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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2009)

The stadium of Ao Nang is at present one of the biggest stadium of the South of the Thailand. With a capacity of welcome of 2000 places, three huge screens, a foreign speacker (American), he can from part his number of place compete some big stadium of the country.

The entrance is 1200 bahts for ring side and of 800 bahts for places in terraces. Near the boxing ring it is of wide and comfortable sofas which act as seat, terraces they are endowed with foldaway seats so convenient. On the right of the boxing ring a stage is specially made for the punters who agglutinate there up shout out it during the fights. The stadium exists since about ten year and always welcomed the premises which come to see being in confrontation the boxers of the region.

Here we come in family, the women accompany her husband’s boxers or punters, the children find their school friends. Outside the cooks bustle in the restaurant of the complex. Inside the stadium, it is an atmosphere good child who reigns in spite of the hard fights that is engaged nakmuays on the boxing ring.

But today it is especially the tourists who fill the stadium. Because the seaside resort of Ao Nang situated in the region of Krabi became very appreciated by the foreigners, and every year she takes some expansion. The fights take place everything a Mondays and Friday evening. It is often the boxers of the small camps of the region that meet.

But sometimes fights big take place between champions of Phucket and Krabi, the stadium is then full in torn and the punters are faithful in meeting place. Some champions of the South as the champion Tewarit Noi (Radja Champion, World champion) boxed here.

Foreigners also fight during the evenings which succeed one another throughout the year. The announcements of the fights are made the day before and that very day. A pick-up measures the streets of the seaside resort by diffusing ceaselessly by loudspeaker advertising “To Night, Muay Thai Show, To Night”. With such publicity the promoters are assured to have many tourists in their events!

The boxers of the camp Emerald Gym (Gym of the French Champion Wilfried Montagne) which is situated to Ao Nang often fight in the stadium of Ao Nang. This evening Bangman trainer to the Emerald Gym and the former champion in taken gained his fight by KO in the second rounds. And his son Baw gained him his fight at points. Beautiful performance for the Team Emerald Gym!

If you are of passage in the lively seaside resort of Ao Nang take time one evening to go to see the fights in this small stadium. Naturally you will not find the intensity of the big fights of the capital but you will attend in a nice evening of Muay Thai…