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special report by Serge TREFEU (2013)

The Muay Thai shorts became a fashionable garment in the world of the players of Thai boxing. Today, every boxer wants his Thai boxing shorts personalized with a design which is out of the ordinary or with a logo and writings which flash. Specialized stores offer a panel of incredible choice, all the colors of Thai boxing shorts are proposed with many graphics going of the simplest to the most unusual…

But at first, in the Thai boxing, the color and the writings on a pair of shorts have a very precise meaning. And the Thai boxing short make left the indispensable traditional outfit of the professional fighter, in the same way as the gloves, the Mong Kon and the Praciats…

Because on the Thai boxing short of the boxer we can know his fighter’s name, the name of his camp and sometimes that of his sponsor. Several times the boxer adds a drawing of an animal which symbolizes ” a strength ” on the boxing ring, as for example the elephant, for the power, the snake will represent the liveliness and the tiger corresponds to the ferocity!

Writings on the Thai boxing shorts of the champions in Thailand, of course, are always write with the Thai alphabet. So, now as many champions thai often fight abroad, they also have their Thai boxing shorts with inscriptions in English. 

The color of Thai boxing short is important, the shorts of the fighters will be is blue, red, pink or yellow which are the most symbolic colors in Thailand. During a match in a stadium of Bangkok, there is a red corner for favorites and the blue corner for not favorites. Favorites wear a red or pink shorts, and not favorites wear a blue short. When the boxers wear a yellow shorts as during the fights in the King’s Birthday, a band blue or red is added on the side of short for distinguished the fighter favorites and not favorites. 

In Thailand according to an astrological rule to link to the Thai mythology (stemming from the Hindu mythology) a color is attributed for every day of the week, a color which represents a God who protects the day. Monday it is the yellow color (God Chandra), Sunday the red color (God Surya), Tuesday the pink color (God Mangala), Wednesday the green color (God Buddha), Thursday the orange color (God Brihaspati), Friday the color blue (God Shukra) and Saturday the color purple (God Shani). 

The traditions are not still followed, generally it is the old which wear clothes in colors suited according to the day of the week. But most of the Thai know colors associated every day.
Certain colors are more symbolic than others for the Thai people because they stand out the day of birth of important persons of the monarchy. 

The yellow is doubtless the color the most liked by Thai because she makes reference to King Bhumibol, worshipped as God in Thailand, who was born one Monday, the yellow is the color of Monday.
The blue corresponds to the birthday of the Queen which was born one Friday. And the pink became a popular color since King Bhumibol wore a pink shirt in 2007 when he went out of the hospital after a serious illness.

For the fighters thais who wear pink Thai boxing shorts this color means the strength and the endurance because it indicates the God Mangala (God of the war), the God of Tuesday who is associated with the pink color…
The cultures are very different between countries because in France or in Europe the pink is a color which represents the sweetness and which joins rather to the feminine gente…

The Thai champions have all about the same models of Thai boxing shorts. Thai boxing Shorts with writings on the front and on the back. On the front of short of the boxer, we find its fighter’s name and the name of his camp. The back face of the short can have a drawing or the name of his sponsor. 

The boxers often have several pairs of shorts, they wear the most beautiful when they go up on the boxing ring to fight and keep the least attractive for the training. The thais fighters are very superstitious and attach a big importance for their idol short which allowed them of gained by the beautiful victories!
Here are some of Thai boxing shorts worn by great Thai champions…

Thai boxing shorts with inscription in thai:


AIKPRACHA เอกประชา MEENAYOTHIN (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC)

CHAOWARIT เชาวลิต JOKYGYM (Radja Champion, World Champion WMC)

DIESELLEK ดีเซลเล็ก AOODDONMUANG (N°1 in Lumpinee stadium)

F16 เอฟ RAJANONT (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

JOMTHONG จอมทอง CHUWATTHANA (Radja Champion, World Champion WBC)

KEAW แก้ว FAIRTEX (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WBC)

KONGSAK ก้องศักดิ์ SITBOONMEE (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC)

MAPICHIT าพิชีต SITSONGPEENONG (Thailand Champion)

MONGKONCHAI มงคลชัย PHETPAYATHAI (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion)

PHETAWEE เพชรทวี SOR KITTICHAI (Thailand Champion)

PHETBOONCHU เพชรบุญชู F.A. GROUP (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC)

KAYASIT กายสิทธิ์ CHUWATTHANA (Radja Champion)

RUNGPET รุ่งเพชร WOR RUNGNIRAN (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion, Omnoi Champion)

SAKETDAO สะเก็ดดาว PHETPHAYATHAI (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, World Champion WBC)

SEANCHAI แสนชัย SOR KINGSTAR (Lumpinee Champion, World Champion WBC and WMC)

SINGDAM สิงห์ดำ KIATMUU9 (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

PHET EK เพชรเอก KYATYONGYUT (Thailand Champion)

KHEM เข้ม FAIRTEX (Radja Champion, World Champion WBC and WMC, Thai Fight Champion)

SAM-A สามเอ THOR RATHANAKIAT (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

SINGMANEE สิงห์มณี KAEWSAMRIT (Radja Champion, World Champion WMC and WPMF, Thai Fight Champion)

THONG ทอง PUIDEENAIDEE (Radja Champion, Thailand Champion)

RUNGRUANGLEK รุ่งเรืองเล็ก LOOKPRABAT (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

NONG O น้องโอ๋ SIT OR (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

PENTHAI เป็นไท SITNOOMNOI (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion)

PAINEK เป็นเอก SITNOOMNOI (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion, Omnoi Champion)

WANCHALERM วันเฉลิม AOODDONMUANG (N° 1 in Lumpinee)

ORONO โอโรโน่ WOR PETCHPUN (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WPMF)

Thai boxing shorts with inscription in english:

ATTACHAI FAIRTEX (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

BOVY SOR UDOMSON (Radja Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC)

NAMPON PK STEREO (Radja Champion, World Champion WMC)

NARUPOL FAIRTEX (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion)

YODSEANKLAI FAIRTEX (Lumpinee Champion, World Champion WBC, WMC and WPMF)


BUAKAW POR PRAMUK (Omnoi Champion, K1 Max Champion, World Champion WMC, Thai Fight Champion)