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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


special report by Serge TREFEU (2008)


The Muay Thai Plaza 2004 camp is a little camp which starts to be internationally known because a lot of foreigners come to train there. Europeans but above all Japanese of which a lot of girls like to come and train in this cool camp.

Opened since 2004, the camp is located in the heart of Bangkok in the animated district of Phatumwan, just behind “Night Bazar Suan Lum”. It is very well located just at 10 minutes by feet from the Lumpinee Stadium and large Lumpinee Park. And at 15 minutes from the Silom Road Avenue very animated in the evening with the streets of Pat Pong 1 and 2.

The surface of the camp is not large but quite ventilated and pleasant. A boxing ring and four bags are at the disposal of the boxers and all the material adequate. Boxers sleep in rooms that are 50 meters for from the camp.

The training takes place in the morning and after-noon, very physical and intense but in a very good atmosphere with loud Thai music!

Very important trainers such as Pit Kaisangtanaikwam (Samkor’s trainer), Khunsuek Sor Thanikuland, Sansananchai Kiatprasanchai here at the service of nak muay of the camp for years. They know “Farangs”(foreign) very well for having seen a lot of them working at the paos. Some foreign champions such as the French Cédric Muller and the Dutch Hassan come often to train there. The Champion Hassan has fought several times for the camp…

Among the numerous foreigners who train here, there are dozen of high level fighters who train here regularly. The two pearls who joined the camp and represented it during  few years are the huge champions Samkor Kiatmontpet (Lumpinee Champion in 3 different categories, World Champion WMTA, Thailand Champion, 324 fights!) and Jomhod Kiatadisak (double champion of Radja, champion of Lumpinee, World Champion ISKA, WPKL, WMC, WKA, 266 fights!). Today, Jomhod has his own camp on the Phucket Island. Samkor is also a trainer now. The famous transvestite “Nong Toom” former rings champion comes to train sometimes in the camp and give a lesson of Muay Thai…

Today they are Sayoknoi (Thailand Champion 2007, World Champion, WMC 2008, Winner of K1 Max in Korea), Pet Ek (Stadium TV7 Champion 2005, Omnoï Champion 1998), Danthaï (current TV7 Stadium champion) and Yoksila (N° 1 of Lumpinee 2006) who successfully fight for the camp.

The characteristic of these Thai boxers is that they all fought abroad. A lot in Europe, Holland, England and France. Indeed, the boss and promoter of the camp Mister Pong is in close cooperation with European promoters. Mister Pong often sends his boxers fight in big organisations. Also, he is in regular contact with Rachid Saadi the owner of the RMB Gym from the city of Saint-Ouen (suburb Paris).

Thai Muay Thai Plaza 2004 opens its doors to all the fighters eager to improve in Muay Thai and they will maybe have the luck to train with the legendary Samkor…