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Temps de lecture : 8 minutes

Interview of VUYISILE COLOSSA by Serge TREFEU (2010)

SERGE TREFEU: Hello Vuyisile, you are native of South Africa, you grew in which city?

VUYISILE COLOSSA:  I grew up in the small city called Welkom in the Free State Province, well known about gold mines back in the day!

In how old are you begun the boxing? 

I began the sport in January 1998, I was still in high school then I was 15 turning 16

Who attracted you in this sport?

Grew up watching movies, and after will be going out hitting and kicking each other, it was back in 1995 when I thought of training but there was no where to go at the time. Then I was in different sports : like football, rugby, cricket, hockey, athletics, Latin American dance and basket ball etc…

You began in which gym?

When I started training the gym was at the high school I used to attend it used to be Cobra’s ring contact fighting art, the instructor then it used to be Henry Austin a local police officer. I remember my first day that after the school principal announced at the assembly that morning if anyone would like to do some kick boxing their classes every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, I stayed and waited till that time. My first day I was training in my school uniform I can still remember it good memory!

The kick boxing is not very well developed in South Africa, in your city there was many gym of Kick boxing?

Actually kick boxing was very popular amongst the light skin community as dark skin boxing was the favourite, so we never heard about it growing up!

Where I grew up it was the only club and I was the only dark skin guy training, but there would be tournaments, that’s when I saw a lot of kick-boxers…

With champions as Mike Bernardo and Virgil Kalakoda, the Kick boxing and the Thai boxing develops more now. Are there often great events of kick boxing in South Africa?

There was kick-boxing before them and a lot of tournaments, yes Mike Bernardo he put South African kick boxing more on the map!

Kick boxing in South Africa is been around for a long time it was just we lacked the recognition and opportunities to enter in the World circuits because of the political issues…

At the beginning of your career what is what there are boxers who you one influenced in your style of boxing?

In 2000, that was the first time I saw K-1GP, it was playing in one of the channels back then I remember watching Mr Perfect Ernesto Hoost.

Since then I kept on training I went back at the camp trying to imitate the combinations I saw, then training it became more fun it was my first time seeing kickboxing it was a great following overseas.

My instructor at the time got same video tapes of old K-1GP also training video of Rob Kaman. More I followed the Dutch kick boxing!

You have a good amateur career. How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory, of defeat and draw in amateur?

My amateur career it was a good one is about 20 Fights, 15 Wins, 5 Losses.

Did you gain a lot of victory by KO in amateur?

12 KO

What are the titles which you gained in amateur?

Ring Contact Fighting Art Champion at Welter weight, I was selected to represent South Africa in Vienna Austria in 2001

In 2002 you received an award important for your exemplary amateur career, you can speak to us about this award and about what does he represent for you?

Yes in 2002 I was chosen and won the Premier’s Youth Awards, it was of the dedication in sport field not only kick boxing and other sports I played at the time,

but mainly I think I was for the kickboxing ,

wining various tournaments and also as an under develop athlete getting South African Colors it was one of those moments, when my country showed they do care and it gave me hope

Then you cross professional, who urged you to become professional in Kick boxing?

Later that year I decide to be a professional fighter, because I wanted to get paid for when I fight, also that I can go around the world.

It was good at the beginning after you go true all good fighters it became more hard to get fight in the country cause their was no one to fight against, I will fight once or twice in a year!

It wasn’t going well because not having too many professionals in kickboxing compare to amateurs…

It is difficult to be professional in Kick boxing in South Africa?

Even today the administration of Kickboxing still they don’t want to work together and that is killing the sport

After some fights in professional you fought for World Championship of Thai Boxing (WAKO Pro) in 2003 but you lose against the English Neil Woods, you knew your adversary before facing it?

In 2003 when I went to England to fight it was a short notice fight they gave me 3 weeks to prepare and it was my second fight under Thai boxing rules.

I normally fought oriental kickboxing rules, Neil woods at the time he was the K-1UK max.

I just saw it at the magazine when I was walking in the shopping mall, then I thought to myself I will take him anyways! He stopped me on the third round by low kick, it was a first time I got kicked like that, I lost that fight

In 2006 you go in the circuit of K1 Max. How you integrated this circuit?

In 2005 that’s the first time I saw Virgil Kalakoda, he was going to make his debut in K-1 max. I thought where does this guy came from cause I never heard or seeing him fight kickboxing in the country, that’s when I went to join Steve gym in Cape town, because I also wanted to fight in the K-1max since 2003.

I got there it was time for Virgil to go fight in Japan, he got back then I started sparring with him, him not knowing that I have been in kickboxing for a very all time that sparring it went very well for my site after we became friends .

Then instead of getting the fights I was his sparring partner, when we went to Korea the first time with him as a corner I spoke to the promoter I told him I am a fighter as well I would like to fight here, so they invited me to come in 2006 and 2007, otherwise I would be still been a sparring partner if I never spoke to the Koreans

What are the great fighters of the K1 Max whom you would most like to face?

About K-1max in Japan is a dream to fight there, most-likely I always wanted to fight Masato, Andy Souwer and whoever that will make a good fight against I mean if I could fight

You fight often now in Asia in particular in Hong-Kong and Macao, you like fighting in Asia or it is because you are now settled in Hong-Kong where you fight often over there?

Hong Kong is been good to me with lifestyle and Fight sport , because for the first time since 2002 being a professional fighter it was the first time I fight 8 fights in one year, so I have been here since March 2008 is been great…

Did you already go to Thailand for train?

I have never been to Thailand ever so this will be my first time to go because I am taking part is this show Enfusion, I am excited to go, I was always looking for the reason to go now I will be.

You faced twice one of the strongest current champions in your category, the Thai Yodseanklai. In Hong Kong you lose at the points only just. Then in Paris you have make a great fight and you be defeated again at the points in front him. Many fighters are fell in front of the power of Yodseanklai. But you are resisted to these terrible middle kicks and you it even pushed aside with your fists. According to you who is what missed to you to beat him?

Me and Yod it was good fights needed, yes in Hong Kong when I fought him the fight was suppose to go one extra round or call it a draw but it never happened, after losing last round of the fight, 10-9,10-9,8-10.

That was the scores of the fight, then I meet him too soon for Paris fight,

yes as expected this time I let him do what he does best to kick me as hard as he can and see if I will break, nothing happened, it was the test for me to see if I can take those kicks everyone is been talking about.

He kicked till he got tied and went for the low kick at the end, it was a great fight Yod is a great champion!

Would you like to find him third time?

Yes I would fight him again no problem, since no one wants to fight with him I mite as well, this time there must be a K.O form booth sides!

You also met Narupol who is a very good technician. You lose in points in front of him. Who hampered you most in his boxing, the knees, his clinch?

Well with Narupol fight I am still disappointed about it because,  I was told we fighting K-1 rules, but in the fight he was clinching all the time then I was asking am I fight Muay Thai or K-1 rules.

That all he did the whole fight but he won by clinch not by the rules we where suppose to fight under and it made everything so unfair, one day I will meet him again lets see what will go on!

During a tournament in Hong-Kong you met Russian Dmitry Valent (7 times World champion and current World champion WKN), you lose in points in front of this big champion. You would like to meet him again with a belt in games and of what do you think of this opponent?

Dmitry a very good fighter as well big as well!

The fight it was a split decision, since he is a defending champion it went to him again it was my first four men tournament under full Muay Thai full since I was a pro fighter.

Of course I will fight him again soon in the same tournament, even that one expect a KO form booth sides!

You beat in Hong-Kong the French champion Abdoul Touré (Europe Champion), would like you to face French champions in France. In your category there is many champions, Farid Villaume, Yohan Lidon, Abdellah Mabel, Sofiane Allouache, Jonathan Camara, Gregory Choplin, you know them?

Yes I do know them France always had same good fighters, I was supposed to fight Lidon in Africa but it got cancelled.

Yes Abdoul good fighter as well he just did a mistake in the fight that’s all I need to KO him and that was the fight.

Yes of course I would like to fight any of the French champions it will be to good for the sport and the fans to see those fights they will be full of action till the end!

What are your favourite techniques which you like making in fight?

My techniques in the fight they depend on the fighter I fight against, because different fighters you fight them accordingly

You have a very good Boxing, you have already fought in Boxing?

Everyone they say my boxing is good, mmmh! Not perfect yet I am working on that Perfection.

No I never fought yet in boxing but I did training with same of the South African world champions and world rated boxer used to do sparring with them and I will boxing them. Boxing is in my heart that what comes first in any fight that I have boxing but the Passion is in Kick boxing…

What are the titles that you gained until today?

I have a 2002 Ring Contact Fighting Art International Champion.

2002 South African Welter weigh kick boxing Champion.

Current South African Professional Kick Boxing Council (P.K.C) middle weight Champion and Current South Africa Thai-boxing Middle weight Champion

What is the best memory of boxing?

My best memories in fighting are that feeling when you done with the fight and you did whatever you wanted to do , because you under so much stress, when you complete it is the best feeling ever in the world that you have achieved the greatness win or lose the feeling of joy it is…

And the worst?

My worst was when I fought Narupol, it was the time when I just got to Hong Kong and I never lived anywhere outside South Africa now I am here I started bad her beats of drinking alcohol, yes I was so drunk two weeks before my fight with him is the worst feeling ever knowing that, I could have done better than that I cried after the fight, it felt like I disrespected the sport and my commitment to it worst feeling ever!

What was your hardest fight until today?

My hardest fight so far I think is every fight I had because every time, I will have something personally happening and it will affect my training and performance is more like, having all this issues that you can’t avoid, I am the hardest opponent ever!

Who are for you today the best champions in your category?

Today my great champions, I would say the once I like the style of fighting, Arthur Kyshenko from Ukraine , Andy Souwer, Masato, Yod and the current K-1 max champion (Giorgio Petrosyan), they have good styles to watch, their should be many but is about seeing them!

Where from come to you this nickname “The Cheetah “?

The Nick Name Cheetah is from a friend of mine in Korea actually one of their shows The Khan, I am walking out at the stage the ring announcer just screamed the Cheetah!

After the fight when I ask my friend his like I had to come up with something, I like it because the Province that I am from is named after the Cheetah!

Have you an anecdote to be told us, something of funny or of unusual who arrived at you during your career?

Anything funny about I can’t remember all I have is same good memories, of the people I meet and who help me to be where I am at today all good once I have!

Your next fights it is for when?

My next fight is in Thailand that’s next week for the TV Show, after that it mite be YOD again in Africa this time!

Today you train in what gym and with which sparring partners?

I am setting up my own gym here in Hong Kong at this moment, I am busy training everywhere today!

I train a lot with one of the young South African fighters Irshaad Sayed very good fighter as well he’s here in Hong Kong as well, then I will go to different gym to do some training.

I have been training myself since 2004, getting lucky with people who can hold pads for me, but self trained, strange isn’t it?

Do you like the football? Who do you see victorious of the football World Cup in 2010 in South Africa?

Yes football, I love it for the world cup is coming to the African Continent for the first time is a going to be an education for many!

Because for the rest of the world when you come from anywhere in Africa people look at you very weird, but is going to be the successful one and the history making I can’t wait, I will be going back home at that time!

What are your objectives for 2010?

2010 is the year that will be remembered, especially my family I have two young sisters going to the university this year and I am finally building my Mother her dream house and I am setting up my gym!

So the year of success for my Family and me

You want to add anything?

I would like to say thank you for your time and support to you the fans of fighting sport all the best for 2010 let it be the success to you as well and thank you for the interview and SIAM FIGHT MAG!

Thank you for having answered this interview and good luck for the continuation


Weight: 70 Kg

Height: 1m78

Number of fight: 31. 22 wins (13 ko). 9 Losses.

Title: 2002 Ring Contact Fighting Art International Champion.

2002 South African Welter weigh kick boxing Champion.

Current South African Professional Kick Boxing Council (P.K.C) middle weight Champion

Current South Africa Thai-boxing Middle weight Champion