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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2008)

The Pinsinchaï camp was made by General Sawet Pinsinchaï in the 80’s. General Pinsinchaï, a big boss of Thai police nicknamed “Asawindam” (the black Knight) has had under his command a northern province during long years. After having had his own career as a Thai boxer he created his own camp in Bangkok.

To day General Pinsinchaï is an important promoter. He has been one of the biggest promoters of the circuit, creator of a lot of shows in Radja Stadium. Now he owns his own stadium “Asawindam stadium” on Ramintra Road where the fights are retransmitted in live on channel 9 Sunday morning.

One of the particularity of this stadium is that it organizes a lot of female fights. Indeed, one of the most famous female promoter, is nobody else than General Pinsinchaï’s daughter. Sathida Pinsinchaï nicknamed “Nong Aim” who has grown with Muay Thai since her children, after a little career as a singer, she decided to lead a promoter’s career for female Muay Thai. At just 15 years old, she became the youngest female promoter of Muay Thai of all the country. She already organised shows with female Muay Thai celebrities such as “Nong Toom” (famous She-male) and the terrible “Zaza Sor Aree”!

For more than 25 years, the pinsinchaï camp had to form great champions. The oldest and one of the most known is “Burlek Pinsinchaï” ( Thailand Champion 1983 and 1984, Lumpinee Champion 1986 and 1987) who guilt his own camp in the Lampang region (North), The Burlek Gym. Burlek even organizes seminars all around the world, we even saw him recently in France.

The other Star of the camp is the famous champion “Thailand Pinsinchaï” (3 times Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion and Thailand Champion) who has finished his career today.

Samkheng Pinsinchaï (Radja Champion) was also a terrible boxer who has become trainer today. Other champions such as Weelarchart, Pompayak, anantachaï and Sanchoeng (titled Best boxer of Thailand) have made the glory of the Pinsinchaï camp!

Today it is Captanken (Lumpine Champion and S1 champion) and Manasak (World Champion WMC, Thailand Champion) who are both spearhead of the camp!

The camp is situated in Bangkok in the Bangkapi district on the Ladprao road Soi 71. The place is very difficult to found because there are not many bus in activity in the district.

The camp is in the centre of a group of houses. It is a huge camp, its surface is enormous, very well ventilated and clean. Here, we do not feel in Bangkok but rather in the country side. There are plants and noise. Goats are passing in the middle of the camp and you can hear the birds’ whistle…

The camp’s structure is very modern with a huge metallic structure which covers the ring. There are 4 bags and very high quality boxing equipment. The master of the place has money. When you see the beautiful villa next to the camp it gives an idea on the wealth of the owner…

Today, just ten fighters train here but the camp has counted 40 boxers permanently. The boxer’s room are not luxurious but large, 20 boxers can sleep there. A cook and a female cook work permanently in the camp. There are also several employees who take care of and clean the camp and the General’s big villa.

The boxers training starts at 3 p.m. They go running for half an hour around the group of houses and then starts the jumping-row period. Then it is time for paos and bags. Then they do clinch work till the night falls around 6 p.m. Finally, they finish with 20 minutes of shadow boxing to recover gently. 2 well known trainers take care of the training, they are from Surin city (Isaan region).

The 2 pearls of the camp are Captanken and Manasak, they often work together. These 2 “fimeuu” do furious sparring!