 lbs and Buriangnong Kor. Romsritong in 110 lbs.

The morning jogging is 15 km through the countryside, the boxers appreciate him because to run in the morning coolness is rather pleasant. On the other hand, the jogging for the training of after noon is harder. Nakmuays are only 7 km but under a blazing sun, without shade during all the route which they make.

After their jogging the boxers make one half an hour for paos, one half an hour in punch bags and end with 40 minutes of clinch. Here the speciality it is knees, the boxers work all the techniques of blow of knee, in the bag, in the pao or sparring a lot…

The K.Romsritong is a quiet camp, very well to train in the peace far from to mite about city of Bangkok. The foreigners are welcome here, Mrs Thaworn wife of Pairojnoi welcome them with the smile. And for the passionate persons of Muay Thai, they can go everything on Saturday morning watch live the fights in the famous stadium of Omnoi!