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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

The region of the Northeast of Thailand called “Isaan” is for a long time a land convenient to the birth of future fighter of Muay Thai. It is true that this region is one of the poorest with that of the South close to the Malaysia. And Muay Thai, national and professional sport, is one of the means which can assure a future better to poor families…

Buriram, for many specialists is the region in Isaan which saw being born fighters’ largest number. Even today, it is this region which brings most good fighter on the Thai circuit…

In the city of Buriram and his neighbourhood many of the small boxers began in the numerous camps, acquired robust bases of Muay Thai there to become later redoubtable fighters. Some became legends of the boxing ring…

The great champions who come from Buriram and who really marked the story are the technicians Fasuchon Sit O (3 x Thailand Champion, Lumpinee Champion, Best Fighter of year 2000), Samkor Keatmonteap (3 x Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, WMC World Champion), Therkiat Sitthepitak (3 x Lumpinee Champion), Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth (2 x Lumpinee Champion, 2 x World champion), Namphon Nongkeepahuyuth (2 x Lumpinee Champion), the punchers’ terrible Samransak Muangsurin (World champion, Lumpinee Champion) and Coban Lookchaomaesaitong (5 x World champion, 2 x Lumpinee Champion), the warrior Changpuek Kiatsongrit (4 x World champion).

There are also several champions who made speak about them as Panomtuanlek (Lumpinee champion), Rajasak Sor Vorapin (3 x Radja Champion), Den Muangsurin (Lumpinee champion), Weera Chalunlap (Champion of China) who made a second career in France and Jitti Damriram (Owner of the camp Jitti Gym).

Today among the champions native of Buriram still in activities there is Nontachai Sit O (Radja Champion), Singdam Kiatmuu9 (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, Toyota Champion, Best fighter of year 2002), Sam-A Thor Ratonakiat (Lumpinee Champion), Saenchainoi Toyotarayong (World Champion, Thailand Champion, S1 Champion), Noppadet Chengzimaiwgym (LumpineeChampion, TV7 Champion, Thailand Champion), Nampon P.K. Stereo (World Champion, Radja Champion), Khwanpichid 13 Reanexpress (Radja Champion), Kaptiankan Narupai (Lumpinee Champion, S1 Champion), Panomrunlek Kiatmuu9 (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, Isuzu Champion), Fahmaï Petpayathai (TV7 Champion), Lamnungpong Sit O (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion), Kaimookao Sit O (Radja Champion), Tukkatathong Petpayathai (TV7 Champion), and Samranchai 96 Peenang (Thailand Champion, Omnoi Champion)!

A few kilometers away from Buriram is the city of Surin. Some great names come of over there, such as the international Star Buakaw Por Pramuk (K1 Max Champion, World champion, Omnoi Champion), and the champions Attachai Fairtex (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion), Ekapon Junk ( World champion), Pairote Wor Wolaporn (3 x Lumpinee Champion), Singmanee Sor Srisompong (World champion WMC, Radja Champion), Anantasak Panyuthapoom (Best fighter of year 1997)…

Other region of the Northeast which is really situated in the heart of Isaan and which supplied with great fighter is the region of Khon Kean. With Kaoklai Kaenorsing (World champion, Radja Champion, K1 Champion of Seoul), Robert Kaenorasing (3 x Radja Champion, Isuzu Champion), Rolek Keannorasing ( Radja champion), Somrack Khamsing (Olympic champion of Boxing),

Wanvisep Keannorasing (Radja champion), Krongsak Prakong Boranrat (6 x World champion),

Pud Pad Noy Worawoot (” The Golden leg “, 5 times Lumpinee Champion, Best Fighter of year 1975), Karuhat Sor Supawan (Lumpinee Champion) and Somsong Noi (World champion)!

Quite close to Khon Kean, the city of Maha Sarakham saw being born the Star current of the Thai boxing rings Seanchai Sor Kingstar (3 x Lumpinee Champion, World champion, Best Fighter of the year in 1999 and 2008)

but also Khem Fairtex (Radja Champion, World champion, S1 Champion, Thailand Champion),

Chadet Ponsaknoisiichang (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion), Sakedtdao Petpayathai (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion),

and Phalan Lukmingkwan (World champion IBF in Boxing)…

Roi Et, near Maha Sarakham is the city of the champions Thanongdet Chengzimaygym (Lumpinee Champion, Omnoi Champion, TV7 Champion),

Mongkolchaï Chengzimaygym (Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion), Saenmuangnoi Lukjaophomehesak (Best Fighter of year 1991) and Medgoen Lukchaopormasak (World champion WBC in Boxing).

Kalasin which is near Khon Kean and Maha Sarakham is the city of the “Bull” Bovee Sor Udosorm (World champion WMC, Radja Champion, Thailand Champion, S1 Champion).

Some big names come of the town of Chaiyaphum which is in the region of Khon Kaen such Kongpipop Petchyindee (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion), Leudsila Chumpairtour (3 x Radja Champion), Kaew Fairtex (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion),

Phichit Sithbangprachan (World champion IBF in Boxing), and Phichitnoi Sithbangprachan (World champion WBA in Boxing).

In one most big cities of Isaan, Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) some legends also appeared such as Thongchai Tor Silachai (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, World Champion, Best fighter of year 2001), Kaoponglek Luksuratham (World Champion, Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 1995), Visanlek Sor Todsapol (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, TV7 Champion), Pinsiam Sor Amnuaysirichok (Lumpinee Champion, Omnoi Champion), the terror Sakad Petchyindee (3 times Lumpinee Champion, 3 times Radja Champion, World Champion, World Champion Boxing),

Suriya Sor Pleonchit (Lumpinee Champion, S1 Champion). And great name in Boxing like Netrnoi Sow Vorasingh (World Champion WBC in Boxing), Napa Kiatwanchai (World Champion WBC in Boxing), Veerapol Sahaprom (World Champion WBA and WBC in Boxing), Chatchai Sasakul (World Champion WBC in Boxing), Pongsaklek Sithkanongsak (World Champion WBC in Boxing), and Ratanachai Sor Vorapin (World Champion WBO in Boxing) !

The city most east of Isaan, quite near Laos, Ubon Ratchatani also has batch unique champion’s like Puja Sor Suwanee (Lumpinee Champion), Orono Por Muang Ubon (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 1994), Saimai Chor Suan anan (World champion, Lumpinee Champion), Nungubon Sitlertchai (Lumpinee champion), Jomhod Eminent air (Lumpinee champion), Nuengtrakarn Por Muang Ubol (World champion, Lumpinee Champion), Manasak Narupai (World champion, Thailand Champion), Singyok Sor Seesan (3x Lumpinee Champion), Superlek Sorn E-Sarn (Lumpinee champion)…

Udon Thani which is the city most in the North of Isaan is a city which in seen grew famous Lamsongkram Chuwattana (3 x World champion, Radja Champion, S1 Champion)

but also some big champions as Silapathai Jocky gym (3 x Radja Champion), Chaowarit Jocky gym (World champion, Radja Champion, Thailand Champion), Sonkom Jockygym (2 x Radja Champion), Petchboonchu (Lumpinee champion), Kongfah Auddornmueng (Lumpinee Champion), Naruenart Siangsimewgym (Best fighter of the TV7), Wandee Chor Chareon (World champion WBC in Boxing)!

In the North of Isaan in two towns, two great champions also appeared. To Sakon Nakon, Nong-O Sit Or (Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 2005)

and to Nong Bua Lamphu, Yodseanklai Fairtex (5 x World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Toyota Champion, Contendeur Champion, Thailand Champion).

A legend of boxing rings, Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee (4 x Lumpinee Champion, World champion) was born to Amnat Charoen quite close to the border of Laos.

It is to Yasothon that Jomthong Chuwattana (2 x Radja Champion, World champion) grew, a city enters Roi Et and Amnat Charoen.

Finally two big champions of Boxing grew to Nakhon Phanom, Venice Borkorsor (World champion WBC in Boxing) and to Sisaket, Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai (World champion WBA in Boxing).

Isaan is unquestionably the region which supplied most great fighter. But other regions of the country saw being also born from Stars.

The region of the center is well of with the legends native of Chachoengsao that is Boonlai Sor Thanikul (Lumpinee Champion), Samart Payakaroon (4 x Lumpinee Champion, World champion WBC, Best fighter of the year in 1981, 1983, 1988)

and Cantaloni Payakaroon (5 x Lumpinee Champion, Europe Champion, Best fighter of year 1984)!

Not far from Chachoengsao, in the region of Chonburi were born, the man in 9 belts, Chamuekpet Hapalang (5 times Radja Champion, 4 times Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 1985),

the highly gifted Sudsakorn (World champion, Toyota Champion) and his uncle, unpredictable Ramba Somdet (TV7 champion), Chatchai Paiseethong (twice Lumpinee champion), both champions of Boxing Sot Chitalada (2 x World champion WBC in Boxing) and Samuth Sithnaruepol (World champion IBF in Boxing)…

To Pattaya the champion Yorthai Sith Oar (World champion WBA in Boxing).

Legendary Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn (Lumpinee Champion in 19-year-old and keeps his title during 4 years!) he is from Tambon Huakun!

In the capital, Bangkok, some champions also went out as Narupol Fairtex (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion), Chartchai Chionoi (World champion WBC and WBA in Boxing) and Berkrek Chartvanchai (World champion WBA in Boxing).

To Ratchaburi, Matee Jedipitak (Lumpinee Champion, World champion).

Around Bangkok to PathumTani were born great champions as Sangtiennoy Sor Rungroj (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, World champion),

Sirimongkol Singmanassak (2 x World champion WBC in Boxing) and Sean Sor Ploenchit (World champion WBA in Boxing).

To Samut Songkhram, Apidej Sit Hirun (Thailand Champion, Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) and to Samut Phrakan, Kaensak Sor Ploenchit (2 x Lumpinee Champion, Best Fighter of year 1989 and 1990)!

Lopburi antique city celebrates for his monkeys at exit of the Stars as Attapong ” Fanta ” Buadan (Thailand Champion, World champion) and Wangjannoi Sor Palangchai (5 x Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 1993). The last one at present in service is Kayasit Chuwattana (Radja champion)!

The champion Kriengklai Sor Vorapin (Lumpinee Champion) comes from Nakhon Sawan.

Redoubtable Sakmongkol Sithchuchok (World champion, Lumpinee Champion) comes from Prachinburi.

The current great champion Orono Magestic (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World champion) come to him from Suphanburi.

Pajonsuk Lukphrabat (Lumpinee Champion, World champion), the fighter of the It’s Show Time is of the region of Saraburi.

Talented Sayoknoi Punpanmuang (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, Thailand Champion, World champion) is native of Phitsanoulok.

He also Chokdee Por Pramuk (Lumpinee Champion) of Sa Keow, Saysilek (Fighter du K1 Heavy ) from Patchaburi, Seangsak Muangsurin (2 x World champion WBC in Boxing), and Chana Porpaoin (2 x World champion WBA in Boxing) of Petchaboon, Muangchai Kittikasem (World champion WBC and IBF in Boxing) of Chainat, Saman Sor Jaturong (World champion WBC and IBF in Boxing) of Kampangsaen, Yoddamrong Sityodthong (World champion WBA in Boxing) of Uthai Thani, Eagle Akakura (2 x World champion WBC in Boxing) of Pichit …

Other key region which also produced legends of Muay Thai is naturally the region of the South…

In the South, both regions of which most champions went out are Nakhon Si Tammarat and Surat Thani.

Magnificent champions arise from Nakhon Si Tammarat’s big city such as Anuwat Kaesamrit (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, 4 x Radja Champion, Omnoi Champion, S1 Champion, Isuzu Champion, Best Fighter of year 2003 and 2004), Watchrachai Kaewsamrit (Radja champion), Duangsompong Kor Sapaothong (Lumpinee Champion), Hippy Singmanee (Lumpinee champion), Kompayak Singmanee (Lumpinee champion), Nopparat Kiatgamthon (Lumpinee champion), Nong B Kiatyongyut (Lumpinee Champion, World champion), Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, Best fighter of year 1992), Samson Esarn (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) and Oleydong Sithsamerchai (World champion WBC in Boxing)!

Surat Thani saw grew from Stars as Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn (World champion, 3 x Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 1996)

and Nokweed Devy (7 x World champion). But also champions as Fart Ek Suwanpakdee (Omnoi Champion, TV7 Champion) and Phetaik Kiatyongyuth (Thailand Champion)…

One of the biggest fighter of Muay Thai grew on the island of Phucket, Jomhod Kiatadisak (10 x World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion)!

Star Kaolan Kaovichit (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Best Fighter of year 1998) is native of Songhkla.

Of Phangna there is Tewaritnoi (Radja Champion, World champion), of Trang, Detnarong Sitjaaboon (Lumpinee Champion), Norasing Lukbanyai (Lumpinee champion) and Sanghiran Lukbanyai (champion WBC Intercontinental of Boxing), of Phattalung, Khunpinit Kiattawan (Lumpinee champion), Sakadpetch Ingram gym (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) and Orono Tawan (Radja champion), of Hua Hin, Pone Kingpetch (3 x World champion WBA in Boxing)…

The region of the North remains the least productive of fighter with however some big champions as Yoddecha Sityodthong (World Champion) of Uthai Thani, Langsuan Phanyuttapuom (World champion, 3 x Lumpinee Champion, Best fighter of year 1987) of Prayao, Pethmanek Sor Siriwat (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion) of Chiang Mai, Somsak Sitchatchawal (World champion WBA in Boxing) of Lampang, Daorung Chuwattana (2 x World champion WBA in Boxing) of Uttaradit and doubtless the biggest legend of the Thai boxing, Khaosai Galaxy (World champion WBA, 19 times put his title in games with 19 victories, 50 fights, 49 victories, 1 defeat, 43 KO!) of Sura Saenkham!

The Thailand is really a country of great boxer because since the 30s, to the 70s, of immense champion made the beautiful days of the mythical stadium of the capital such Sook Prasarthinpimai ” Yak Pikamod “, Choochai Prakanchai “The Adornis of the boxing ring”, Prayuth Udomsak “The Simok Horse”, Vicharnnoi Porntawee “The Immortal Boxer”, Poot Lorlek, Pol Prapradang “The Wild Boar”, Adul Srisothorn “The Diamond Crown Champ”…

Today there are even Thai champions females who make speak about them and their about boxing is also redoubtable as that of their male counterpart!

From north to south we enumerated the champions the most known for the 80s until today but there is so others that every say would be almost impossible…