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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of SAMRANCHAI 96 PEENANG by Serge TREFEU (2010)



Serge TREFEU: Hello, How are you?


How old are you?

I am 28 years old

You come from which area of Thailand?

I come from Nong Phong right beside Buriram in Isaan (North-eastern)

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Yes we are three children in the family

Do you have brothers who practice also boxing?

Not I am the only boxer of the family…

Was child you rather brawler or at all?

Not too

You began boxing at which age?

At 8 years

How did you discover boxing?

My uncle was trainer in a camp with Buriram. It is him which my fact of discovering boxing…

Did your first fight you do it at which age?

As of 8 years…

Did you begin Muay Thai in a camp?

Yes it was a very small camp close to at home

Towards which age you did come to Bangkok?

At 12 years I came to Bangkok. I was in a camp in the district of Lapao then in 14 years I came to the camp 96 Peenang in the district from Klongtoey

Are you in the camp 96 Peenang since the 14 years age?

Yes and that will make 14 years now that I am here…

Do you have a room in the camp?

Yes I have it division with a friend

In which category you fight?

Today in – 70 kg

Which are the titles which you gained?

I took the belt of Stadium Omnoi 7 years ago and the belt of Champion of Thailand 4 years ago!

Do you fought for Lumpinee belt did not gain it yet?

Not I fought in 2003 against Sipmuan Laemthongkaanpaet for the belt of Lumpinee but I lost at the points…

How much do you have make fights, how much have you victory and defeat?

I have 200 fights. 170 Wins. 27 Losses and 3 Draws

Did you gain many fights by KO?

Not much…

You have which style of boxing?

I am fiimeu (technician)

What was so far your hardest fight?

Against Phetnamek in Lumpinee it was for champion’s belt of Thailand, I won but it was very hard in front of him. After this fight I had very, very badly in knees…

Your best memory of boxing until today?

My victory against Phetnamek for the belt of Thailand!

What are the known fighters that you faced?

The most known are Namsaknoi (defeat), Buakaw Por Pramuk (defeat), Jaroenchai Sor Rachadakon (defeat), Sipmuan Laemthongkaanpaet (defeat), Sakadpetch Ingramgym (defeat), Phetnamek Sor Soriwat (victory), Chokdee P.Pramuk (victory), Nonthanon P.Pramuk (defeat), Tuantong Phumpanmoun (victory), Sayok Noi Pumpanmuang (defeat)

You have already fought abroad?

Yes in France, in Holland, in Japan and in Sweden

In France you met who?

Mourad Sari it was 4 years ago in Paris. I lost in points against him but it was in Kickboxing not in Muay Thai …

You often fought in Kickboxing?

Not it is my only fight in this discipline in France

You prefer to fight in Muay Thai?

Yes in Kickboxing I feel at ease in no way with this style of fight…

And in Japan you fought in K1 or in Muay Thai?

In Japan I fought only once and it was in Muay Thai

In Holland you fought several times?

Yes in Slamm 1, 2, 3 and 4. I gained all my fights!

Would you like to go to fight again abroad for example in France?

Yes indeed on!

You know French boxers?

I know just man Farid Villaume…

The strongest foreign nakmuay for you it is who?

Today for me it is Italian Petrosyan which is the best. But in the time it was the strongest Ramon Dekkers. Dekkers it was really a terrible fighter!

The best Thai boxer at present it is who for you?

For me it is Nong O the best at present!

You make a good living with the boxing?

Yes I was able to buy my house to Buriram…

What is your purse today?

In Thailand 60 000 bahts and abroad 150 000 bahts

What technique you love most in fight?

The clinch I like especially with knees

Your next fight it is for when?

I have to fight on April 10th in Holland against Mootje Kamal it is the one who beat Anuwat

The fight will be made in which category?

– 67 kg

What would you like to make after the boxing?

I shall like becoming to trainer and to have my own camp in Bangkok…

Thank you and chookdee for your fight!

Thank you very much


Samranchai gained on April 10th his fight against the puncheur Ahmed Zragua (Benelux Champion) who replaced the Dutch Mootje Kamal. Fighter very technical he defeated these last years all the foreigners whom he faced outside Thailand, Robert Van Nimwegen, Ray Staring, Menno Dijkstra, Fikri Triyarti, Fadi Merza, only the Dutch Warren Stevelmans beat him in points but in rules K1…



Weight: 70 Kg

Height: 1m73

Number of fight: 200. 170 Wins. 27 Losses. 3 Draws

Title: Thailand Champion. Omnoi Champion