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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Samart Payakaroon of its real name Samart Tiptamai is a real star of the Muay Thai.

For many specialists it is considered as the nakmuay biggest that the Thailand is known. He is a member in Thailand of three a live legends of the boxing with Somrack Khamsing and Khaosai Galaxy. He was elected best fighter of the year in 1986 by the famous magazine The Ring!

Its blow of eye, its capacity of adaptation to all the fighters and its science of the boxing ring were phenomenal. His techniques of poke were so perfected that some now are called “Technique of Samart”!

Samart beat the biggest champions of his time such as Prabpipop Lukklongtan, Sod Jitlada, Paruehuslek Sitchunthong, Bangkhlanoi Sor Thanikul, Sornsil Sitnenpayom, Samransak Muangsurin, Kitti Sor Thanikul, Samingnoom Sithiboonthum, Chamophet Sor Sirinant, Samart Prasanmit, Panomthuanlek Haplung, Charoenthong Kiatbanchong, Nampol Nongkeepahuyud. He also made fights of anthologies against legends as Diesel Noi, Nongkhai, Wang Chai Noi!

It is a big star in Thailand because all what he began he always made a success of his successfully whether it is Muay Thai, Boxing, song or cinema. His name was predestined for him because “Samart” wants to say “The capacity» in clear the one who is capable of beginning and of making a success…

His fighter Payakaroon’s name wants to say “The Tiger of the Aube” and its nickname was “Payakmat” who literally means “The Tiger”. On the boxing ring its ferocity was legendary especially at the beginning of its career. This immense champion was also called “Baby Face Tiger”. Because in spite of its fights of anthology’s in front of better of his time, Samart always remained “Handsome boy”!

After his magnificent career he travelled a lot in the United States, in Europe for the business and also to give seminar of boxing. He opened a restaurant to Bangkok “Saphaadin”. And today near his magnificent villa he has just opened his own camp “Poptheeratham Gym”. Poptheeratham is his professor’s new name which is a tribute in sound former to trainer Yodthong. Now it is Samart Poptheeratham the “Master” which is going to teach its exceptional knowledge!

Poptheeratham Gym opened its doors February 1st, 2010 and is situated in the north suburb of Bangkok in Khet Sai Mai’s district which is not very far from the former airport Dong Muang. The peaceful district has an atmosphere typically thai, here, we are good far from the noisy excitement of the city center of the capital. Samart went up his camp just behind his magnificent villa which symbolizes the success of the star.

In man of heart he also made build for the parents of his wife a beautiful house next to his. It is the wife of master of the places who takes care with rigor of the management of the camp.

Samart during the trainings is assisted by Audnoi Sitjormpop and Saksongkram Sor U-Tapao. Audnoi is a renowned trainer which formed champions of the Lumpinee as Thongchai Por Burapha, Kachonkrai Por Burapha and Petch Por Burapha. Saksongkram when to him is a known boxer who fought on the boxing rings of big stadium of Lumpinee, Radja and TV7.

Thanks to the international reputation of Samart Payakaroon several foreign fighters already came to train in Poptheeratham Gym. The former warrior of the boxing rings of the 80s, the great Dutch champion Fred Royers stayed fortnight in the camp. Royers which became to trainer has now his own gym in Arnhem. He chose this camp because he wanted the best professor to learn new techniques of trainings. Both men know well because Fred Royers was one of the first foreigners to have gone to train to the famous camp Sityodthong, the camp which formed Samart Payakaroon.

The foreigners are welcome to Master’s Poptheeratham, seven persons can be accommodated in simple but comfortable rooms. And two excellent cooks take care of their with preparing of delicious Thaïs dishes.

An Italian, an Australian, a American one and same a Brazilian already came to train here. The surface of the camp is big approximately 200 m2, aerated well and very clean. Big luxury for a camp of Muay Thai,  a parking lot of 200m2 is put in the availability of the visitors who can park in any tranquillity. A big boxing ring, six punch bags and a ground covered with foam carpet allow the boxers to train in good conditions.

The boxers can also buy boxing gloves and pairs of shorts of Muay Thai from the effigy of the star which are in the reception of the camp. Inside the office the souvenir photos of King boxing rings are proudly explained on the shop windows which contain the equipment of boxing.

After noon, Samart begins its lesson from 15 hours, until 17 hours he takes care of all the foreign boxers. Master’s Payakaroon takes in paos his pupils each their turn, it corrects their defects and their explain some small techniques the secret of which it has,  always with the smile. A personal lesson with Samart it is worth gold!

At 5 pm his Thai pupils arrive to begin the lesson which will end at 7 pm. Samart already has fifty students who come regularly to train in his camp. The youngest in only 5 years, the oldest has just had hardly 20 years.

It is rather Thai children of the middle class that come here. The fame of Khru Payakaroon buys itself expensive. The parents of these children have no financial problem. Contrary to the poor farmers who hope for a better future in their offspring’s by sending them to the camps of Muay Thai. Indeed, in most of the camps held by Thai, except for camps to “tourist”, the fighters are completely taken care because they are then going to give a good return some money to the camp…

Samart does not need of fighters who brings back him some money, in good businessman he put especially on his star’s status to develop his camp. But his big knowledge of the boxing will allow can be, among his many pupils, to discover and to form a whiz kid of the muay thai, the future will say to it to us..

Training from 3 pm till 5 pm: 600 bahts

Training from 6 am till 7:30 am and from 3 pm till 5 pm: 1000 bahts

Room with ventilator + two meals (training from 3 pm till 5 pm): 1200 bahts

Room with ventilator + two meals (training from 6 am till 7:30 am and from 3 pm till 5 pm): 1400 bahts

Room with air conditioned + two meals (training from 3 pm till 5 pm): 1600 bahts

Room with air conditioned + two meals (training from 6 am till 7:30 am and from 3 pm till 5 pm): 1800 bahts

Transport between the airport and the Poptheeratham Gym: 1000 bahts

For stays length possibility of discount price


Name of fighter: SAMART PAYAKAROON

Nickname: PAYAKMAT


Date of birth: in December 5th, 1962 (the same day as Her Majesty Bhumibol, in December 5th, 1927)

Weight: 60 kg

Number of fight: Thai Boxing: 150 fights. 129 wins. 19 Losses and 2 draws

Boxing: 23 fights. 21 wins (12 KO). 2 Losses.

Title: Lumpinee champion – 47 kg, – 49 kg, – 52 kg and – 57 kg. World champion WBC of Boxing.

Team: Sityodthong


44/9 Moo.4 Soi Saimai 31 Saimai Road

Bangkok Thailand 10220

Tel : 084 707 7094