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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

(Thank to Rob Cox)


The first one not – thai who gained a belt of a big Thai stadium is legendary Japanese Toshio Fujiwara (141 fights, 126 wins among which 104 wins by KO!) from the famous Mejiro Gym in Tokyo. Phenomenal fighter he faced and loser to them the biggest Thai champion as Rungnapa Sitsomsak, Charanpon Sotai, Pud Pad Noi, Siri Monkon Ruksilapat!

In 1978 in Japan it beats the Thai Mongsawan Lokchaman by KO for the title of Radja in 130 lbs and so becomes the first foreigner to gain a belt of the mythical stadium Radjadamoen!

He loses his belt three months later against the Thai Sepree Kiatsompop which beats him in points in Bangkok in the stadium of Radja…

It was necessary to wait 23 years before a foreigner seizes again the supreme title. It is another Japanese which gained this title. In 2001, in Japan, Kozo Takeda, fighter who also became famous later in the circuit K1, beats the Thai Charamdam in points and becomes a champion of the Radja in 147 lbs!

Some time after his compatriot Hitoshi Ogasawara also go into the story by gaining the belt of Radja in 154 lbs, always in Japan…

In 1989, French Fabrice Payen, incredible fighter reach to impose in the ranked of Radja. Payen beats successively several Thai champions and meets so ranked N °3 in Radja – 63 kg. It is the first time when a European reaches this ranking!

A Japanese fighter, Tochio Mazumoto, in 2005, is going to go into the ranking of Raja of – 72 kg and to arrive up to the second place. English Phil McAlpine, rough fighter who lives in Thailand is ranked fifth in Raja in 2007 and arrives at the third place in 2008 in the category of – 70 kg.

In 2010 promising French champion Fabio Pinca is ranked N °4 in – 67 kg.

The same year it is also the immense Australian champion John Wayne Parr who is ranked N °1 in – 72 kg!

But the foreign boxer who made a success of the most beautiful performance is the warrior Jean-Charles Skarbowsky by staying in the top 10 of the ranking for four years. Skarbowsky following the example of Japanese Toshio Fujiwara beat the best champions of moment. In 2003 in the stadium of Radja he beats by KO in the 1st round, the titleholder of – 61,500 kg, redoubtable Mangkong!

A few months later he meets N°1 of Radja, Khaopong Lek. The French miracle puts the Thai KO in the third round and becomes N °1 of Radja – 61,500 kg!

In 2006 Skarbowsky republishes its exploit by beating by KO in the 1st round terrible Lamsongkram Chuwattana who was the titleholder of – 72 kg. Skarbowsky becomes N ° 1 of Radja – 72 kg!

On November 26th, 2010 a French delegation taken by the federation FFSCDA is going to face a Thai team in the stadium of Radjadamoen. French Mickael Piscitello will have the honour to compete for a belt of Radja, it will face the Thai Chanachai Kaewsamrit for the vacant belt of – 154 lbs (-70 kg). Piscitello which has already fought in Radja is a complete, very technical fighter and one of the best in his category. He has hardly just beaten in points for the championship of the World WPMF the current champion of the Lumpinee and the TV7, Tanongdet Petpayatai!

Piscitello will be maybe the first foreigner to be gone into the story by gaining a belt of Radja in the famous stadium of Radjadamoen. Let us wish him a big CHOOKDEE for this enormous challenge…

Champion celebrates of the Radja: Bunkerd Fairtex, Rajasak Sor Vorapin, Nontachai Sit O, Nampon P.K. Stereo, Singmanee Sor Srisompong, Kaoklai Kaenorsing, Robert Kaenorasing, Khem Fairtex, Sakedtdao Petpayathai, Bovee Sor Udosorm, Leudsila Chumpairtour, Thongchai Tor Silachai, Silapathai Jocky gym, Chaowarit Jocky gym, Jomthong Chuwattana, Chamuekpet Hapalang, Sangtiennoy Sor Rungroj, Samson Esarn, Jomhod Kiatadisak, Sakadpetch Ingram gym, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Bigben Chor Praram 6, Lamsongkram Chuwattana…