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Interview of VLADIMIR MORAVCIK by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Vladimir how are you?
VLADIMIR MORAVCIK: Very good , I am in full training getting ready to fight at Profiliga Muay Thai 11 against Diesel Lek

How old are you and towards what age you began the boxing?
I am 29 and I started training when I was 22 years old
You were born in Slovakia in what place you increased?
I was born in Slovak town Banska Bystrica and that is where I live untill now…
How you discovered the boxing?
It was when I served the army, one of the instructor was a thai boxing coach
Speak us of your first gym?
After I came back from the army I was lucky because in my town is home of FIRE GYM and I started to train there immediately
What are the fighters who are in your gym?
There is around 20 professional fighters in our gym, the better known are Rudolf Durica, Vlado Konsky, Vladimir Idranyi, Jan Mazur, Lukas Horak, Marcel Jager and lots of others…

Your trainer is always the same since you began Muay Thai?
Yes it is Martin Belak
You fought a lot in Slovakia?
At the beginning of the career most of my fights were abroad but now I mostly fight in Slovakia.
Muay Thai begins to be well known in Slovakia, is that there is a lot of events today in the country?
Yes Muay thai has become very popular in Slovakia and now there is more and more events, people like fighting sports here!
When you began, what is what there were champions who you one
influenced by their boxing for the continuation of your career?

At the beginning I just trained I didn’t think I can achieve anything in this sport , but after I started winning I got to know more and more fighters and Buakaw influenced me the most…

What is the first important title that you gained?
For me the most important was I-1 title from Hong Kong 2007
What are the titles which you gained so far?
I-1 WMC World Muay Thai Champion 2010 against Andy Roegner. W5 League World Champion in K-1 to 75kg 2010 against Urambek Esenkulov. WPMF Intercontinental Muay Thai Champion 2010 against Christian Dorel. WKN European Muay Thai Champion 2009 against Robert Zytkiewicz. Dodge Trophy Winner 2008 against Armen Petrosian.I-1 WMC World Muay Thai Champion 2007 against Kit Sipholek.S-1 European Muay Thai Champion 2005 against Matej Bregar. Polish amateur Champion in Muay Thai
How much you made of fight, how much victory and defeats?
67 fights 64 Wins (23 KO). 3 Losses

You met several times French champions as Cedric Muller, Kamel
Mezatni, Abdoul Touré, of whom do you think of your fights against them?

They were all quality fighters and especially Cedric was tough and they all knew how to use elbow and that is what I like about French fighters!
You know current French fighters and of time?
Yes I know Abdellah Mabel, Fabio Pinca, Farid Villaume and lots of others
Would you like to come to fight in France?
Of course especially because I know French fighters are skilled in Muay thai

You met some very good champions in your category as Artur Kyshenko, Armen Petrosyan, Khalid Chabrani, Kit Sitpholek, of which do you think of your fights in front of them?
Artur fight was very hard for me and I learned a lot as I was 100% ready and I wanted to demolish him as I knew a win would move me up a lot but Artur is very experienced he found an opening in my attack and he punished me, I was very disappointed as I prepared for this fight very hard in Thailand for 6 weeks and it ended as it ended, I hope their will be a rematch. With Armen it was a war for 5 rounds after I have already fought 6 rounds in a pyramid and judges made us fight 2 extra rounds in the final of the 8 man pyramid. I was lucky to land a perfect knee in the final round and win by a KO, nevertheless Armen is a great fighter. With Khalid Chabrani the fight was finished very fast in 1st round so it was easy win for me. Also with Kit it was very tense as Kit was playing psychological games with me before the fight which got me really motivated and I wanted to win by KO!

You already went in Thailand for you train and fight?
At the beginning I also used to fight in Thailand but now I only go there to train and to relax. But lately I prepare for my fights at home

What do you think of Thai fighters?
They are tough and used to fighting since a very young age and are excellent in pure Muay Thai , but only few can make it in Europe as European audience prefer more punching and no clinching. But still the strongest Muay Thai fighters are from Thailand
Who are for you the best Thai fighters at present?
Buakaw,Yodsanklai, Bovy Sor Udomson, Sayok and Seanchai but there is many excellent Muay Thai fighters in Thailand that don’t get the exposure outside of Thailand

What are the champions of Muay Thai of your category who are for you the best at present in the world?
Cosmo, Yodsanklai, Shakuta, Mabel and Giorgio Petrosyan but I don’t think Giorgio fights with elbows now…
There is an opponent in particular that you would like to meet today?
Buakaw and Kyshenko under full Muay Thai rules
What is your best memory of boxing so far?
Winning my first I-1 WMC title I was absolute unknown and I was very happy to win, also winning my W5 K1 belt in Moscow was very nice

And the worst?
Mentally, loss to Arthur Kyshenko, because 6 weeks of really hard preparation went to nothing because of one mistake and physically the win over Armen Petrosyan it took me 11 rounds to win the Dodge trophy belt
Your hardest fight of your career?
Against Yuri Gorbatchev Bielorus fighter, it was 4 years ago and I got cut very bad in 2nd round but my coach managed to stop the blood, but it was a war until the last bell, respect to Yuri
Who is for you today after the Thailand the country the strongest in Thai boxing?
Slovakia(laugh), No Seriously in Muay Thai it hard to say but I think there is countries that are very strong, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, France, Australia and as I see it also Slovak fighters are coming up…

What are the techniques which you most like making on the boxing

Elbows and knees and getting into real battles, I dislike too much tactics and defensive fighters
You fights only in Muay Thai or sometimes also in Kickboxing and in K1 Rules?
Before I didn’t like to fight under Kickboxing rules, but we worked a lot on boxing and punching power with my trainer and now I am starting to like it as I am starting to win by punch KOs!
You are soon going to meet the Thai Diesel Lek (Radja Champion,
World Champion WPMF), do you know your opponent and of what do you think of him?

Yes I seen him fight live few times, I am prepared for him very well. I know he also likes to exchange so I think it will be an attractive match

What are your projects for 2011?
I have a busy schedule this year and I hope I will fight the best fighters in Muay Thai or K1. And I would love to fight for the Raja title…
You want to add anything?
I want to thank all people that supported me in my career, my family, trainer, teammates and especially my fans that like my style of fighting
Thank you very much for this interview and CHOOKDEE for your fight
Thank you see you soon

Moravcik gained his fight against rough Thai Diesel Lek, he beat him by KO in the fourth rounds!

Vladimir Moravcik is a member of the Slovak school of Muay Thai which following the example of his neighbours Russian and Byelorussian makes a lot speak about her today. Vladimir is of the same gym as the great champion Rudolf Durica and as he Moravcik is a pure nakmuays which uses marvellously all the techniques of Muay Thai. It is a fighter to follow in 73 kg, a very high category on the international scene!


Height: 1m86
Weight: 73 Kg
Number of fight: 67. 64 Wins (23 KO). 3 Losses.
Team: Eastern Beasts by Dynamo / Firegym

Title: I-1 WMC World Muay Thai Champion (2010 ). W5 League World Champion in K-1 to 75kg (2010). WPMF Intercontinental Muay Thai Champion (2010). WKN European Muay Thai Champion (2009). Dodge Trophy Winner (2008). I-1 WMC World Muay Thai Champion (2007). S-1 European Muay Thai Champion (2005).Polish amateur Champion in Muay Thai