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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of WEERA CHALUNLAP by Serge TREFEU (2007)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you, well?

WEERA CHALUNLAP:  Yes very well.

How old are you?

32 years

You are married, have you children?

No I am not married

Where you born in Thailand and in which area you grew?

I am born in Buriram in the area from Issan (north-eastern) and I grew it low

You began Thai boxing at which age?

I started at the 9 years age. Six months later I made my first fight which I gained at the points

Your first gym called what the name?

I did not have a gym because I went to the school then I then thus training it was in family at home. There was all the necessary to training itself, paos, bag, glove. It missed only one boxing ring…

You remember your whole first fights?

Yes. My first fights I did them much in the village festival in the countryside. I then gained accesses only 200 to 300 bahts then up to 1000 bahts…

Is what you quickly fought in stadium like Lumpinee or Radja?

I fought much in province before going up to Bangkok. Then, at 13 years, I went in a gym which is called “Kiet Pasaan Chaï” in the district of Lap Prao in Bangkok. I remained always faithful to this gym before fighting in Lumpinee Stadium and in Radja Stadium, I fought much in Rangsit stadium and Omnoy Stadium because I weighed less than 40 kg at the time. To fight in Lumpinee or Radja it is necessary to weigh more. My first fight in Lumpinee it was towards the fifteen years age

Which fighter known you fought, and which fight for you remembers was hardest in Thailand?

I fought many champion in 60 kg and – of 60 kg. Most known were called Sonram, Trepalit, Chanchaï, Khaphaya. They all were champions of the lumpinee or Radja. My harder fight was against frightening Chanchaï, I were just 19 years old…

How many fight you have in Thailand?

More than 200 fights…

You already fought for a belt of Radja or Lumpinee?

Never. I fought once for the belt of Stadium TV 7 (stadium moochit), I lost at the points. On the other hand I took a belt in China against the champion of China.

In which year it was?

In 1996

Is what you gained of the good profit in Thailand and lived you well thanks to the Muay Thai?

Yes of good money. I lived Muay Thai correctly

Your current fight’s records can you describe to us?

Exactly, I do not remember too much any more of my victories and defeats. I have more than 250 fights…

Before coming to install you in France you had already fought abroad?

Not, just in China

You came to France in which year?

In 1999

You like itself in France?

Yes, It’s all right

Isn’t your country missed too much, is what you goes back there from time to time?

I miss Thailand much. I come back in my country every year to August or July.

Did it is difficult to live Thai boxing in France why you come to install you here, it is right to fight or because you liked also the country?

They is accesses to find one there works, then if I can fight also so much better…

You knew the champions Thai who live in France for a long time like Pud Pad Noy, Kitty, Krongsak, Soudareth?

Yes they all are of the great champions especially Pud Pad Noy!

These former champions all are become trainers, you also you have your diploma for the occupation of federal Muay-Thai FFMDA instructor, would like you to open a gym in France later?

Yes, I think of assembling a gym with a friend in the area of Toulouse…

Great champions like Wang Chan Noy, Ratchasak or Nongmoon came to make one second career in France but did not remain very a long time, has one opinion it is because there was not enough fights for them?

Yes, not enough of fights but especially it is that they did not succeed in finding a work here. In France, it is necessary accesses for you a work. You cannot live only fighting of Muay Thai…

Your compatriot Wannai PHONGPILLA who also is installed in France done much match in kick boxing and Full-contact to be able to more often fight, would like you to also fight in these disciplines like him?

In kick boxing not of problem but not in Full-contact

Since you are installed in France you met almost all the French champions of your category, which gave you the most difficulty of fighting?

It is Skarbowsky

Would you like boxing again a French champion in particular?

No the fighter in particular. I am opened with any proposal…

You also fought often abroad and in particular in Super League, you would love boxing again in this great international tournament?


According to you, after Thailand, currently which is the Thai country most extremely in Muay Thai?


Your next fight is for when?

February 17 in official receptions with Massy. The adversary I do not know yet who it is…

I believe it that you works in the restoration, which is your preferred Thai dish?

(to laugh) Laap Neua and Som Tham of the dishes of Issan

And your preferred French dish?

(to laugh) the cassoulet of Toulouse in truth I eat very few French food…

You had a clandestine minor part of boxers in movie “Fury”, would like you to start again this experiment in the movie?

Yes, if I have a proposal

You the town of Toulouse for several years, in which gym has lived training to you today you?  

I have lived in Toulouse for 8 years already. Before I was with Royal the boxing but currently I training in the Tago Gym with Teddy Guillemet

Khop Koun Khrap lae chook dee (thank you and good luck) for your fight

Khop Khoun Khrap


Weight: -71 kg

Fight’s records: N°3 of Lumpinee and N°2 of Ratchadamnoen when it arrived to France.

Numbers of fights: More than 250 fights !

Principal fight in Europe:

In 2000

Chalunlap vs Totof. win at the points.

Chalunlap vs Villaume. win by stop of the referee.

Chalunlap vs Morad Djebli  win at the points.

Chalunlap vs Yacine Benadj. win at the points.

May 20, 2000 in Vilbon (91) it loses at the points against Jean-Charles Skarbowsky.

In 2002 Chalunlap Eddy Saban win by stop of the referee

In Houpline on April 6, 2002 Chalunlap beats Cedric Muller by stop on wound.

In Belgium on May 16, 2002 it beats Ludo Lassue at the points.

In Péruwelz in Belgium on November 09, 2002, it beats Cedric Muller at the points again. It will meet Muller third once and will gain at the points.

In Finland in Helsinki on December 1, 2003, it beats at the points the Lithuanian Romas Klimavicius.

February 28, 2004 in Massy in the evening Thai Ultimate 2, Chalunlap beats by stop of the referee Portuguese REIS.

In Beaulieu on October 30, 2004 Chalunlap loses at the points against Wilfried Montagne.

In Austria, in Super League, April 9, 2005 it loses by K.O against German EL Amrani Kamal (Champion of world WPKL).

April 23, 2005 it beats Xavier Vacaris at the points.

In Super League in Germany on May 21, 2005 it loses at the points against the Czech Polak Petr (champion of world WKN 2002 and WKA 2001).

January 21, 2006 in Saumur (49) Chalunlap beats at the points Moussa Konate.

In March 2006 with the Sport hall Marcel Cerdan with Levallois. It loses at the points against Jean-Charles Skarbowsky.