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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes


Serge TREFEU: Hello Supergirl, how are you?

SUPERGIRL: Very good thanks

Which region of Thailand are you from?

I was born in Bangkok

You have brothers and sisters ?

I have one older sister

Is your sister a boxer too?

Yes, she is. She fights Muay Thai and MMA but she likes and focuses in MMA more than Muaythai

Supergirl and Wondergirl, two great champions united by the same passion Muay Thai

At what age did you start boxing?

I started training with my dad and my sister when I was 3 years old…

Supergirl in paos with her father at three years

How did you discover boxing?

I saw my dad taught my sister and I love it since then

In which boxing camp did you start your training?

I started training at our house in my father’s boxing camp

Is your father a former boxer?

Yes, he was a Muay Thai fighter and amateur western boxer

Has your father always been your coach?

Yes, he’s been my coach since I started

Mr. Charoon Chanthasri, Supergirl’s father, is an English teacher at the Santa Cruz convent school during the day and in the evening he is a Muay Thai teacher at his boxing camp the «Jaroonsak Muay Thai Gym»

Were you training with your sister and other male boxers at the boxing camp?

Yes, I trained with some short time in camps and then came back home to train with my dad much better because he knows me than others. He knows what I m good at what I can do best

The complicity in training between Supergirl and her father is near perfection
Supergirl often prepared with her sister for her fights

At what age were you in your first fight?

My first fight when I was 9 almost 10 years old and I won by TKO !

Did you make your first fights in Bangkok and its region?

I made my debut fight in Nonthaburi province, it’s a suburb almost same as Bangkok

Were there a lot of fights with girls at the events where you started fighting?

Not too many just some female fighters…

What was your first major title?

Muaythai Nai Khanom Tom Champion in 115 lbs

What titles have you won?

Muaythai Nai Khanom Tom Champion against Somrasamee Manop Gym and Thailand Champion against Khaiwan Sitphanancheng in 2019

How many fights have you had so far?

48 fight with 40 wins, 7 losses and one draw

Have you won a lot of victories by knockout?

Yes, I have when I fought in local matches

Have you ever fought in the stadiums of Lumpinee and Radja?

I fight in Lumpinee Stadium two times. Before they weren’t allowed females to fight in these stadiums. Just allow females to fight a few years ago…

Would you like to fight for a women’s belt in the Radja stadium?

I only fight for ONE Championship

What fighting style do you have in the ring?

Most aggressive fighting style

What is your favorite technique in fight?

Punches and knees

How did you develop this special knee strike technique, was it your father who made you work this particular style with the knees?

First I sat and watched my dad was teaching my sister and then I practiced it with my dad I use it in the fight it works really well

Supergirl learned the techniques of kneeling very young and she perfected this technique during her many fights

What has been your hardest fight to date?

Every fight in ONE Championship because it’s world class competition. So it’s under pleasure. All FC and not FC are looking at my fight

Your best combat memory?

Fighting with Stamp Fairtex because fighting with the best of the best and three kinds of word champions

Who are the famous female fighters that you have met?

Stamp Fairtex (Lose), Smilla Sundell (Lose), Lara Fernandez (Win), Ekaterina Vandaryeva (Win), Somarsamee Manop Gym (Win)

Who do you think is the best Thai female fighter currently?

Stamp Fairtex

Is there a particular champion you would like to face?

The One Championship world champion

In Thailand, there are Thai champions who have already faced boxers in their career when they were children, have you ever met a male fighter in an official match?

Yes, there are still some matches but for kids like 6-10 years old. Before Phetjeeja who is ONE Kickboxing word champion fought with boys but when she’s young

Have you ever fought abroad?

I have fought in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

Do you know any French fighters or other famous foreigners?

Yes, she’s my favorite fighter « Anissa Meksen » !

For you, now, women foreign fighters are as strong as women Thai fighters?

Yes, many fighters are stronger than Thai women

What do you think of women’s boxing today in Thailand?

It’s golden era for Thai women because they can make a lot of money

Which promoter are you fighting for?

ONE Championship

Supergirl with the famous ONE Championship boss Mr. Chatri Sityodtong

What is your purse in Thailand?

It depends who I fight with. Lowest 500,000 baht highest 2,300,000 baht

When is your next fight?

I am not ready to fight now ONE matchmaker always asks but we refused because we are building the new gym in Phuket I will be ready maybe next year

What do you think you will do after boxing?

I m a combat martial arts I have to do what I am good at is a business in martial arts

Would you like to have your own boxing Gym?

I m building it now

Is your boyfriend a boxer too?

Yes, he is an MMA fighter

Do you do modeling alongside your boxing career?

Yes, I do. It’s my passion also

Supergirl has done several remarkable shootings as a model

You organize a lot of seminars abroad, is that something you like to pass on your experience?

Yes, we are. My dad he’s a teacher we can work very well together

How many countries have you already done seminars in?

We have done in USA and UK

Do you want to add something?

Thank you so much that you guys always support me and always keep me in your hearts. I feel so warm when I meet you guys in every where. Thank you very much for the interview

Supergirl, whose real name is Anna Chanthasri, made her first fight at the age of 9 on a boxing ring near a temple of Tha Nam Non. She won by beating her opponent in the second round by knockout, winning a sum of 300 baht.

The girl was as gifted as her older sister Natkamon Chanthasri, five years older than her. Natkamon, nicknamed Wondergirl Jaroonsak, won the Thailand champion belt in 118 lbs. She now fights for the famous Fairtex Gym in Muay Thai and MMA.

These two Muay Thai prodigies were trained by their father Charoon Chanthasri, a veteran who represented the famous Sor Vorapin camp. In the 90s, Charoon fought under the name of «Charoonsak Sor Vorapin».

Supergirl has always had the support of her parents who encourage her in her beautiful career as a high-level fighter

Supergirl, 20 years, is also called «Jaomae Khao» (The Goddess of Knee Stroke) because of her spectacular knee stroke techniques.

On February 3, 2019, at the age of 15 years, Supergirl won the world championship belt “Nai Khanom Tom”, an event organized by the prestigious institution of the Sports Authority of Thailand. She beat great champion Somarsamee Manop Gym (First female champion of the Radja stadium in 2023, champion of the famous RWS tournament and RWS world champion) by points.

Nai Khanom Tom Champion

On April 1, 2019, in the temporary boxing ring of Thung Thong Muay Thai Gym at Bazaar Ratchadaphisek in Bangkok, Supergirl won the title of Thailand champion in 115 lbs by beating Khaiwan Sitphanancheng by points.

She defended her title of champion of Thailand on July 25, 2019, again at Bazaar Ratchadaphisek, where she beat by KO in the third round the formidable Nong Benz Sakchatri (70 fights, 58 wins)!

Thailand Champion

Like her sister, Supergirl joined the One Championship circuit, where she defeated Argentine champion Milagros Lopez by knockout in the first round. On September 11, 2020, Supergirl became, at 16 years, the youngest boxer in the history of the One Championship.

After leaving the rings to devote herself fully to her school studies (Supergirl studied Japanese language arts in a large school and is fluent in three languages: Thai, English and Japanese), she returned to the ring on January 14, 2022. She met the terrible Belarusian Ekaterina Vandaryeva, nicknamed «Barbie» (WKN World Champion, IFMA World Champion, WMF World Champion). The fight was intense and bloody, but Supergirl won a split and close decision.

Supergirl with her Mathayom 4 diploma (High School diploma)
Supergirl against Ekaterina Vandaryeva

His third fight at the ONE Championship, on January 14, 2023, was memorable against the current star «Stamp Fairtex» (ONE Championship World Champion in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA).

Warned at the last moment (Stamp Fairtex was initially supposed to meet the French champion Anissa Meksen), Supergirl faced the best fighter of the moment.

The two boxers fought a big battle during three times in which Supergirl technically dominated her opponent. However, the judges preferred the courage and power of the champion Stamp Fairtex, attributing the victory to the star of the rings. Despite this honorable defeat, Supergirl won an impressive $50,000!

The fight of Supergirl against Stamp Fairtex was one of the most beautiful fights of the show ONE Championship of January 14, 2023

On August 5, 2023, Supergirl beat Spanish champion Lara Fernandez (WBC and ISKA World Champion) on points.

Supergirl against Lara Fernandez

However, her last fight at the ONE Championship did not live up to expectations, as she lost by TKO in the first round.

On November 4, 2023, she met the experienced Spanish champion Cristina Morales (World Champion ISKA and Enfusion), who defeated her by referee’s stop at the end of the first round…

Currently, Supergirl has put her fighting career in “stand by” to devote herself to teaching via her boxing camp and her many seminars abroad. But all his fans hope for a smashing and quick return of the phenomenal goddess of rings!


Birth Name: Anna Chanthasri

Nickname: Jaomae Khao (The Knee Goddess)

Date of birth: November 15, 2003

Weight: 115 lbs (53 kg)

Height: 5’8″ (172cm)

Fight record: 48. 40 wins, 7 losses, one draw

Title: Muaythai Nai Khanom Tom World Champion in 115 lbs (2019), Thailand champion in 115 lbs (2019)

Team: Jaroonsak Muay Thai

Story of the Supergirl and Wondergirl sisters