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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of YODSEANKLAI FAIRTEX by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU : Hello, how are you, you are in shape?

YODSEANKLAI FAIRTEX: Yes, very good at the moment I am very well

How old are you?

I am 23 years old soon 24 years old in not for a long time

Where you come from in Thailand?

I grew in the province Nong Bua Lamphu near Udon Thani in the region of Isaan (Northeast of the country)

Have you brothers and sisters?

Yes a brother and a sister

Your brother was a fighter?

Yes, my older brother Yodkangwan was very strong. He fought recently for Fairtex Gym, to day he stopped …

Were you a brawler when you were a child?

Yes very brawler, I often fought at the school!

You began Muay Thai at which age?

In 8 years

Your first fight you made him for which age?

From 8 years, I gained 20 bahts!

How did you discover Muay Thai?

My father looked at the boxing at the television a lot, it is him who the first my makes discover the boxing. We looked at the fights together at the TV. Then after when my brother start of Muay Thai, I followed …

You began Muay Thai in which camp?

To the camp Waikin Loukhnati in Isaan.

How many fights you have made for this camp?

About 50 fights

Your Whai Khru you learnt him in this camp he means what?

Yes, it is ordinary Whai Khru…

Then you went to Bangkok in what camp you were?

I was in the camp Sit Khru Od which belongs to Nontaburi near Bangkok, then to the camp Petchyindee in Bangkok in the district of Bangkok Noi.

You have made many fights for these camps?

More than 100 fights…

And in Fairtex Gym towards which age you came in this camp?

At about 19 years, since the year 2005 I am here in Fairtex

You have your personal room here?

Yes I am well here, I have a room with the air-conditioning, the TV all the comfort, I am fine…

In which category you fight today?

At the moment I weigh 75 kg but I fight in – 72 kg

What are the titles which you won?

Champion of Lumpinee (2001 and 2005), Champion Toyota Cup (2003), Champion of Thailand (2005), World champion WBC (2005), Winner Contendeur Asia (2008), World champion WMC (2008), Winner Great Tournament 8 in Guinea (2008), World champion WPMF (2009)!

How much you have fights, how much you have victory and defeat?

234 fights. 164 wins. 66 losses and 4 draws

How many fights you won by Knock Out?

I have approximately about sixty victories by K.O.!

What was your hardest fight?

I cannot say, all the fights are hard. Can be there has some years against Orono Majestic…

What is your best memory of boxing until today?

I have some of it, but I would say at first when I won the belt of Lumpinee, then that of Toyota Cup and the belt of Contendeur also it is a very beautiful memory!

You often fought abroad?

Yes a lot, in France, in Japan, in New Zealand, in Australia, in Singapore, in Holland

In Japan you often fought?

Only twice

It was for K1 Max?

The first time in the program of opening of K1 Max and two months ago it was for world champion’s belt (WPMF) against Japanese

Would you like to fight for Tournament K1 Max?

Yes a lot

Would you like to meet Buakaw?

Yes I would really like to fight him…

And Andy Souwer is that you would like to meet him again?

Yes but I would like fight again with him in Muay Thai (Andy Souwer beat Yodseanklai in K1 Rule)

To participate in a new Contendeur what is that it would still please you?

Not it’s Ok, I won the first one …

Do you know French fighters?

I know Rafik Bakkouri. Stong Skarbowsky who fought in Thailand, Dany Bill also I know of name. French fighters there are a lot …

What are the French fighters that you have already fought?

Farid Villaume (twice), Yohan Lidon, Rafik Bakkouri and the others which I don’t remember the names …

Who is for you the best fighter’s foreigner?

In the time Ramon Dekkers, after John Wayne Parr and today I would say Farid Villaume

You won of good purse, you lived well today?

Yes I gained a lot of money, I bought my house, a car but I pay attention because the money leaves fast …

Who is your promoter?

In Thailand it is Phillip Wong from Fairtex and abroad it is Sami Kebchi (French promoter)

What technique do you like most?

I like very many techniques with fists, hook, uppercut … 

When is your next fight?

It is March 26th in France against an opponent who is from South Africa (Vuyisile Colossa)

What would you like to make after the boxing?

I would like to have my own Gym, to train, to have known Team!

Thank you and chookdee for your fight?

Thank you

Yodseanklai won his fight in Paris against Vuyisile Colossa. Nicknamed “Computer Wizard”, his power of striking in fist is destructive but he is also very strong with his middle and the elbows. In 2010 he won again against Vuyisile Colossa in the tournament of King Cup, and is win in final against the redoubtable Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre. Today, he is considered all over the world as the strongest boxer of his category!


Weight : 72 Kg

Height : 1m71

Number of fight: 234 fights. 164 wins. 66 losses and 4 draws

Team : Fairtex Gym

Titre : King Cup Champion (2010). WMPF World champion at 160 lb (2009) , Super 8 Guinea tournament champion (2008), WMC World champion at 154 lb (2008), WMC Contender Asia champion (2008), KO World Series Auckland Middleweight champion (2008), WBC Muay Thai World champion at 154 lb (2005), Champion of Thailand at 154 lb (2005), Champion of Lumpinee Stadium at 147 lb (2005), Champion of Toyota D4D Marathon at 126 lb (2003),  Lumpinee champion at 112 lb (2001)