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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview THOMAS ADAMANDOPOULOS by Serge TREFEU in Bangkok (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Thomas can you appear for those who does not know you?

THOMAS ADAMANDOPOULOS: Hello, my name is Thomas Adamandopoulos, I am 22 years old. I have 32 fights for 28 wins and 4 losses. I fight on city of Marseille in Kick Boxing and in Thai Boxing in rather important boxing show. I am from Marseille of the south districts of the city. And for this year I put myself profoundly in the Thai boxing!

You began the boxing towards which age?

I began in 20 years. First year in Full-Contact and Kick boxing amateur. Second year I am directly spent in Professional. I have made quite a lot of fight in Kick boxing

How much have you make of fight in Thai Boxing?

5 fights for 5 wins!

You thus began with the Kick boxing?

Yes also the Full-contact  in my gym in Marseille, the Mondial Boxing of Hérvé Busonéra (4 times World champion of Full-Contact) my current trainer

With what sparring you training?

I’m often train with Cédric Castagna (Europe Champion Kick Boxing, World champion Chauss Fight) and with good young’s Professional which are in the gym. So in Marseille I ‘m training with Karim Tachouaft who is a very good trainer of Thai Boxing

Do you won a titles?

Yes a title France Champion Kick Boxing, a title France Champion Full-Contact. So I won a Italia Tournament in 2007 in K1 Rule, its was to Loano

How you came to the Thai Boxing?

In my gym there was only Full-Contact fighters, me I had more ease for the Kick Boxing, the Full-Contact it was not for me. Thus I tried the Thai Boxing, I have made some fights and it pleased me at once…

You fought against whom of known until today?

I fought in “The Night of the Champions” in Marseille against Lucien Brose (Europe Champion Full-Contact) which I won at points. I fought Alan from Team Nasser K. (same Team Fabio Pinca and Yohan Lidon), draw against him. I won at points against Amar Lamaiche (France Champion Kick Boxing). I also fought against Hocine Benoui from Team Nasser K., I lost in points against him it was K1 Rule. And I won in Kick Boxing against Yetkin Ozkul (France Champion Thai Boxing) in Marseille, a very hard, very intense fight!

In what category you fight?

In – 63 kg but I sometimes also there in – 61 kg…

Now you want to fight only in Muay Thai?

The ideal for me would be to fight as much in Muay Thai as in Kick Boxing. But I have a preference for Muay Thai because it is new for me …

In the region of Marseille do the Muay Thai begins to develop well because you are a region or there is more Full-Contact and Kick Boxing than Thai Boxing?

Yes it is true but that begin to develop well thanks to Mr Erick Roméas (Promoter) who becomes known the Thai Boxing in its boxing shox like “The Night of Champions”. In the last boxing show in Marseille, there were Thaïs boxers of very high level as Narupol, Attachai, Sudsakorn, Fabio Pinca and Yohan Lidon. And I believe that Erick Roméas for his next “Night of the Champions» is going to put the very high bar, he reserves us of big surprise!

You have which style of boxing?

I am a very physical boxer, I work the physical appearance a lot and I like very much the connections foot-fist-foot. For the work of clinch, I still have a great deal of work to be made, it is for it that I came in Thailand…

It is the first time when you come in Thailand?

I had already come last year, there it is the second time when I‘m training in Thailand. Thanks to Alex (Alex Romain) who manages a little my trainings, I progress a lot…

Where you training in Thailand?

I am training to Pattaya to the camp RMB of Rachid Saadi during my first journey. And this year to Phucket to the camp Sit Patong then now to the camp Kiatpetch Gym in Bangkok

Do you fought in Thailand?

Yes to Phucket, Alex (my contact in Thailand) found me a fight. I fought a thai very good which I won at points. It is my first fight in Thai Boxing with elbows without protections, I was moreover opened to the forehead!

How long you stay in the camp Kiatpetch Gym?

One week, there is a Russian Israeli who is going to come also to train with me, we are going to training together

What are your ambitions?

I would like to be made a name in my category in Thai Boxing, in Europe, in Thailand. I have many ambitions. I want to come back in Thailand for several months because thanks to Alex who has very good connections, I could train me in very good camps and fight in Thailand…

Do you hope one day to fight in a big stadium?

Yes I hope in Lumpinee or in Radja and to make a good result

Your next fight it is for when?

It will be in city of Lyon in April for the boxing show  “Fight Zone ” of Fouad Ezbiri. I do not still know my opponent…

Thank you for this interview and Chookdee for your fights future!

Thank you very much and long life to SIAMFIGHTMAG!

Thomas won his fight at boxing show “Fight Zone 3” against hard Bouba Konta. Adamandopoulos made left the new generation which arrives with fury on the boxing ring. And doubtless he will soon make speak about him!



Weight : 63 Kg

Number of fight : 33 fights. 29 wins. 4 Losses.

Title : France Champion Kick Boxing. France Champion Full-Contact. Winner Italia Tournament K1 Rule

Team : Mondial Boxing