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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Kiatyongyut Gym produced for several years very good boxers. The star of this camp is Nong B Kiatyongyut who was Lumpinee Champion in – 47 kg and in – 53 kg and World Champion WMC in – 57 kg. It was one of the best technicians of the 2000s. As his promoter he is native of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Nong B beat great champions as Thongchai Tor. Silachai, Orono Muengsrima, Anuwat Keawsamrit, Attachai Fairtex, Chok Eminentair, Phet Assawin, Khem Sitsongpeenong!

Other famous champion of the camp is Phet Ek Kiatyongyut who was Champion of Thailand and who comes from Surathani in the South of the country. He is N°2 in the stadium TV7 today in – 57 kg, and it is one of the boxers who receive the biggest purse of the circuit at present.

Several other good boxers are in the Team Yongyut as Saksurin Kiatyongyut (South Champion), Wuttidet Kiatyongyut (South Champion), Satharnyut Kiatyongyut (South Champion), Yod Yut Kiatyongyut (South Champion), Hanchai Kiatyongyut (N°3 Radja Stadium), Sookasem Kiatyongyut and Nong O Kiatyongyut the older brother of Nong B who train even from time to time here. Great foreign champions also came to train in this camp as Jean-Charles Skarbowsky who came several times to Kiatyongyut Gym…

But today the Kiatyongyut Gym camp changed name and address to leave place at TOP RATED GYM. Since October, 2009, Top Rated Gym opened its doors…

Indeed, Daniel Potter a young Australian promoter of Boxing it is associated with the owner of the camp Kiatyongyut, Mr Yongyut. A former factory which belonged to Mr Yongyut Lewisit in completely done up to be transformed into magnificent center of high-tech boxing. Mr Potter invested a fortune in the construction of this camp in the installations state-of-the-art.
Nakmuays, about a dozen, are always in this camp. But now there are also professional boxers in Boxing high-level because Mr Potter and Mr Yongyut want that their camp becomes a reference to Bangkok for the training of the boxers in the Noble Art!

Phillipins World Champion WBO Marvin Sonsona and Ciso Morales are going to come to train here. And Mr Yongyut hopes that the world star of Boxing rings Manny Pacquio is going to come soon to train in his camp. There is of strong luck so that he comes because Mr Potter who also has a camp in Singapore is an influential promoter in Filipina…

At the moment, there is in quite four boxers Pro in Boxing of which the current pearl, Saddam Kiatyongyut. Saddam Sam-K Battery (International WBC Champion, WBC Asia Boxing Champion) who comes from Krabi in the South is a former champion of Muay Thai with 110 fights, he gained the belt Mitsubushi. In Muay Thai, he has already fought several times abroad in particular in France against French World champion Tarek Benfkih. Today in Boxing he is unconquered, he made 20 professional fights with 16 KO and it is the future challenger for the championship of the World WBC – 60 kg!

This new complex dedicated to the boxing is really magnificent. Eight persons take care permanently of this camp in the impeccable cleanliness. He extends over three floors. At the ground floor a gym of more than 100 m2 with two big boxing rings, ten punch bags, an electronic meter, a big screen television, allow the boxers to train in magnificent condition. Of more the gym is very well aerated. At the bottom of the gym is two luxury cloakrooms, one for the men and one for the women, the fair sex is welcome here.

In the 1st floor a fitness room top level with the quite last models of body-building devices and fitness. A big sauna, pleasant for the relaxation after the trainings.

In the second stage spacious rooms for trainers, personal room of Mr Potter and one of the offices of Top Rated Gym.

In the last floor, three rooms for the foreign boxers, the rooms with air conditioned. Two rooms can welcome eight persons and the third only three persons. The Thai boxers of the camp sleep in the building in front of the complex. Near rooms, a kitchen with a big terrace allows the boxers to take a snatch daily. So, a billiards and a big screen television offer good moments of relaxations after the trainings…

Three trainers among which the former champion of the Radja and the specialist of the Boxing take care with making the boxers sweat everything in daytime except Sunday.

The morning training begins at 7 am and ends at 9:30 am. The boxers make 12 km in the streets of the quiet district of Talingchan. Then they make seven rounds of paos where every round lasts five minutes. They end with 50 minutes of clinch. The training of him after noon contrary to the majority of the camps of the country begins earlier.

Here we begin the training at 2 pm to end it at 5 pm. It is the same thing as in the morning but there is in more a session of sparrings very hard. During 30 minutes the boxers full tilt with hard knocks, naturally they have all the equipments of protection but that hit!

Some German and Australian already came to train here. For the foreign boxers who want to stay in this camp the price is 1000 baths a day. This price includes two daily trainings, the food and the accommodation as well as the access to all the complex. And as would say the master of places Mr Yongyut “in our camp, for the foreigners, we do not hide techniques, here, we give everything…”

If you look for a camp to perfect your techniques of Muay Thai and at the same time polish up your Boxing, Top Rated Gym is the ideal camp. Team Yongyut will welcome you with pleasure about is your level of boxing!


168/58 Soi Chiyaphruek 3

Bangkhunnon-Talingchan Rd

Klongchakpra Talingchan