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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

This camp opened these doors since now 10 years. The owner, Mr. Wisut Wiwatthananon is a rich businessman who possesses a company of sale of luxury car, millionaire’s cars such as Lamborghini and Rolls Royce!

Mr Wisut did not thus open this camp to make of the business because his current fortune allows him to live easily. He created this camp by passion for Muay Thai, a passion which was passed on to him by his father who held long ago a camp of boxing.

Quickly the team Wor Wiwatthananon took away of excellent result during these first years of competition. So that in 2009 the camp obtained the title from “Best camp of the year”, a consecration for this businessman fascinated by boxing!

Mr Wisut offers many things to his boxers so that they can bloom in their sport. He does not push his boxers on the verge of their capacity to obtain absolutely results, as make him many owner of camp. If the boxers make of big thing, he is the first one to be happy of their performance. But if the results are not there, “Mai pen raï” (it’s not serious), it is not the end of the world…

On the other hand he is inflexible to the rigorous training which his boxers have to practise daily. As well as their courage and their fighting spirit on the boxing ring. The reputation of his camp is all the same in games. The roisterers are not allowed in Wor Wiwatthananon, at 9 am in the evening all the boxers have to be in the camp, here no night-exit, the first one who breaks this rule is sanctioned immediately!

The camp is situated in the district from Talingchan to Bangkok, a district out of the way of the city center. In the depths of a maze of mini soï (alley) we lead into the klong (canal) Bangphom, the camp is at the edge of this klong. Facing the camp on the other bank is the magnificent temple Wat Prasart. On the canal of “long- tail” (traditional boat the helix of which is connected with the engine by a long iron stalk) pass from time to time at top speed. The humming of their engine breaks the silence which reigns in this small peaceful district of the suburb of Bangkok. The place is quiet but the more we get closer to the entrance of the camp and the more we hear the piercing cry of boxers who train. In front of the gate of the camp an enormous goose chatters permanently, she is accompanied by hens which skip about in the soï. A soï which is very dirty because is strewn with garbage all the length…

The courtyard of the camp is vast, it contains a big boxing ring, six punch bags and the material of body-building in the thai. The structure of accommodation has nine rooms and a large kitchen, in every room three to four boxers can sleep there. It is at present one of the biggest camps of Bangkok so by to the number of his fighters. There is permanently, more than 40 boxers of whom about twenty very high level who trains in Wor Wiwatthananon!

The fighters come for the most part of the South of the Thailand but there are also some who are of the region of the northeast. They are to be in charge by six trainers. The holders of paos don’t miss in Wor Wiwatthananon!

Within the camp a certain hierarchy is respected. The youngest are on dishwashing duty, the champions occupy the best room, and trainers are entitled to their small daily massage…

The pearl of the camp is unquestionably phenomenal Rungphet Wor. Rungnirun which conquered seven belts (Lumpinee Champion in 118 lbs, TV7 Champion in 105 lbs, Omnoi Champion in 115 lbs and 118 lbs, South Champion, Winner of the Tournament Yakayartra Mardaeng). Rungphet is at present always a champion of Omnoi in 118 lbs!

Other great champion of the camp is talented Weerachai Wor Wiwatthananon (Lumpinee champion in 112 lbs, TV7 champion in 112 lbs) which is at present N ° 3 of Lumpinee and TV7 in 115 lbs!

He also Payaknoi Wor Wiwatthananon who has takes away the belt S1 in 112 lbs and Samingnum Wor Wiwatthananon who became professional in Boxing, in 2007 he competed for the title OPBF.

The camp include many excellent boxers as Chayklang Wor Wiwatthananont in 126 lbs, Chanchai Wor Wiwatthananon in 116 lbs, Silangoen Wor Wiwatthananon in 126 lbs, Wanwisade Wor Wiwatthananon in 112 lbs, Kongfah Wor Wiwatthananon in 126 lbs and Likyusan Wor Wiwatthananon in 140 lbs!

All these fighters fight a lot in big three stadium of Bangkok, Radja, Lumpinee and the TV7. Because Mr Wisut is in connection with two bigger promoters of the Radja, Mr. Songchai Rattanasuban and Mr. Chujarean Raveearamwong (Chuwattana), and the most influential current promoter for Lumpinee, Mr. Sittichai Theradeatpong (Chun Kietpetch, owner of the stadium TV7).

Here, the training begins very early, from 5:30 am nakmuays makes a 12 kilometres jogging. And then a session of clinch of one hou, the clinch is worked a lot in this camp. Techniques with knees are so enormously worked, it is a camp “Muay Khao” (Work knees).

At about 9 am the morning training ends. At 3 pm, again a 6 kilometres jogging still followed by a session of clinch about one hour. Generally the session of clinch in camps is made always at the end of the training. But in Wor Wiwatthananon, this testing session is practised in the beginning of training.

The session in paos for the boxers in preparation of fight is infernal. For 30 minutes practically without injury time, nakmuays is going to let off stream on the targets of holder of paos.

And it does not laugh, the boxer with interest to finish its session. The fighters train every day even on Sundays. They just have a few days of rest only having fought…

Practically no foreigner came to train in Wor Wiwatthananon, only four French tried the experience by remaining about ten days. Generally this camp not welcome not too much the foreign fighters but the warriors “farang” are welcome. I say very “Warrior” because it is necessary to be hungry to try the experience within this typical camp, the training and the living conditions are there very rough for one not thai…