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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


special report by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Somrak Kamsing, former great champion (gold Medal at the Games of Atlanta 1996) settled in 2002 his own camp in the district of Bangkapi in Bangkok. It is a decayed camp located on a waste ground in a district far away from the center of the city. It is not very attractive but training there is of very good quality. Besides the advice of the Master of the camp himself, the fighters are directed by one of the best trainers of the moment, Wanvisep Norrasingh. Wanvisep, former great champion of Muay Thai, has already trained in the Jocky Gym during many years then he trained in the 13 Reanresort camp. Today, he uses his talents at the services of the Somrak’s camp. The two men know each other for a long time, they practically started together at the Jocky Gym.

The ring covered by a sheet roof smells the sweat of the hard clinch which take place every day. Five boxing bags permit the fighters to give all they got. In spite the fact that the boxer’s rooms are small, they can accommodate at least fifteen people. The camp counts sometimes up to 30 fighters who train here.

Several boxers of other camps come to train here. Chaowalit and Leucila of Jocky Gym often come at the Somrak. More than 2 years ago, Seanchai Sor Kingstar was training here, he was the fighter number One of the Somrak. Today, Somrak has another pearl of Muay Thai in his TEAM, Ninmongkon Kaennorasing. Ninmongkon although in bad form this year was classified N°1 of Lumpinee in – 55 kg in 2007. Hero (- 47 kg) and Super (- 48 kg) respectively classified N° 7 and N° 8 of the stadium TV7, both are very hard punchers who are gradually going up in the classification of Bangkok’s Stadiums.

There is also Chairak, a young man who goes up and who will not be long in making speak about him. In the beginning, Somrak did not wish much to receive “foreign” fighters in his camp but today he changed his opinion.

Dutch men already came to train as well as a Spanish champion (Rafi World Champion) who stayed more than 2 months. French champions as Alber chey and young person Damien Alamos have stayed in the camp for a long time and fought for Somrack Gym.

Foreign boxers can rent a room right beside the camp in one of the numerous buildings surrounding the camp, they cost 2000 bahts for a month, and such a price is very cheap. At the end of the street, there is a large artery of the city, Sukha Phiban 1, which is very animated. The boxers do their daily jogging there. The avenue swarms with small but good restaurants.

Somrak Kamsing Gym is a rough Tai style camp which recalls a little the small typical boxing camps of Isaan (North-East of the country)…