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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

This luxurious camp which just comes to open in 2009 has already received by the Thai press the title of “Best camp which has just opened in 2009”!

These sports infrastructures are really magnificent. And are environment to welcome boarders is worthy of resort hotel. He makes left at present the most beautiful camps of Bangkok!

This camp was created by Timothy Dharmajiva who worked for a long time with the team of famous Fairtex camps.

Timothy Dharmajiva is an influential person in the world of the Thai boxing from part his director’s position in the federation WBC Muaythai, one of the biggest international federations.

Having been a manager to the camp Fairtex he starts up its own camp to Bangkok. He called his camp “Sitsongpeenong” (both student brothers) in homage to his two sons…

The camp is in the district of Nongbon just a step from the big park Rama 9, in approximately 20 minutes of the airport Suvarnabhumi and 30 minutes of the city center of Bangkok. The district where is situated the camp is very quiet and even rather deserted. But in ten minutes in feet there is a big shopping center, a store Carrefour…

The sports complex when we perceive him from the outside reminded rather a hotel than a camp of Muaythai. Indeed, the building which extends over two floors in a very beautiful design. Ten persons work permanently here among which two cooks.

The ground floor is dedicated to the comfort with a magnificent restaurant, ten rooms for the boxers, a gaming room with a billiard table, the television and the internet. The very luxurious rooms are quite equipped with the air-conditioning, with the refrigerator and with the television. In quite approximately 15 persons can be welcomed in these premises. In the second floors they are offices. In the last floor we arrive at the serious things, the gym of training. His surface of 180 m2 is very well aerated because of wide openings on each side allow an excellent ventilation. It is a very good idea to put the gym of training in height to benefit constantly from the wind because in Bangkok the temperatures can reach 40 degrees!

The gym covered with a roof in sheet steel contains two boxing rings, eight punch bags and a big space for body-building.

But attention even if the comfort is luxurious, here, the training is very, very hard. Six trainers of Sitsongpeenong push them boxers until the limit of their physical condition. Monlit Sitphodeang, the chief trainer has the biggest experience because it formed great champions as Boonkert Fairtex (Radja Champion, Lumpinee Champion), Yoknai Fairtex (Lumpinee Champion), Jongsanan Fairtex (Lumpinee Champion) and Nuengsiam Fairtex (Lumpinee Champion)!

About ten high-level boxers train at present in the camp. The star is unquestionably phenomenal Kem Sitsongpeenong (World champion WMC, Radja Champion, Thailand Champion, S1 Champion) who begins to be very known in Europe with victories on great champions as Fabio Pinca and Abdellah Mabel. Kem began to the camp Sor Pleonchit then is crossed in Fairtex Gym and now he fights for Sitsongpeenong.

There is also a young person who goes up Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong (N°3 in Lumpinee in 135 lbs and N °5 in the ranking WBC), Mapachit Sitsongpeenong (N 1 of Lumpinee in 112 lbs and champion of Thailand), Dechsakda Sitsongpeenong (Champion of Phattaya, N°6 Lumpinee in 108 lbs, N°3 in the stadium Omnoi), Tewalith Sitsongpeenong (97 fights) and Jomhod Sitsongpeenong who in 14 years in already 96 fights!

The boxers train every day except Sunday but in period of preparation of fight they also train on Sundays.

The daily training begins at 5:30 am of the morning, nakmuays begins their first jogging of the day which will be 20 km, that of him after noon will be only “12 km”. Then they continue their warm-ups by 20 minutes of ropes and begin each of the rounds of paos endless with the trainers. Rounds of 4 minutes in paos during 30 minutes. They end with 20 minutes of session of clinch. After noon, the same treatment is imposed on them…

For the fighters who are on the eve of a fight the training hardened even more. Rounds in the punch bag are added. For the sessions clinch she passes in 40 minutes continuously for the boxer. The boxer has to resist for five nakmuays which alternately make him the war. He has to draw in the depths of himself to find the necessary energy in order to hold out 40 minutes the assaults of his sparrings parteners!

The trainers are without pities with their foals, they them shouts above to stimulate them and some straight out their hit on buttocks with a long wooden stick. The fighter suffers this treatment without protest, he so builds up to himself a mental of staunch warrior!

Sometimes champions of the other renowned camps come to train with the boxers of the Sitsongpeenong. As Dokmaipa Wor. Sangpraphai (Thailand Champion) of the camp Petchyindee which came to train with Kem to prepare him for his next fight…

The boxers of the Sitsongpeenong fight especially in big two stadium of the capital, in Lumpinee and in Radjadamoen, sometimes for the youngest in stadium Theprasit of Pattaya. Their promoters is N °1 of the Lumpinee Mr Virat Vichirarattanawong (Petchyindee Promotion).

Some foreign champions already came to train in this very beautiful camp such as French Yohan Lidon (World champion WBC, WKA), French Mehdi Zatout (Europe Champion WMC, France Champion), the American Kevin Ross (International Champion WBC), the female fighter American champion of MMA Gina Carano, the female fighter Italian Sindy Huyer (World champion WMA), the Italian champion Sharos Huyer, the female fighter Italian Chantal Ughi (World champion WMA, WPMF, WTKA), the English champion of MMA Paul Daley, English Steven Wakeling (World champion WMC, WKA, WBC, S1 Champion). The reputation of Sitsongpeenong begins to become known abroad!

The foreign boxers will be welcome in Sitsongpeenong, they can benefit from a high-level training with a luxurious setting. And as would say the master of places Timothy Dharmajiva who knows well the foreign boxers “The foreigners manage to follow the same training as the Thai but them their needs their small comfort…”.

Sitsongpeenong is the ideal camp for the fighters who want to get ready hard while benefiting from a pleasant structure…


83 Soi 34 Chalermprakiat Rama 9 Road,

Nongbon, Pravej, Bangkok 10250,


Phone: 66-2-7265700

Fax: 66-2-7265807

Website :

Price: Twin room 1250 bahts by person

Single room 2000 bahts by person

(Training and food included)