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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2009)


The camp of the great champion Sangtiennoi is to Pathumthani, a city in approximately forty kilometers in the North of Bangkok. Sangtiennnoi Sor Rungrot built his camp in the province or he increased. This live legend marked the story of Muay Thai by facing and by beating the best boxers of time.

He was nicknamed “Deadly Kisser” because it kissed on the forehead or on the cheek his opponents after its fights and even sometimes before putting K.O his fighters. 

Sangtiennoi beat great champions of his country as Chamoiphet, Nokweed Dewy, Keng Singnakonkuay, Cherry, Jongsanan, Namphon, Teudkiet, Sakmongkol, Orono. He beat also the foreign stars of moment such Ramon Dekkers, Dany Bill and Hassan Kassrioui. He always made memorable fights even against the champions whom he was not able to bring down as Namkabuan, Superlek and Samkor. Hardly of more than 200 fights, have he won during his long careered (20 years!) three prestigious titles, Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion and World Champion WMC!

Having hung up gloves in 33 years he takes charge during several years of his camp which he had created near to home. Then in 2005 he changes place to make a bigger camp which is the current camp. This camp is situated in a very quiet place in the countryside along a paddy field.

Infrastructures are a little bit dilapidated and the place is not sometimes very clean because of the numerous chickens which stroll in the camp. Indeed, Sangtiennoi is a passionate person of fighting cock. His best cocks often win during fight organized in the region. And he possesses a real breeding next to home, about fifty fowls!

The boxing ring of the camp is covered with a roof in sheet steel and close is bags of striking beaten well by the daily knocks of the boxers. Sangtiennoi at his house in the camp, she is adjoining with the rooms of the boxers. In the hall of its house the many trophies of the champion decorate all the room. So frames photos of the memories of his fights are hung on walls, we perceive there among others that against the great French champion Dany Bill!

The training the morning is rather quiet but after noon the boxers make a training on the length. They begin at about 3:30 pm to finish late sometimes till 8:00 pm!

After noon the traditional jogging is made under a testing heat in full countryside without shade and crosses is 10 km. Then all the boxers go minimum 5 in 6 rounds in paos with both trainers of the camp who are former experimented champions. They from both of Buriram (Isaan region). Sangtiennoi insists on the work of the physical condition a lot. It is for it that fighters are before often massaged and after the training for a better recovery of the body.

The master of places oversees the trainings and gives precious advice to the boxers in preparation. Reappointed by Sangtiennoi is such as many Thai champions came to trains in his camp. To begin with his former redoubtable opponent, legendary Samkor Kiatmonthep. He also had some champions as Rungrawee Sor Rungrot (N°3 World WMC in 2000) and Kwanpichit Hor Patanachai (Radja Champion).

Today Sangtiennoi has a dozen boxers Pro of which Tanonchai (N° 10 Radja) and two very promising young people Fahsawang (-47 kg) which in 15 years in more than 70 fights and Moset (N° 7 in 70 kg in Radja), the own son of Sangtiennoi, who is only 17 years old is already a champion S1 – 80 kg in the stadium of Songchai! Sangtiennoi waits that his son has more than 50 fights to be able to make him fight abroad …

Many foreigners come to trains here because Sangtiennoi, world star of the 90s is known all over the world. And many foreigners’ champions came to trains in his gym. The most famous is the great Australian champion John Wayne Parr (5 times world champion!) which stayed 5 years with Sangtiennoi.

Fighters of the K1 Max, Akeomi Nitta, Kid Yamamoto, Gori as well as the Japanese champion heavyweights of K1 Musashi also came here. Even an American champion heavyweight of MMA Eson Inoue, fighter of the UFC and the Pride came to test the boxing ring of this small camp!

Eson Inoue this warrior of 95 kg was bewitch by the training of Sangtiennoi, has such point as he it is tattooed the name thai of his trainer idol on the trunk as well as the emblem of Sangtiennoi ” a candle with a flame “. Sangtiennoi wants to say «the flame which shines» and Sangtiennoi it is tattooed this drawing, a candle with a flame on the left shoulder…

But in two months this camp will not be more than a memory because Sangtiennoi is going to close him and to open in the center of Pathumthani a new camp. In the middle of a hotel center, in a magnificent garden in the Japanese, a luxurious camp is going to open its doors. Two big boxing rings for Muay Thai, a tatami especially for the MMA (With an American trainer of MMA), a big fitness room, a magnificent swimming pool and a sauna will be at disposal of the fighters.

Near the camp of rooms with air conditioned, TV and warm water can welcome the future boxers, as well as a restaurant and a cyber café. Once ended this big complex will look like almost famous luxurious Fairtex Gym of Pattaya. With even a young more because in Fairtex Gym their stadium (Thepprassit Stadium) is to 3 km of gym. While here, a stadium will be directly in the complex of the camp. A stadium on two floors which can accommodate of 3000 persons. Fights will have places five times by weeks with a live day on a channel TV!

The camp will be called the «THAI BAAN MUAY GYM» and the stadium “BAANKLANG STADIUM”. Price lists all inclusive will be 1000 bahts a day with the training, the accommodation, the food and the access to all the complex. The boxers can downright fight at home in Baanklang Stadium!

Sangtiennoi is proud to be soon able to train his pupils and welcome the foreigners in his new exceptional camp. Nevertheless this luxury the quality of the training will be also perfect because Sangtiennoi will always reveal with passion its secrets of exceptional champion that it was …


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