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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of WANVISEP KEANNORASING (trainer in Somrak Gym) by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you?


How old are you?

I am 36 years old

You come from which area of Thailand?

I come from a village which call Bang Deng Noï to 18 km of Khon Kaen in the area of North East of country

That is the same village or has grows, Robert, Rolex and Ningmongkon?

Yes exactly

Are you married, have a children?

Yes, I am married and I have four children. I have three girls and a boy. My last at two years, it already starts to hit in the bag looks at… (His son hit in a bag)

Do you have brothers and sisters?

I have two sisters

Were you brawler when you were child?

Yes enough brawler…

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

Towards age 10 years

How did you discover boxing?

My father (Keandjai Kaennorasing) had his own gym with Bang Deng Noï. With time was the most important gym of the area…

Are you began the Muay Thai in the gym of your father?

Yes, I began the Muay Thai with the gym of my father. That was at home, I grew with the Muay Thai permanently…

You carried out how much fight for the gym of your father?

Nearly 100 fights

You came to which age to Bangkok for boxing and in which gym?

I came with age 15 years directly in Jocky Gym

You lived in the gym?

I slept in the rooms of the gym with boxers

How much do you have make fights?

In Muay Thai, I have make 140 fights.

How much wins?

I have 115 wins, 20 losses and 5 draws.

You gained fights by K.O?

Yes but I do not remember exactly any more how much…

You fought much into boxing too?

Yes I have about thirty fight in Boxing Professional. I am Champion Asia PABA in Boxing. I fought for the Team Songchaï in Boxing

Did you gain a belt the stadiums of Bangkok?

I gained the belt of Radja Stadium in – 126 lbs (57Kg155). I fought much in Radja…

Was in which year?

In 1994, I were 22 years old

You had which style of boxing?

I was Fimeuu (technician) like Somrak (Somluck Khamsing), it was same school…

Do you remember one of your hardest fights?

I don’t have the memory…

Which was your best memory of boxing in Muay Thai?

My victory against Maitchi, a very complete fighter and very extremely with that time!

You already went to fight with foreign?

I already fought in Muay Thai in Malaysia. And into Boxing I fought in China

You had a technique preferred with time?

I liked the low kick

Do you know French fighters?

Yes, I know some much because there is full which came to training in Jocky. But those which I know best they are Stong Skarbowsky, Stephan Nikiema and Dany Bill

Do you have to stop your career of fighter today?

Yes, I stopped the Muay Thai about 2003 after I have make that Boxing matches until in 2005. Then I stopped my career definitively to devote itself fully to the trade trainer

You are trainer since how long?

That will now make almost three years. But in Jocky gym I was always more or less trainer because with my father one made come his boxers from are gym, then me I took the changing in Jocky Gym. After I was trainer during one year with the gym 13 Reanresort in 2007, the gym or is Seanchai Sor Kingstar…

With did the gym 13 Reanresort you training Seanchai Sor Kingstar?

Yes, but also Ningmonkoon, Phuja, Kwanpichit and well others…

And now you are trainer with the gym of Somrak that makes how long?

That makes three months ago that I am here, since January 2008. But I had already training here three years ago. I alternated between Jocky gym and the gym of Somrak

You have a room in the gym?

Not because I have all my small family with me. I rent a house with 100 meter from here…

Thank you to have answered our questions and chookdee

Thank you

Wanvisep is very respected in the world boxing of the Muay Thai for its great career in boxing but also as being the son of famous Keandjaï Norrasing, one of the figures of the Muay Thai most known in the area of Isaan. Wanvisep is on the way to become one of all the best trainers of Bangkok, it goes in the steps of his father…