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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2009)

(Thanks to Alex Romain for the contact)

The RMB GYM camp is opened from now on more than year (opening in April, 2008) and is situated in the most famous sea resort of the Thailand, Pattaya.

He is not far from all over the world known Fairtex Gym and only about some strides of the beach, what is nice for the daily jogging.

This camp was created by a figure of French Muay Thai, Rachid Saadi.

Rachid Saadi the former boxer of the 80s in multi-facets, trainer, promoter, manages so at present one of the biggest gyms of Thai boxing in France, the RMBOXING in the city of Saint-Ouen (Suburb Paris in 93). 

This gym which it created in 1992 is fast became a key gym of the Paris region.

And since its opening, there is soon 18 years, the RMB brought out of big name of Muay Thai such as Danny Bill, Cedric Muller, Karim Aliouane, Yetkin Ozkul, Florence Delaroche, Sofian Seboussi to quote only them…

Now it’s in Thailand than Rachid Saadi wants to export his knowledge and especially allows the French young people to come to training in the country of the Muay Thai in any tranquillity.

Over there, it is very known thanks to its numerous journeys to the kingdom of the Siam.

So well, that during the inauguration of his camp, the biggest champions of the country came to attend its opening. 

Seanchai, Somrack, Seanchainoy, Pethnamek, Samranchai, Danthai, Sayok Noi, Chaowalit, Attachai, Sudsakorn, Ekapon, they were all for the first one of the RMB GYM PATTAYA!

This camp about 300 m2 of the surface is of an impeccable cleanliness. The ground is completely covered by a tatami, so the boxers can evolve in a complex with a healthy hygiene. 

A wide boxing ring and about ten training bags allow the boxers to train without this hamper.

Everybody is welcome in the RMB gym, the girls, boys, of the beginner in the confirmed even the children can train here.

The RMB gym it is a little a family camp. But attention, “pros” occupy also an important place in the camp.

Big champions as Sudsakorn (264 fights, Champion WMC S1 World, Champion WPMF, Champion Fairtex Stadium), Ekapon (366 fights, World champion WFKB, Champion Fairtex Stadium) and Panturak Namthong says “Tan” (150 fights, Intercontinental Champion) trains hard every day in the camp. 

So many foreign champions, mainly French came or come to train often in the RMB GYM.

The famous champion Kamel Jemel and the rising young Thomas Andamandopoulos stayed there for two months.

The champion heavyweight Nash Ular installed in Thailand often train in the RMB, Mehdi Zathout and Ait Naceur two values sure of the French Muay Thai also came to put gloves in the RMB gym.

The Scottish champion Stephen Meikle (England champion, Fairtex Stadium champion) who fights regularly in the stadium of Lumpinee and in the stadium Theprasit (Fairtex Stadium) it’s prepared in the RMB gym his last ones time.

An Australian champion of Boxing sometimes comes to put gloves with Ekapon so that he polishes up his techniques of fists before his fights.

Finally two “star” of the K1 Max also came to strike of the shin here, the Dutch Albert Kraus and the Thai Buakaw!

Side trainers there is of good with Prayat Rinthamart said “Yak”, the own father of Sudsakorn.

Yak has a long experience in the domain because set apart to have formed his son who became one of the best boxers current of the Thai circuit, he also formed several other good boxers.

Before being in the RMB gym, Yak held paos a long time in the camp Sitjetpetch which was to Pattaya. With Yak, the sessions in paos are redoubtable he pushes the boxers up to the end of their limit…

Tan train as well, as well as Ekaporn and Sudsakorn who has the occasion holds paos. To progress, there is not really better than the invaluable advice of two big names that is Sudsakorn and Ekapon!

Rachid Saadi, of part its numerous obligations in France, cannot be all year in his camp in Thailand. It is thus Tan which supervise the camp during absence of him.

But Rachid Saadi sometimes organizes seminars between France and his camp, the last one took place in July, 2009.

A group of about fifteen young people, supervised by the master of places, came to training to the camp RMB gym. 

So with its connections in Thailand and on Pattaya, Rachid can make fight the pupils the most hardened from his camp in stadium of the country, in particular to the Theprasit stadium of Pattaya


If you are of passage on Pattaya don’t hesitate to come to sweat in this nice camp in the family atmosphere.

The camp does not arrange a room but to Pattaya you will not have difficult to find accommodation, it is the resort of the country that arranges most large number of hotels accessible to all the bourses. And near the camp hotels do not miss.

In the RMB gym you will always will been welcomed well, novice or confirmed, doors are big you opened…