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The camp SIT O INTER

Special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Since around ten years in Thailand the Sit O Inter camp has the reputation to have a training of very good quality. This camp is on the island of Phuket in the sea resort the most known for the island, Patong Beach. He is just situated in the entrance of Patong Beach on the main artery which leads to the beach. It is the four-storeyed building which includes about ten rooms, a restaurant and a gym of boxing. With regard to the competition, Sit O Inter was not conceived to make of the quantity, but indeed of quality…

He was created in 2000 by Olivier Gauthier real adventurer of boxing rings. Olivier makes left the French pioneers of the Muay Thai, from these warriors of the 80s who left facing at home the Thai terrors. It is one of the rare foreign fighters to have made exclusively his career in Thailand. Installed in Thailand, he makes his first professional fights over there in 1980. In the time as fighting “professional” France and Europe did not interest him too much. He will come only once in France to fight, in 1982, in an event in Cannes where he is going to win by KO at the second rounds. In Thailand he fights from 1980 till 1987 then make a break and starts again in 1990 until 1995 when he stops his career in 36 years. It was a very technical fighter of the same style as the great champion of the 90s, Guillaume Kerner. Moreover when Olivier Gauthier stayed in France he trained in Paris at the gym France Muay Thai, the gym of legendary Pud Pad Noy who formed Kerner. There every Olivier is going to make 58 professional fights in Thailand with 47 victories and 11 defeats. He is even going to make ranking of the Top 10 in his category which was least than 67 kg. Because he is going to face champions of time as Lamtong, Santos, Mahachok, Komtap, Tongchai, Komphet who were all classified well in the Thai ranking. During 15 years he is going to fight for his camp fetish the Singpatong Gym which is based in the South to Phuket. Sometimes he trained also in the camp Galaxy Gym in Bangkok, the camp of the star Kaosay Galaxy…

Having stopped his career, he begins to give lessons of Muay Thai. And thanks to his big experience in Thailand he becomes to trainer of the French team. A national team which he is going to lead until the championship of the World Amateur in 2000. The same year this Team, which included among others future champions professional as Karim Saada, Pascal Benmati, Omar Oubaly, Sidy Koné, Charly Mephon, Gregory Poupaert, had also gained amateur European championships always with the coach Olivier Gauthier. The results make speak about them and it is without surprise that in 2001 Olivier receives the diploma of “Best trainer”!

Knowing well the Thailand and having assisted the trainings that adventurers of time underwent European, he thinks that he would be good to make a structure to teach finally the science of the “truth” Muay Thai to the foreigners. Olivier thus start up his camp in 2000 and calls it, SIT O INTER. “SIT” in Thai wants to say ” membership, connection “, “O” the first letter of its first name Olivier and “INTER” for International. He chooses the island of Phuket because he lives in this region for a long time. Here, the region, the climate and the infrastructures are ideal for a good quality of training and formation of the pupils.

Sit O Inter was conceived to welcome boxers of any horizons in the unique objective of improvement, formation and practice of Muay Thai. Every Nak Muay receives a training personalized for the optimization of its skills and the achievement of its objectives. Sit O Inter is an academy of Muay Thai which is adapted to receive quite typical of level, so physical as technical, from the beginner to the confirmed boxer, everybody is welcome. The boxers are accommodated on the spot in rooms any comfort with the warm water, the cabled TV, an internet connection and the housework is daily made. The boxers can thus live there the time which they want.

But attention the training here is serious and hard and addresses essentially a motivated clientele. The amateurs of night-life have no their place to the Sit O Inter. To the Sit O Inter it is little as the Foreign Legion, we come from various horizons for various reasons but with the same objective there, to progress and to improve to the Art of Muay Thai, the sport which requires a big rigor. The motto of the camp, “Your Wife it is the suffering, your Fancy-women the pain, Here you say whom you are “, is registered in French in big letters on the walls of Gym. She warned the pupils who want to complain about a too hard training that they have no their place here…

The trainings are in Thai with jogging, session of paos, session in punch bags, clinch and sparing. The peculiarity of the Sit O Inter is to adapt itself to the capacities of every trainee with as objective a fast and optimal progress. All the techniques of Muay Thai are methodically learnt with explanation, practice and strategy in the fight. For the competitors they can fight with no problem at all in big two stadium of Patong Beach because Olivier has connections with the promoters of the region and also the promoters of Bangkok.

The trainers here has many experiences, at present there are four trainers besides Olivier Gauthier the master of places. The trainers still fight all at high level and some at the international level as Singmanee Sor Siripong (World champion WMC, Radja Champion, Vice – champion of TV7, Vice- Champion of Thailand) and Thepnakorn Sor Siripong (Radja Champion, TV9 Champion). Moreover the camp is opened to any proposition of European promoter for his two fighters Singmanee in 67 kg and Thepnakorn in 60 kg. Two other trainers is Wasanchai (Champion of the North, 132 fights) and Chang Noy (187 fights) who often fought in stadium of Lumpinee and Rajda.

So many Thai champions came to train to the Sit O Inter as Jaroud (Lumpinee Champion, World Champion), Krom San (Vice- Champion of Radja), Sri Nam and Whee Hok Noy of the fighters be classified among the Top 10.

Of course, of part Olivier Gauthier’s fame, there was full of foreign champions especially French who came to walk on the boxing ring of the Sit O Inter. The most known are Guillaume Kerner (World Champion of Thai Boxing, Europe Champion of Thai Boxing), Wilfried Montagne (Europe Champion of Thai Boxing), Johann Fauveau (France Champion of Thai Boxing), Benjamin Pouillon (Europe Champion of K1), Dominique Siegler (World Champion of Kickboxing, Europe Champion of Kickboxing), Laurent Carrere (World Champion of Kickboxing), Yannick Foeller (World Champion of Savate Boxing), Cédric Castagna (World Champion de Chauss’ Fight, Europe Champion of Kickboxing), Rachid Jkitou (Professional France Champion of Boxing)!

The prices of the Sit O Inter are 25 euro a day including the accommodation and the personalized training. For week it is 175€ and one month 750€. If you wish to try the experience to the Sit O Inter you do not hesitate will not be disappointed. From the simple beginner to the great champion, they were all satisfied by their passage the Sit O Inter. Olivier Gauthier, passionate man, knew how to pass on to them unrestrainedly his small secrets techniques of Muay Thai. Secrets which he acquired over the years in the birthplace of Muay Thai, Thailand…

46, Prabaramee road

Patong, Kathu

83150 Phuket


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