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Interview of PromoterYONGYUT LERVISIT by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, thank you for grant me this interview. You are a promoter since how long?

YONGYUT LERVISIT: I became a promoter for approximately 4 years

Have you already practised Muay Thai being young?

Not, I was never a boxer. I was in the business. But I have made of the boxing several times for the pleasure, I am trained often…

How old are you today?

I am 53 years old and I became 49-year-old a promoter

What was your first event?

My first event, I have him make at the stadium of Rajdamnern. It was a big evening!

For your first event what was the most known fighter?

There were boxers of the team of Songchai Rattanasuban because I was associated with him. I do not remember any more their names. In this time I was still with Mr Rattanasuban (Promoter N°1 Radja)…

To be a promoter in Thailand it is difficult?

Yes but to be a promoter, in this business, it is stimulating. And I fought well professionally to arrive there…

Today you organize in what stadium of the country?

I organize in the stadium of Radja

What are the known champions who fought for you?

I have already organized the meetings between very known boxers in provinces. With for example Pet go, Nong Be, Phetaek, Hanchai and many of the others which I do not remember any more names…

How much events do you organize a year?

Every year I organize a lot of events, particularly in Boxing. In Bangkok I organize approximately five times a year events of Boxing between Thai boxers and foreign boxers

In Boxing which Thai boxers you made fight?

The most known are Saddam (International WBC Champion, WBC Asia Boxing Champion) and Yod Sanan who also fight abroad

What is what you have already elaborated of events abroad?

I organized Saddam’s match against Jong Yoon Choi in Singapore. I also organized in Filipinas

To work with a promoter in France, what is that it would please you?

Yes why not

You have your own camp, since how long you opened him?

It has been for more than 20 years since Kiatyongyut Gym exists. But he was completely renewed 7 months ago. I am associated with my friend Australian promoter Daniel Potter in this business. We invested a lot inside. His name is now “Top Rated Boxing Gym” and is in the district Talingchan of Bangkok. It is a very pleasant camp now, everything is new and of high quality for the boxers. In the future champions as Mavin Sonsonna (World champion WBO) and Ciso Morales (World champion WBO) are going to come to train here, they are very known Philippine boxers and why one day the star Manny Pacquio will come to train here…

What are the champions of your camp in Muay Thai?

In Muay Thai there is Nong Bee (Lumpinee Champion, World Champion WMC), Phetaek (Thailand Champion), Saksurin (Champion of the South of the Thailand), Wuttidet (Champion of the South of the Thailand), Yodyut (Champion of the South of the Thailand), Hanchai, Sukkasem…

And in Boxing?

Saddam Sam-K Battery (International WBC Champion, WBC Asia Boxing Champion) and Yod Sanan

What is that you accept the foreigners in your camp?

Yes they are all welcome. We have trainers and infrastructures so that they can trains as well in Muay Thai as in Boxing!

The foreigners can be accommodated in your camp?

Yes with no problem at all, we have rooms, cooking, they can stay permanently in the camp. Even if they have a good level in boxing, to us, we go their make master the art of Muay Thai. I would like that everybody knows that in our camp we do not hide techniques, here, we give everything…

Do you Know French nakmuays?

I know just man Stong Skarbowsky, a very great fighter. He moreover came to train in my camp, not that at present, it was the one to Suan Pak…

According to you what is the nation the strongest in Muay Thai after the Thailand?

In Full Muay Thai, in my opinion, they are French who are the best. Because it is them the pioneers in the art of Muay Thai. Japanese come then because they too are improved well. But French are more talented because the martial art interests them a lot …

Thank you very much for this interview

Thanks to you

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