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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2008)


In the Seventies, after having fought all around Thailand, Mister Pravit Tueryou (nicknamed Paa Joe in the Muay Thai circuit) created the Lukbanyai camp.

Paa Joe is a figure of the Muay Thai, always with an hat on, he is the living soul of the Lukbanyai. For 30 years, Paa Joe has taken age but the camp and its environment did not change too much…

The camp is situated within a quiet district of Bangkok in a little street near Suthisan Road (107/1 Soi Intramara 45 Suthisan). It is in the middle of a group of houses which forms a district on itself. The camp has 2 entries. The first one is picturesque because we have to cross a compound and the lower part of the close houses on piles then cross a “klong” (Small River) on a narrow bridge made of wood before reaching the camp. The second entry is at the end of little street which leads to the entry of the camp.

The place is not very big but quite ventilated. The camp has a boxing ring, five bags, and all the equipment (very old) for body-building. An old table made of wood serves for traditional massages done before or after the training. The atmosphere is very cool and familiar. The only problem is the “klong” (Small River) near the camp which releases sometimes a nauseous smell. In front of the ring, a building is used as a dormitory for the boxers. In the prolongation of the compound is situated the house of the Master of the place, Paa Joe. In front of his place, Paa Joe made himself a little tropical garden of which he sprinkles the plants carefully the every day.

The training takes place in the morning and in the after-noon. Here, it is a very physical basic training which this fact over the length. In the after-noon, the training starts at 3 p.m. to end at 7 p.m., on the contrary with other camps which ends their training around 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. The final class made of clinch is very hard, and the boxers must draw on their deepest energy to finish it…

For 10 years, this camp has focused its work on boxing, it is a “Toy Mat” (works with fists). Many boxers from this camp won by K.O with their fists. Among them, there is the dangerous Sanghiran who already won against the big puncher Anuwat. Sanghiran is leading now a boxing career and has won the Intercontinental title WBC in 122 lbs.

About 20 fighters and 3 girls train here every day 3 champions take care of them, one of them has even been in the special forces of the Thai army (commando of the navy).

Since its creation, several champions were created here, such as Danchai (Radja Champion 1993), Sanghiran (current WBC Intercontinental Champion in boxing, N° 9 in the world classification WBC), Yodbuangarm (Lumpinee Champion,Thailand Champion, currently classified N° 3 in 130 lbs in Lumpinee) winner of champion like Petchek Sitjopho, Orono Majestic and Attachaï, Sarawut (winner of Ledsila, Captanken), Sanganan (N° 3 of stadium TV7 in 105 lbs in 2008), Anuntachai (N° 1 in lumpinee in 2005). And the pearl of the camp, Norasing, a genious of Muay Thai (Lumpinee Champion 2006 and 2007 in 108 Lbs, Best Fighter of Lumpinee in 2006, Best Boxer Title of Thailand in 2007, current N° 1 of TV7 stadium and N° 6 from the Omnoï Stadium).

The Lukbanyai camp has also been elected best camp of Thailand in 2005 and 2006. This camp is very well known in the capital!

Very few foreigners come to train here but sometimes you can cross few Japanese or French men. Yoann, a French installed there for many years in Thailand, has already fought several times for the Lukbanyai. In 2007, boxers from the French Team Impacts Aquitaine stayed there one month.

Finally, the former Star of the rings, Dida Diafat choose this camp to realise the principal scenes of his movie “Chook Dee”, realised in 2005. Of course, the camp has been refitted for the movie needs but the boxers from the Lukbanyai remember with cool and pride the moments of the movie realisation which took place in their camp…