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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

This magnificent camp has just opened only five months ago. It is up to the biggest promoter of the Lumpinee, Mr Virat Vichirarattanawong nicknamed Petchyindee ” The Happy Diamond “. The famous promoter created this camp ultra modern downright in the heart of the complex of the famous stadium Lumpinee!

The gym is in the second floor, just above the shop Twins which is in front of the entrance of the stadium Lumpinee. The walls of the structure of the camp are completely glazed, and allow an exceptional panoramic view. When we are in the center of the room, on one side we perceive the facade and the entrance of the biggest stadium of the capital, Lumpinee and of the other one the extensive traffic of Rama 4 Road!

The surface of the camp about 100 m2 contains a boxing ring, 4 punch bags as well as a corner for body-building. The atmosphere here more reminds a gym the American way than a Thai typical camp. Indeed, the training is made with the music completely and there are many curious onlookers who don’t’ stop entering out of curiosity the room. Because in Lumpinee there is always of the world and especially many tourists who come to attend the match or to buy in sports stores dedicated to Muay Thai…

We are good far from the original camp, Petchyindee Gym, opened for 30 years, and which is always in the district of Bangkok Noi. At the moment the current champions of the Team Petchyindee, Thelek Wor. Sangprapai, Dokmaipa Wor Sangprapai, Rungpet Wor Sanngprapai, Petjing Wor Sangprapai, Yodpet Wor Sangprapai (Wor Sungprapai is the name of their sponsor, Mr Wichian Sangprapai, big heavyweight of the Thai police is also the owner of the website!) and Kungwanlek Petchyindee as well as the great of Noble Art as Oleydong Sithsamerchai and Pongsaklek Wonjongkam always trains to the former camp.

But the pearl of the camp Sam-A Thorattanakiat (Double Champion of Lumpinee, Double Champion of Thailand) gets ready henceforth for the new camp Petchyindee. The trainings are overseen by four trainers which are sometimes helped by the alive legend of boxing rings, Sagat Petchyindee (3 x Lumpinee Champion, 3 x Radja Champion, World Champion Boxing). Sagat which possesses are own camp comes to give now often lessons here. During the report in this camp, I was able to attend at the very rare moment, a ceremony of transmission of the knowledge with the immense champion Sagat Petchyindee. Sagat sat on the edge of the boxing ring had put down his numerous protective amulets on a tray.

This tray of offerings was held by two champions A Sam-A and Rajabureelek who were on the knees in front of the former champion. Then Sagat in recited an incantation to pass on its strength and its warlike spirit to two young fighters. The new generation of the camp Petchyindee is ready to keep “the fighting spirit” a long time!

Then, both boxers had to learn famous Ram Muay/Whai Muay/Whai Khru of Sagat to end this exceptional ceremony…

In this camp, in spite of the luxurious setting the training of the competitors is very hard. Has Sam-A was moreover in great shape when he faced and beat recently the champion Pokaew. But Muay Thai Academy adapts himself at every level fighters. From the simple beginner to the confirmed boxer, there are several formulas. Of course it is just like the place, that is rather expensive. Especially the formula “Personal Training” for the beginners which amounts to 1000 bahts an hour, for 250 bahts more you has a short and a T-shirt. For month it will cost you 3500 bahts for a training a day. Otherwise for the competitors the price is less expensive but it is not either in to be by all the purses, it is necessary to count 650 bahts for one training.

It is the son of the promoter Petchyindee, Mr Nuttadaj Vachirarattanawong who manages this new camp as director manager of the Muay Thai Academy. This very welcoming young man is a redoubtable businessman who already possesses his own company in Bangkok.

Except the quality training, the main asset of this camp it is because he is situated in the entrance of the stadium Lumpinee, a mythical place for the nakmuays of the whole world…