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Dany Bill was a real artist who knew everything about Muay Thai technique, he was a magician of the rings. His style of boxing was identical to Thai fighters. With him, the danger came from everywhere, from fists to feet to elbows. His eye was unheard of. He mastered with natural ease the techniques of projections, sweeps and clinches of Muay Thai.

Worldwide, it has been ranked among the greatest technicians of the last twenty years!

Dany Bill was born on 28 April 1973 in Douala, Cameroon. He arrived in France at the age of five years. The young Dany grew up in Stains, in the suburbs of Paris, in the most dangerous neighborhoods of suburb, in the district of the Moulin Neuf and at the Clos Saint-Lazare. As a teenager, Dany Bill fought on the street and often won his fights. Because, already, he mastered the technique of sweep to beat guys stronger than him.

Dany Bill started with Kick Boxing. But he quickly turned to Thai boxing. This Art corresponded better to his character.

In fact, he had a clicked visually for this sport after seeing in Paris the memorable match between star Rob Kaman and the great Thai champion Krongsak Boranrat. Krongsak, with a 10 kg handicap, had beaten the Dutch champion thanks to his clinch techniques.

In 1987, Dany Bill began training at the Nemrod Boxing Gym in Stains. A mythical gym that was led by figures of the Thai boxing of the 80’s in France, Omar Benamar and Liazid Belhaoues.

Omar Benamar was an exceptional educator who saved many young people from difficult neighbourhoods through boxing. Liazid Belhaoues was a great coach, he was one of the best trainer of the time. He prepared an enormous number of champions for their hard battles.

Omar and Liazid immediately detected the potential of young Dany Bill. This wonder boy quickly became a Muay Thai phenomenon. Dany Bill stayed at the Nemrod Gym for a long time. Then he went to the RMB Boxing in Saint Ouen, a gym created by the famous coach Rachid Saadi.

Dany Bill made his first fight at only fourteen years old, he won in points. He continued the fights until the French championship cadet. In 1988, he won the French championship final by KO in the second round.

The following year, he became French Junior champion by winning by knockout in the first round!

In 1990, Dany Bill won the title of French Thai boxing champion in class A.

It was in 1991 that he became aware of his enormous potential to become a great champion. At just eighteen years old, in Paris, in the famous Japy Hall, Dany Bill created a surprise by beating the points, the Thai champion Samart Galaxy (Ranked N° 1 at the Radja stadium). Samart (Not to be confused with star Samart Payakaroon) had 144 fights for 139 victories. Dany Bill was only in his eleventh professional fight…

Dany Bill went on to win a points victory against Fred Klose in Chanteloup-les-Vignes in the Parisian suburbs. Fred Klose was European Kick Boxing Champion and coached by his wife, Kick Boxing Champion Dany Roca. He possessed dangerous fist techniques and later became French champion and professional European champion in Boxing.

At age 19 years, in 1992, Dany Bill faced Thai champion Nongmoon Chomphuthong (21 years) for a Thai Boxing World Championship. Nongmoon was nicknamed by fans of Muay Thai «Khun Khao Khao Lam» (The kneeling of sticky rice). Because he caught his opponents and never let them go. Nongmoon beat star Sakmongkol Sitchuchok in Thailand in 1991 and won the Lumpinee Stadium title in 140 lbs (- 63 K 500) against the terror of the rings Coban Lookchaomaesaitong. The Thai had just arrived in France for a second career.

Dany Bill lost the match on points. Nongmoon Chomphuthong won the WMTC world champion belt in 140 lbs.

The two champions were reunited in 1997. Dany Bill was then reigning WMTC world champion in 147 lbs (- 67 Kg). The match counted for the title of Thai Boxing World Champion. The match took place in Gagny, at the Palais des Sports, on February 1, 1997. Dany Bill had a lavish fight. He opened Nongmoon’s eyelid badly with his elbows, the Thai lost by stopping the doctor in the fourth round.

Dany Bill made his first fights in Thailand in bars in Pattaya. His first training camp was the Sityodtong in Pattaya. But it was in the famous Jocky Gym camp that he stayed the longest. He shared his training hours with his friend the great champion Stephane Nikiema, the two French champions trained alongside the stars of the camp such as Robert Kaennorasing, Somrak Kamsing and Silapathai Jocky Gym.

On December 5, 1993, Dany Bill competed in a WMTC World Championship in Bangkok. Warned late, he replaced the great champion Jo Prestia (Seriously injured in the back) for this world championship in 147 lbs.

In front of 100,000 people, at the famous King’s birthday show, Dany Bill met the puncher Den Muangsurin.

Den Muangsurin, at the Lumpinee stadium, had beaten in points, in May, the bull Orono Por Muang Ubon and in October, the Dutch star Ramon Dekkers. Den Muangsurin also defeated the legendary Cherry Sor Waniche, Superlek Sor Isaan and Thedkiat Sitthepitak. Den Muangsurin had also beaten by KO, in 1992, in Bangkok, the great French champion Joel Cesar.

Dany Bill met one hell of a client, he wasn’t a favorite against the formidable Den Muangsurin. Dany Bill did a great match and beat the Thai in points. The Franco-Cameroonian became the first French representative to have conquered a world belt on Thai lands. And one of the first westerners to win this world title in the kingdom of Siam (On August 31, 1990, in Bangkok, at the Lumpinee stadium, the Dutch Peter Smith beat by KO Changpuek Kiatsongrit for the IMF world belt and the Dutch Leo De Snoo beat by KO Chartsingh Lukprabath for the IMF world belt).

During 1994, Dany Bill practically fought only in Thailand. Dany Bill was the top-ranked foreign champion with Dutchman Ramon Dekkers. His photo often appeared at large organizations across the country and often at the entrance to the prestigious Lumpinee stadium. In this mythical stadium of Muay Thai, he fought seven times in a star fight!

The Thais had nicknamed him “Singdam Anetaraï” (The Black Lion) for his aggressiveness in the ring and “Phra Kan Dam” (The Black Monk) because he had an impassive face when fighting.

On August 3, 1994, Dany Bill met, in the stadium of Lumpinee, in main event fight, the formidable puncher Coban Lookchaomaesaitong (Lumpinee Champion in 130 lbs and in 135 lbs). Coban had beaten all the best foreign champions of the moment: Ramon Dekkers (KO), Dida Diafat (2 times), Joao Vieira, Hector Pena (KO).

Dany Bill technically won the match against Coban. But he was hit hard in the second round by Coban’s powerful punches. And in the fourth round, he fell rung by a terrible right hook from Thai. He was counted by the referee. Dany Bill then did a technical festival that completely destabilized the Coban rock. In the fifth round, Coban was ridiculed as he was outrageously dominated by ring engineering techniques. The judges gave Coban the points. Later, Coban said that Dany Bill was the most difficult foreign opponent he had encountered in his career..

In a big show in Bangkok, Dany Bill defended his world title against the legendary Nokweed Dawee (Radja Champion in 122 lbs, 126 lbs and 130 lbs, Died in 2016). Nokweed Dawee had beaten great champions such as Sakad Petchyindee, Samingnoom Sittiboontham, Kengkatnoi Kiatniwat, Lom Isarn Sor Thanikul, Kengkla Sitseuy, Wanpadet Sakhroumay, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj. In 1995, in Japan, he fought against K1 Heavyweight star Jerome Le Banner who was 25 kilos more than him, he lost in points.

Dany Bill played a remarkable technical and tactical match against rough Nokweed Dawee. But in the end, the judges gave the Thai victory. A scandalous decision that nearly turned into a riot. Finally, the officials declared the Franco-Cameroonian winner. Dany Bill kept his world champion belt!

On December 5, 1994, at the King’s Birthday show, Dany Bill again defended his precious trophy. He faced the strong Sayidkhan Kiatpathan whom he defeated on points.

Sayidkhan came from southern Thailand in the Khok Pho district of the Pattani region. He was nicknamed “Pattani’s White Giant” because of his fair skin. He was preparing in Bangkok in the Kietbanchong camp, a factory of champions of the time. Thai was a hard fighter to evil. He fought terrible battles against foreign champions heavier than him like the Dutch champions Leo De Snoo (Victory in Bangkok, defeat in Amsterdam) and Luc Verheyen (Defeat in Bangkok). Sayidkhan also defeated the great French champion Farid Kenniche in 1989, Farid Kenniche who was from the same gym as Dany Bill.

Back in France, Dany Bill successfully defended his world champion belt against Thailand’s Mangkonjuk in Clermont-Ferrand and against Thai terror Wichan Chor Rochanachai at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris.

Wichan Chor Rochanachai was a very dangerous long line boxer with his knee strokes. He won the Radja stadium belt in 147 lbs in June 1992 by knocking out Radja champion Ekaphon Sitseuy, a belt he defended victoriously by knocking out in the second round the King of the Rings Jomhod Kiatadisak (Lumpinee champion in 140 lbs, Radja champion in 140 lbs and 147 lbs, 14 times world champion)!

Wichan and Dany Bill fought together again in 1997 in Japan and the Thai won the rematch.

Then, Dany Bill attacked a champion of a very big caliber, the star of the moment in France, Joel Cesar. Joel Cesar was an avid fighter who had a lot of experience in the ring. They fought on April 29, 1994 at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris. It was a memorable match in which Dany Bill ended up on his heels against the war machine that was Joel Cesar. Dany Bill just won the points.

Two months later, on June 25, the two champions met at the Palais des Sports in Levallois. Dany Bill flew over the fight, he again beat Joel Cesar on points!

On March 18, 1995, at the Palais Omnisports de Thiais, Dany Bill met the Dutch puncher Dylan Gravenberg. Dany Bill defended his title of world champion, he completely dominated his opponent and kept his world belt.

On August 27, in Austria, Dany Bill met the Thai champion Saimaisuk Por Pluemkamol. Saimaisuk won the Radja stadium belt in 135 lbs against star Kompetch Lookprabat (Radja champion in 130 lbs and 135 lbs). He beat Kompetch on 23 March 1994 for the Radja title. In 1993, Saimaisuk drew against the other terror of the Lookprabat gym, Jongrak Lookprabat (Radja Champion in 126 lbs, 130 lbs and 135 lbs) who kept his Radja belt in 135 lbs.

Saimaisuk was nicknamed «Khun Khao Siaplok» (The knee stroke at the electric shock), he came from the Surin region. He trained and fought for the famous Bangkok camp, the Chuwattana Gym. He was a formidable Muay Khao (Strong on knee). Saimaisuk had also twice defeated the terrible Kongnapa Watcharawit (Radja Champion in 122 lbs, 126 lbs, 130 lbs and 140 lbs). Saimaisuk had also won by KO the great English champion Ronnie Green for the title of world champion in 140 lbs.

Dany Bill had a great fight and beat Muay Khao Saimaisuk in the points!

A month later, in the stadium of Lumpinee, Dany Bill had a fantastic match and beat the great champion Panomrunglek Chor Sawat by points. Panomrunglek was Lumpinee champion, in December 1989 he won the Lumpinee belt in 122 lbs against the formidable Terdkiet Sithtappitak. Nicknamed “Khun Khao Kanyao” (Long knees), Panomrunglek was a dangerous Muay Khao who was part of the Sor Sumalee Gym dream team (Superlek, Jomphoplek and Lamnamoon). Panomrunglek beat the greatest of his time such as Jareonthong Kietbanchong, Nuathoranee Thongraja, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Den Muangsurin.

On November 17, 1995, at the Palais des Sports of Levallois-Perret, Dany Bill is opposed to the great warrior Jo Prestia. Jo Prestia, the killer of terror Somsong Kiatoranee and Ramon Dekkers, had ended his career. He returned to the ring after two years of inactivity. Dany Bill’s world champion belt was on the game for this big match. Dany Bill won the points ahead of the courageous Jo Prestia, who weighed five kilos less than his opponent.

On December 5, 1995, in Bangkok, during the show of the great promoter Songchai Ratanasuban, on the King’s Birthday, Dany Bill was challenged by the legendary Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj. Sangtiennoi was nicknamed «Jompitpikat» (The Deadly Kiss) because he kissed his opponents on the forehead or cheek after his fights, and sometimes even before knocking out his opponent. This formidable «Muay Bouk» (Boxer advancing) won three important belts, in 1989, the Radja belt in 130 lbs, in 1997, the Lumpinee belt in 135 lbs and in 1998, the WMC world champion belt in 142 lbs. Sangtiennoi defeated the greatest champions of his time such as Saencheung Pinsinchai, Jack Kiatiniwat, Nokweed Dawee, Chanchai Sor Thamrangsee, Jongrak Lookprabat, Kongnapa Watcharawit, Manasak Sor Ploenchit, Cherry Sor Wanich, Superlek Sor Isaan, Nuathoranee Thongraja, Namphon Nong Khee Pahuyut, Orono Por Muang Ubon, Sakmongkol Sitchuchok, Jongsanan Fairtex.

Sangtiennoi defeated Dany Bill on points. Sangtiennoi and Dany Bill met on December 5, 1998, still on the King’s Day, and this time, Dany Bill won his match against the Kiss of Death!

In July 1996, in Japan, Dany Bill met the extravagant Dutch fighter Hassan Kassriou. The match was made in three round plus an extra round to choose the fighters. The aerobatic techniques, closer to the taekwondo than the Muay Thai, the Dutch had to impress the Japanese judges because they gave winner Hassan Kassriou…

A few months later, Dany Bill did a sumptuous fight in Bangkok at the Lumpinee stadium. His opponent was Samart Kayadisorn, a powerful fighter from the Nakhon Ratchassima region. Samart beat the ring terror in Europe, Samai Chor Suananant (140 lbs Lumpinee Champion, 147 lbs World Champion) for the 147 lbs Lumpinee title.

Dany Bill won the first three rounds by imposing his fantastic technique, Samart was hit several times with high kicks, direct knee shots, projected and swept back and forth, the Thai was largely dominated. In the last two rounds, Samart made steady progress by sending powerful middles to Dany Bill who handled the end of his fight. The judges gave Samart the points winner…

Dany Bill brilliantly defended his world title at the start of 1997 against Nongmoon Chomphuthong.

Dany Bill then beat by KO, in Japan, the Japanese champion Kenichi Ogata who won in 2006, the S-Cup title against the Dutch star Andy Souwer.

On 5 October of the same year, Dany Bill put his world belt on game against another ring scarecrow, the Thai Sakmongkol Sitchuchok. Sakmongkol (Lumpinee champion in 135 lbs in 1994) in the 90s, was considered one of the boxers with the most powerful «left leg» on the Thai circuit. He had beaten Orono Por Muang Ubon, Coban Lookchaomaesaitong, Cherry Sor Wanich, Chanchai Sor Tamarangsree, Namkabuan Nong Kee Pahuyut, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Jongsanan Fairtex.

The match was made at the Pierre de Coubertin stadium in Paris in an organization of promoter Sami Kebchi. The two fighters fought a fantastic battle. The match was very close. The Thai won by points, two judges against one. Dany Bill lost his world belt….

A month later, in Paris, Dany Bill met «The Diamond» Ramon Dekkers. Known as «The Turbine of Hell», Ramon Dekkers was the first westerner to beat the Thai champions at home in the big stadiums of Bangkok. In Thailand, he is considered a legend of Muay Thai. Worldwide his name is forever engraved in the history of feet and fists.

The Dutch puncher was still in great shape, he had just beaten by KO his compatriot Hassan Kassrioui in Amsterdam.

Dany Bill played a technical match against the powerful Ramon Dekkers and beat the Dutch in points!

On December 5, 1997, in Bangkok, at the King’s Birthday show, Dany Bill had a big fight against the bull Orono Por Muang Ubon and beat him on points.

Nicknamed “Sam O” (3 O), Orono was a fighter of a particular style, a left-handed very difficult to beat. An exceptional durable boxer who sometimes took too many blows during his long professional career.

Orono won the Lumpinee belt in 135 lbs in 1994, a belt he defended three times victoriously, notably against the legendary Jongsanan Fairtex, on March 28, 1995. Orono also won a world champion belt in 140 lbs against Sangtiennoi and Nuathoranee. As well as a world champion belt in 147 lbs against the great French champion Stephane Nikiema in Tokyo in 2000. In 1994, Orono was named “Best Boxer of the Year” by “The Sport Writers Association of Thailand”.

The two champions met a few months later in Paris. The belt of WMTC world champion in 154 lbs (- 70 Kg) was put into play for this rematch. Dany Bill mystified former Lumpinee champion Orono by beating him on points. He became world champion again!

On May 20, 2000, at the Grand Dôme de Villebon in the Parisian suburbs, during a big event France against Thailand, Dany Bill found the Thai champion Kriengkrai Sor Worapin.

Kriengkrai Sor Worapin won the Radja belt in 147 lbs against Denkantho Saktawee (Natee Sor Khamsing). A belt he retained by beating by KO Rakchat Chor Rungsak on July 1, 1996. The year after, on November 11, 1997, he won the Lumpinee belt in 147 lbs by beating star Sakmongkol Sitchuchok.

Krienkrai had beaten by points Dany Bill in 1996 in the stadium of Lumpinee.

Dany Bill absolutely wanted to win this rematch. He was so motivated that he broke the legs of the Thai who lost by technical KO in the second round!

On December 5, 2000, Dany Bill made his last fight in Thailand during the famous King’s Birthday. The genius of the rings was challenged by the Thai champion Kaolan Kaovichit.

Kaolan was Lumpinee champion in 118 lbs in 1996 and Lumpinee champion in 147 lbs in 2003. Kaolan beat the great champions Nuengpichit Sityodtong, Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee, Samkor Kietmontep, Namkabuan Nongkee Pahuyuth, Orono Por Muang Ubon, Pajonsuk Lukprabat. In 1998, Kaolan was named “Best Boxer of the Year”!

Dany Bill, for this last Thai meeting did not make a big fight. But he didn’t have a good preparation, just about ten days. He lost in points…

After this fight in Bangkok, Dany Bill stopped his career for three years.

On October 25, 2003, in an organization signed by Rachid Saadi, Dany Bill got back in the ring for a clash against the great French star, Aurelien Duarte (Thai Boxing World Champion, Kick Boxing World Champion, Thai Boxing European Champion, Kick Boxing European Champion). The fight was fought at nearly 80 kg, a category in which Dany Bill had never fought.

Against the great champion Aurelien Duarte, the lack of ring of the former prodigy felt good. Dany Bill’s bones were no longer accustomed to the violent blows of Muay Thai. In the second round, unfortunately, Dany Bill broke his ankle on a low kick well blocked by Aurelien Duarte. Before being evacuated from the ring to the hospital, unlucky Dany Bill apologized to his audience.

The pearl of Muay Thai, after consolidating his bones, returned with a bang in the famous International Super League Tournament. In this form of tournament, fighting in Muay Thai took place without the pokes.

In Budapest, in January 2006, he faced the Brazilian Moises Baptista De Sousa say Gibi, he lost on points by having outrageously dominated his opponent.

On March 11, 2006, still for the Super League organization, at the Palais des sports d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, Dany Bill, who had lost nothing of his technique, beat Italian Roberto Cocco in the points. Roberto Cocco was the reigning ISKA and WKN Thai boxing world champion. Faced with this formidable, dangerous Boxing fighter, Dany Bill always had the class!

After this fight in the Super League, Dany Bill puts an end to his boxing career.

Five years later, the ring pharaoh made a comeback for his ring jubilee. He was beaten in points by the young Dutchman Hicham El Gaoui who was two years after twice world champion in -80 kg.

Prodigy Dany Bill has fought thirty times in the country of Muay Thai in Thailand and faced the most renowned champions of his generation around the world. His fight record is 96 fights for 87 victories (40 KO) and 9 defeats. He kept his world title seven times, including four times in Thailand.

Nicknamed “the alien of the rings”, he is arguably the greatest foreign technician in the history of Muay Thai. His sweeping techniques have forever marked the spirits!

His reconversion, Dany Bill did not do it in the world of Muay Thai but in music, more particularly in Hip Hop.

Since childhood, Dany Bill has been passionate about Black Music and the wild rhythms of soul, funk and rap. At the age of 14, he danced smurf with his friends with a man named Didier Morville. Didier Morville who later became the biggest French rap star under the nickname of Joey Starr!

So Dany Bill had for a while the Hip Hop movement in his head. In 1999, he had already partnered with Olivier N’Guessan (Party Organizer). They had invested in a studio in Metz. In August 2000, Dany Bill went to the United States, to New York, to meet music producers. Dany Bill has been many times in the megalopolis looking for new rap artists.

The duo contracted several American Rap groups like “Sondoo” which sold over 5000 records in 2000!

In 2001, their second album, “D Originators” sold over 7,000 copies. They produced five albums. Their label was called “Undergroundacademy”. Dany and N’Guessan have organized Rap festivals across France. Dany Bill also scratched the turntables, his name was DJ Bill.

Dany Bill did not give up Muay Thai, he became a Khru (Teacher) by teaching his immense knowledge in several gyms in the Paris region.

Today, he divulges his knowledge in clubs in France and in particular in his native country. He opened an orphanage in Cameroon with the creation of a Muay Thai camp for children.

Dany Bill set up this project with his friend the former great champion Aurelien Duarte. The association is called “The Stars of the House”.