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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of Jean-Louis LAHCENE by Serge TREFEU (2007)


Serge TREFEU:  Hello is Jean-Louis, what you is well and have you forms it ?

Jean-Louis LAHCENE:  That goes very well thank you.

You were born where and you grew in which area?

I grew in city Gennevilliers in Parisian suburbs (92) in the district of the 115 (115 front of Grésillons)

You began boxing in which gym?

I started with the CSMG boxes French of city of Gennevilliers then I was in city Courbevoie Sport and finally in Clichy (gym of Franck Mezaache. World Champion) to finish my career of boxing…

Can you speak to us about your prize list?

I have a little more than 100 fights. I have make French boxing, English boxing, full contact, kick boxing, Thai boxing and an Arab boxing match…

An Arab boxing match?

Yes completely that exists…

Do your first fight you remember it?

Yes, I while always recall some to me. It was against Imed MATHLOUTHI

Imed MATHLOUTHI (10 times World Champion Full Contact) did it become a great champion of Full Contact?

Yes, but it started with the French Boxing. It was in fight with protection, one had the helmets of protections. It had gained me at the points, it had hurt to me but to my opinion it also remembers ego…

Which is your first major title which you took in boxing French?

It was France Champion Junior. After I took the title of Europe Champion Junior and the title France Champion hope. Then I was in elite (same pro).

And in did “elite” you take a title?

No, I am “Poulidor”( Champion of France of cyclist always second), I always had the second place. I have made two final half and two final which I lost each time. Final against Frank Mezaache who became my friend and the other against Fall Télémaque.

You is really multi-boxing, in which smelled you best to you?

The French Boxing it was my cup of tea. But I liked all boxing. I ventured in the Full Contact and I liked. In Full Contact you raised well the legs and there were the fists too. In kick boxing it was not badly. And I have made two boxing matches in Thai boxing, they were cool…

Precisely in did Thai boxing, you take an important title, the belt of champion of Europe Pro?

Yes against Marino DEFLORIN (World Champion Thai Boxing of 1998 to 2001) of the Team Andy Hug which was besides in the close ring of Deflorin. I boxed it at his place of Swiss. One made a championship of Europe of professional boxing Thai WKA and I gained…

It in which year was?

In 1997

In boxing Thai you have make only two fights and you take a title, it is really a great performance?

Yes, me I was prevented Monday, one said to me, one proposes a chance to you, you boxing Saturdays. I have immediately said yes. When you are ready physically, there is only “the death which can stop you”…

in which kind of boxing you did boxing the most?

Much in Boxing French, half. Not badly in full and kick. I have make six fights into English boxing. Into English boxing I went until final from the championships of Island of France in 1992. But I declared fixed price for the final one because I am make a fracture of the astragal to the left leg, I still remember of it as if it were yesterday. I was disgusted…

Which are your fights hardest?

It was in BF, against my friend Franck MEZAACHE (World Champion French Boxing). A beautiful fight was made. Against EL SALVADOR (World Champion French Boxing) also, it was a strong. And Bruno LEDA too. In fact, they were interesting, committed fight. There was an exchange, it was hard and when it is hard it is good (it laughs).  When there is exchange, is necessary that that gives on the two sides then you give itself pleasure if not if there is too much difference, the level is not there any more…

You continuous to training you?

I try to go to twice training me per weeks, if not I run.

In which gym?

In Clichy Gym. I would be faithful to the gym of Clichy, it is a good gym and a beautiful gym. One can take along people from 7 there to 77 years…

You never wanted to teach?

If, I had create my school of boxing in city of Gennevilliers but one took my place to me, it is the life. Afterwards, I gave courses of boxing to Bezons, Coubervoie and Asnières. But now that I work with the RATP I cannot to any more allow it me with my schedules. I would do it even voluntarily. For the moment, I cannot but later can be because I passed my diplomas of states for…

Which diplomas do you have?

I have two patents of states. One of boxing French and a BESAP (sport for all)

You works today with the RATP (network of Parisian transport), of what does your work consist ?

I am agent G.P.S.R. One deals with the safety of the goods and the people of the company. All that is degradation, one intervenes. Me which come from the city Gennevilliers in suburbs of Paris I do much relational because the young people I know them. I do not come from the “countryside”. The problem now it is that there are many people who come from their provinces and which know anything with the suburbs. Before making repression it is the dialog at the base…

You have do much travel thanks to boxing can you speak to us about it?

Yes, I have made the international ones from Lebanon in Beirut in 1992. I gained tale the small son of General AOUN (chief of the government of 1988 to 1990). I have make in Russia the international ones of Petersburg Saint. In Africa the international ones of Senegal, championships of the world of kick boxing in Morocco. And I fought in Létonie also, here, they were cool…

Your best memory of boxing?

My European belt (Europe Champion Thai boxing). Because I am the first to have taken a European belt of boxing Thai while being laid off in French boxing…

After you, there were champions of French Boxing  like KHIDER or Al which took a Thai boxing title in boxing but you are in some kind the precursor, you is proud ?

Yes, that gives pleasure…

You forever desired outward journey in Thailand for fight?

Not, one will leave the nobility of boxing Thai to the people of Thailand, one has much thing to learn. Is necessary to remain in its place if not they is very dangerous…

You want to add some thing?

That have pleased to me to back see you for all these years, in fact they is good memories, and they are really cool…

Thank you very much?

Thank you with you.



Weight: 63 kg and 70 kg

Size : 1m75

Numbers of fights: More than 100 fights all disciplines!

TITLES: Europe champion Thai Boxing Pro WKA

Champion of Europe Junior of French boxing

Champion of France Junior of French boxing  

Champion of France Hope of French boxing