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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Kiatmuu 9 Gym is one of the most renowned camps of the province of Buriram because the fighters of this small camp of countryside are formidable. Since years they won of numerous trophies in every stadium of the Northeast as well as in big stadium of the capital…

The name of the camp “Muu 9” wants to say “Village N°9” of the district Takothapi. The camp is in the village of Takothapi which makes left the district of the city of Prakonchai. Prakonchai is a city to 45 km of Buriram in the heart of Issan. She is not far from the Cambodian border and people of this province speak there about the Khmer a lot. In villages, the inhabitants generally, speak about three dialects, the Thai, the Lao (language of Issan) and the Khmer (language of Cambodia).

It is one of the poorest provinces of the region of the Northeast, here, the main resource of the inhabitants comes essentially from the agriculture. Fields and rice paddies extend as far as the eye can see. But rice paddies in this region do not give a harvest so plentiful as in the North or the central plain of the country. The very dry earth is rather thankless…

It is in full center of Takotaphi, peaceful village, that Mr Sutjai Pumprakhon real fascinated by Muay Thai created the Kiatmuu 9 camp.

At first it was especially to train these two sons whom they wished to transform into great champions. But Joedja and Chanaphon, after a respectable career of more than 100 fights each preferred to stop the boxing to study. They fought of numerous times in big stadium of Bangkok for the promoter Songchai. Today, they are trainers in the camp and help their father in the promotion of the fighters.

The debuts of Kiatmuu 9 were not easy because the camp had no structure, just two punch bags hung on a tree and a mat by way of boxing ring. But over the years Mr Sutjai Pumprakhon managed to develop his camp thanks to the good result of his boxers. Indeed, the village of Takothapi is a breeding ground for of young fighter. Almost all the nakmuays which were formed in the camp Kiatmuu 9 comes from the same village. It is it also who makes the strength of this camp, everybody knows since the childhood, it is as a big family.

And for many young people of the village, Muay Thai is one of the means to take another road than the one who will lead them inevitably to work in fields. With only a fight during a big evening in Bangkok, a professional boxer is going to gain the equivalent of one year of salary of a farmer. But the boxers of the Kiatmuu 9 do not forget where from they come and in spite of their colossal income, compared with those of their family member, they continue to help their parents in hard work. How during the harvest of the rice, everybody participate in this hard task!

Today the camp has a correct infrastructure. A big covered boxing ring, four punch bags and all the equipment necessary for the daily training. The house which shelters the camp is the one of the owner, Mr Sutjai Pumprakhon. Here there is no room for the boxers because they have all their houses family in the village, after the training each returns at home to sleep.

The training in this camp is particularly hard because it is made seven days a week, even on Sundays. The boxers have only one week rest only having fought!

The morning, the nakmuays run 15 km on dirt road through rice paddies. The advantage to be in the countryside, it is to have of the pure air thus a good oxygenation of muscles contrary to camps situated in Bangkok where the pollution is omnipresent. The training of after noon begins at 3 pm and is going to end only at 7 pm, it is very long and very physical. After noon, the jogging this time will not exceed 5 km. The lesson in paos is about six rounds of four minutes for every boxer but on the eve of a fight, the lesson spends in ten rounds. The daily session of clinch is 30 minutes and spends at one o’clock during the preparation of a fight!

When a boxer is in full preparation for his fight, he is entitled to a muscular massage with the “nam muay” (heating Oil), before and after his training. Massage made by his companions of the camp.

Although it is a camp to the style “fimeuu” (technician) we feel at the boxer’s of this camp that they give impression a formidable power, whether it is in bags or in paos, “that hit hard”!

The boxers are supervised by three trainers, both sons of the owner and Phon a former fighter to under one’s belt of 80 fights among which 30 in the stadium of Lumpinee. With Joedja, Phon also contributed to the formation of both pearls of Kiatmuu 9, Singdam and Panomrunglek!

Singdam Kiatmuu 9 was a big star in the 2000s. He gained four belts, the belt of Lumpinee in 130 lbs, the belt of Thailand in 126 lbs and 130 lbs and the belt Toyota in 130 lbs. Technician exceptional especially with the knees, he beat great champions as Seanchai Sor Kingstar, Orono Wor Petphun, Nong O Sit Or, Leusila Chumpairtour, Kaew Fairtex, Yodseanklai Petchyindee and Samkor Keatmontep. In 2002 he was elected “Best fighter of the Year” and in 2003 ” Best fighter of the Lumpinee “. Today still, is classified N °1 in the stadium Omnoï, N°2 in the ranking of the Thailand and N°7 in the stadium of Lumpinee!

Other star of the camp is Panomrunglek Kiatmuu 9 who gained four belts too. He gained the belt of Lumpinee of – 112 lbs in 2003, and that of – 115 lbs in 2010, champion’s belt of Thailand of – 115 lbs in 2009 and the belt Toyota – 112 lbs as well as the Tournament Isuzu in 2002. In 2004, he was elected ” Best fighter of the Lumpinee”. Today, he always holds the belts of Lumpinee and Thailand – 115 lbs. He beat champions as Wangwiset Lukbanyai, Namsuk Petchsuphapaan, Ponsawan Lookprabath, Chatchaynoi Sor. Prasobchock, Jaroenthong Phetsirigym and same Yodseanklai when this one was in 115 lbs! Among 15 nakmuays who trains at present in the camp, there are also high-level boxers for the small brother of Panomrunglek, Phetpanomrung who is N°1 of the stadium of Omnoï in 100 lbs, Phet Ek champion of Isaan – 50 kg, Manatchai a promising young person of 14 years and the young brother of Singdam, Suadam who wishes to take the same road as its older illustrious…

The boxers of this camp fight essentially for the promoter N °1 of Lumpinee, Mr Virat Vichirarattanawong (Petchyindee).

This small camp of province received the title from “Best camp of the year” in 2002, it is a performance when we know that this prestigious title was often awarded to camps in infrastructures much more important as Kaewsamrit Gym, Por Pramuk Gym, Lukbanyai Gym or Seangmorakot Gym …

Practically no foreigner came to train in this typical camp. Just Japanese and Italian came to make some sessions for Kiatmuu 9 but not for a long time. The master of places is a little bit reluctant to farangs (foreigners), “Here, we do not have time to take care of them, farangs does not interest me” say Mr Sutjai Pumprakhon …

However if you wish try the experience in this traditional camp. You can take a room to the only Hotel of the village, the Takotaphi Hotel (phone 083 7251672), opened one year ago. Very clean hotel with room air condition, TV, refrigerator and warm shower for 500 bahts. He is in 10 minutes on foot only of the camp, he is held by exiled English and his Thai wife who are very charming people.

And if Mr Sutjai Pumprakhon considers that your level and your envy to fight is satisfactory for him, then maybe you can train for the side of these great champions that is Singdam and Panomrunglek…