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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of SOFIANE ALLOUACHE by Serge TREFEU (2010)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Sofiane, how are you. You were born in City of Alger (Algeria), you came to which age in France and in what district you are grow?

SOFIANE ALLOUACHE: I came in France at the age of 13 and I grew to Bagnolet 93 (Suburbs Paris)
You often return to the Algeria,  in 2007 you are even fought for a championship of the world of Kick boxing, can you tell us this strong moment?

Indeed, I come back regularly in Algeria and I like particularly fight over there. To fight in Algeria and to represent the nation is an unforgettable moment for me. And furthermore, I really appreciated the attitude of the Algerian supporters because it is necessary to recognize that they pass on to you the motivation and the envy to surpass itself…
How goes the boxing feet and fists in Algeria?

The level of the boxing feet and fists in Algeria is very correct because these young Algerians are full of envy and motivations. I think that the best structures would allow them to compete at the international level!

In how old are you started the boxing?

In 19 years
How you discovered this sport and are you practised the others sports before?

I played football in Red Star but I eventually followed my brothers in the boxing…

Were there boxers who you one influenced at the beginning of your career?

Yes my brothers but especially the boxers such as Mike Tyson, Trinidad, De La Hoya…

I believe to know that you began with the French Boxing, can you speak to us about your first experiences in this style of fight?

It is a very good school to learn the boxing feet-fists. Regrettably this boxing did not correspond to me exactly because of these rules but it is necessary to recognize that she allowed me to evolve in the highest level in the other disciplines feet-fists

What are the memories of your very first fights, how it is crossed?

It was a brain wave for the continuation. I understood that I liked the boxing

Then you fought in Kick Boxing, the transition of the French Boxing Savate towards the Kick Boxing it is rather easily made or not?

Yes very naturally because the Savate is a very good school
Finally of the Kick Boxing you are crossed in the Thai Boxing, I imagine that the time of adaptation was a little longer for this style of fight, who put you most difficulty at the beginning in Thai Boxing?

The clinch put me quite a lot of concerns at the beginning. I had to work that seriously…
What was your first major title any boxing confused?

The French championship Kick Boxing

Today you gained several titles and you have a sacred fight’s record, can you describe him to us?

World champion in several disciplines: Thai Boxing (World champion WAKO Pro in 2003), Kick Boxing (World champion ISKA in 2007), Full-contact karate (World champion WAKO Pro in 2008), K1 rules (World champion WAKO Pro in 2008) and I was qualified for big final K1 Max in 2007!

Of what title you are the most proud?

My first world championship of Thai Boxing in England
Until now you made how many fights, how much have you of victory, defeat and draw?

124 fights. 109 wins. 14 Losses and 1draw


Are you took gained a lot of fight by K.O.?

YES, 75 fights!
You are a versatile of the boxing feet and fists but is there a particular style of boxing that you like most between the Savate the Kick Boxing, the Thai Boxing and the Full-contact karate because you fight also in Full-contact karate?

I feel particularly comfortable in Kick Boxing

In Full-contact karate you gained a title of World Champion in front of a great champion the Belgian Cédric Lapauw, how much you are making of fight in Full-contact karate before?

Not enormously, about ten…
In 2008 you gained world champion’s new belt in K1 Rules, can you speak to us about this new discipline?

It is a discipline different from the others she is rather complete she is between the Thai boxing and the Full-contact karate. A good Boxing is necessary as well as middle and good knees and you become a world champion as Sofiane Allouache (laughter)!

In which style of boxing you have made most fight?

In Kick Boxing

Have you already fought in Boxing?

Yes 3 amateur fights (3 wins, 3 KO)
When you rise on the boxing ring, did you prepare a strategy of fight or you fight in the instinct?

No strategy everything is made after the analysis of my opponent during the 1st round…

What are the techniques which you like to apply in fight?

The combination of blows in Boxing and the low kick (to break legs)

Now you often fight in Thai Boxing had you the opportunity to leave for Thailand for you train and fight?

I left getting ready in Thailand but we have still never suggested me fight in Thailand but why not in the future…
In Thai Boxing, in your category what are for you the most redoubtable champions?

The boxers of the K1…

Until today, all boxing confused what are the hardest champions whom you faced?

The majority if it is not all the boxers that I fought are extremely hard and redoubtable!

There is a fighter in particular that you would like to meet or to find?

I have no preference…
You had the opportunity to go to K1 Max to Japan but because of a wound you were not able to participate in it, what is that you will have again the opportunity to go there in 2010?

If God wants him (INCHALLAH as we say at home)

Do you like this kind of formula in Tournament?


Among these champions of the K1 Max which one would like you him more to face, Buakaw, Kraus, Masato, Souwer, Petrosyan?

Difficult to answer it! I shall say 5 at the same time (Laughter)!
What is one of your best wishes of boxing until today?

My first world belt!

And the worst?

When I lost by KO

Can you speak to us about your current gym?

I fight for my city Bagnolet, it is a big gym and raises it is on the way!

What are your dates of next fights and against whom?

13 March 2010 to Bagnolet, against I do not know which else…
Have you a precise objective for year 2010?

Keep my belts!

Do you manage to live on your sport or have you a profession in parallel?

I am a state employee in the city hall of Bagnolet

After your career in boxing would you like to go up your gym and become to trainer?

Why not! The boxing is my passion…

You want to add anything?

I wanted to thank all those who believe in me and to those who make that the boxing feet-fists became what she is today (D. CINTURA)!

Thanks to my friends of 92, to my brothers, my family, to uncle and all the organizers of France (Eric Romeas)

Thank you for having answered this interview and chookdee

Thanks to you and to all the team, you make a great job!



Height: 1m82
Weight: 71 kg
Number of fight: 124. 109 wins (75 KO). 14 Losses et 1 Draw

Gym: Boxing Gym of Bagnolet
Title: World Champion WAKO Pro Thai Boxing. World Champion ISKA Kick Boxing. World Champion WAKO Pro Full Contact Karate. World Champion WAKO Pro K1 Rules. Winner of K1 World Max of London. Winner of Tournament TK2 of Marseille. 4 times France Champion of Kick Boxing. France Champion Savate