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Wangwiset Kaennorasing was born on 22 January 1972 in the village of Ban Daeng Noi. His birth name is Pongsit Viengviset and his father is Kaendjaï Norrasingh, a former great champion of Muay Thai, a figure in the world of Thai boxing. He trained many young hopefuls in his little camp like his own son Wangwiset.

The Kaennorasing Gym included boxers such as Wanpichit, Wanarong, Suthipong, Kaoklai, Yotchai, Ningmongkon, Rolex, Robert and Wangwiset.

At a very young age, Wangwiset joined the famous Jocky Gym camp in Bangkok, he was part of the Jocky Gym Dream Team of the 1990s which included, among others, Somrak Kamsing (No. 1 Lumpinee and Radja, Olympic champion), Silapathai Jockygym (Radja champion), Robert Kaennorasing (Radja Champion), Rolex Kaennorasing (Radja Champion), Patong Jockygym (Radja Champion).

On May 4, 1994, Wangwiset won the Radja stadium champion belt in 126 lbs against Noppadet Sor Rewadee. A year before, on August 18, 1993, he had fought against this same opponent for the Radja belt and had lost on points. Wangwiset and Noppadet met several times, for their last fight Wangwiset beat him by KO.

Wangwiset lost his Radja belt on points against the powerful Chaidet Kiatchansingh on June 27, 1994 in the Radja stadium.

In 1994, Wangwiset had one of his best years, he won 8 matches out of 9 fights and won a belt from the Radja stadium. He beat Noppadet Sor Rewadee (2 times), Paidang Lersak Gym, Pannarin Sor Suwanpakdee, Padejseuk Bor Brandy Gym, Chatchai Paiseethong, Prabseuk Sitsantad and Matee Jedipitak, he only lost on points to Chaidet Kiatchansingh.

Wangwiset was awarded the prestigious “Best Boxer of the Year 1994” trophy by “The Sports Authority of Thailand”!

Wangwiset carried out in Muay Thai 140 fights for 115 victories. He beat champions like Khomjack Sit Sor Por Sor, Paidang Lersak Gym, Pannarin Sor Suwanpakdee, Padejseuk Bor Brandy Gym, Chatchai Paiseethong, Prabseuk Sitsantad, Matee Jedipitak, Noomtrang Keatkaosaen, Apiwat Por Pleumakmol, Yuthasak Tansaringkhan, Muangfahlek Kiatwichian.

Nicknamed “Khun Khaeng Kaen Nakhon” (The Fertile Shin of Kaen Nakhon) and “The Fire Shin”, Wangwiset was a powerful boxer, very strong with his fists and low kick techniques, he won many of fights by KO. He also had a great career in Boxing.

As an amateur, he participated twice in the Olympic Games in light weight (No. 6 at the Atlanta Games in 1996 and No. 9 at the Sydney Games in 2000, Gold medal at the Asian Games in 1995 and 1996).

In professional Boxing, he fought 17 fights for 15 victories (6 KO) and won the Asian PABA Champion’s belt, a title he defended 12 times with success!

After his career, Wangwiset became one of Bangkok’s top coaches. For several years, it was Wangwiset who took care of continuing the training of young champions in the famous Jocky Gym camp in Bangkok.

The Jocky Gym camp in Bangkok is located in the Bang Pho district, at the end of Soï Sii Namgneun (Now Skarbowsky Gym, owned by former great champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky).

The Jocky Gym (Created in 1974) by Master Somat Hong Sakoun was a true champion factory, a school which produced ring legends such as Jocky Sitkanpaï (Champion of Radja), Somrak Kamsing (Olympic Boxing Champion, N° 1 of Lumpinee and Radja), Saenchaï Sor Kingstar (Champion of Lumpinee, Best boxer of the year 1999 and 2008), Lerdsila Chumpairtour (Champion of Radja), Kaoklaï Kaennorasing (Champion of Radja), Silapathai Jockygym (Champion of Radja), Rolex Kaennorasing (Champion of Radja), Noree Jockygym (Champion of Radja), Chaowarit Jockygym (Champion of Radja), Sonkom Jockygym (Champion of Radja), Patong Jockygym (Champion of Radja), Robert Kaennorasing (Champion of Radja) and Wangwiset Kaennorasing!
Wangwiset then served as the head trainer at the major camps Somrak Gym and 13 Coins Resort Gym.