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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Opened 20 years ago now, the Seangmorakot camp has become very famous in Thailand. Created by Mister Changmorakot, this camp has a singular particularity because to the fact that it has been edified in the middle of a monastic center.

The camp is located in the heart of an important district of the capital, very near of the famous “Bobe Market” one of the biggest Bangkok’s market. It is not very far from the Radjadamoen Stadium and the Khao San Road, an animated street known from all tourists of the world.

To accede to the Seangmorakot Gym, you have to cross the monastic center to discover it stuck between temples. In the heart of the monastic center, life is animated by a little market where the monks in traditional wear come for a walk. This monastic center is a little bit different from others. Indeed, the markets animation and the strong screams of the fighters who are training break the silence. The monks even come often to attend the every day training.

At the camp’s entrance, it forms, sometimes, a folkloric public made of monks, kids and other people who observe the boxers.

Today the camp is lead by Sergent Thitipong Aumanun nicknamed « Jar Tui ». He is currently one of the most popular and influent promoters in 2 of the greatest stadium.

For a few years, his boxers regularly fight and gain good results. It is logical that in 2004 the Seangmorakot Gym received the honorific title of “Best camp of the country”.

This camp of which the surface is not very large with a ring and 3 bags can, only sometimes, count around 40 boxers! 5 trainers take care of them, they are all former champions of Isaan (North-East region). The principal room above the camp is used as a dormitory for most of the fighters. But a lot of them have their own room in the district. Such as the current champions, Pinsiam Sor Amnuaysirichok (Lumpinee champion, Best fighter 2004), Terdthai Lek Nakorntongparkview (Lumpinee champion), Wisan Lek Sor Tosapol (TV7 Champion), Palungnoom Laemtongarnpaet (TV7 Champion) et Duengpetch (ASIA Paba Champion Boxing, N° 5 WBC). Since its opening the camp has received a lot of champions. And the portraits of these former stars decorate the entry of the Seangmorakot Gym.

Also, the Seangmorakot is used to receive foreigners for it makes years now that it is appreciated by Australian and Japanese boxers. An Australian champion has even fought recently for the camp in the Radjadameon Stadium. The Seangmorakot can receive foreign boxers from all level in very good condition. It will cost you about 800 bahts per day for an air-conditioned room, meal and training.

Mister Jar Tui receives with pleasure “farangs” (foreigners) boxers at his place but with the only condition of training hard so as to honour his camp…