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special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)


On Saturday, October 29th a live legend of boxing rings came in the pink city, the Thai KRONGSAK was invited in Toulouse for a seminar of Muay Thai. KRONGSAK PRAKONG-BORANRAT is a former great champion who marked the story of the Thai boxing in Thailand and in Europe. His fight’s record is remarkable, it made more than 300 fights, was 3 times World Champion of Kick Boxing and 6 times World Champion of Thai boxing!

In Thailand he faced the biggest Thai champions of his generation, Sagat Petchyindee, ” Fanta ” Attapong, Kaopong Sittichuchai, Ped Noi, Samart Prasanmit, Savaynoi, Payap Panchai, Diesel Noi, Somsong. Then came installed in France to end the career. In Europe he remained unconquered, he beat the best champions of moment such as Kaman, Varthorst, Wiet, Druif, Hypolite, Nikiéma, Kerner, Panza, Scalp!

Called ” The Professor ” this unique fighter mastered in the perfection the techniques of clinch and pokes, his courage in the fight was also exceptional, in Europe no champions was not able to bring down the “King”…

Today Krongsak lives in France since about twenty years and gives lessons in his gym in Paris, the Paris Muay Thai Gym.

The seminar with this champion of exception was able to be organized thanks to Maurice BRIERE, a former pupil of Krongsak. Maurice and Krongsak know well because in the time they are trained together in Thailand. Maurice so met in Thailand the family of Krongsak. A very strong friendship it is created between both men, friendship which not it is put out over the years.

Today Maurice Brière nicknamed “Naki” opened his gym in Toulouse the “NAKITAIL FIGHTING”, the gym is situated in the north district of the city to the Cultural Center of Minimes.

The seminar took place in the room of the gym. Many trainees of various gym of the city were present to attend the lessons of ” Khrou ” (master) Krongsak. 

The seminar, rather physical, it is unwound over more than 3 hours, he was especially based on the technical improvement. Master’s Krongsak revealed to the pupils of the technical sequences of movements of which only he in him secret, techniques of fights which it made on the boxing rings of the whole world.

The trainees discover redoubtable sequences of movements which can allow a competitor to make the difference in a match. Krongsak also revealed particular techniques appropriate for the Art of Muay Thai. Techniques close to the Muay Boran (Ancient Muay Thai), rather spectacular techniques, as the jumped poke by taking a support on the thigh of his opponent to rise above him…

In the end the trainees all received a diploma of participation in this memorable seminar with a figure of Muay Thai, Krongsak Prakong-Boranrat. It is Maurice Brière’s beautiful initiative to have made this immense champion come to Toulouse. Moreover both men have big projects together, in the future Krongsak is going to be often in Toulouse, and it is the good thing for Muay Thai of the Toulousian region that such a champion comes to dispense his lessons here…