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Special report by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Stephan NIKIEMA, legendary champion of the 90s has just opened his camp to Pattaya. Nikiema is certainly the boxer feet and fists European the longevity of which on the boxing ring is the biggest. Indeed, this exceptional champion, author of fight of anthology, pure nak muay, fought during almost seventeen years worldwide.That values him a lot of consideration on behalf of the boxers especially in Thailand where it is enormously respected. It was nicknamed “DIESEL BLACK” by Thai, they attributed him this fighter’s name because of his height and of his technical control of the knocks of knees. Because he looked like the famous champion of the 80s “DIESEL NOY”.

He beat great Thai champions such as Sagat Petchyindee, Turbo Kietisak, Changpuek Kiatsongkrit, Kengkai Sor Vorapin, Neungtrakan Por Muang Ubon, Lekmongkong Kietprasongchai and also made dantesque fights in front of Somsong Noi, Krongsak Boranrat, Nokweed Devy, Dejpitak Sityodtong and Orono Por Muang Ubon!

In Europe he faced the best of his time with fights memorable in front of Orlando Wiet, Musafer Yamali, Farid Rezzag, Mustapha Laksem, Aurelian Duarte, Moussa Sissoko, Perry Ubeda, Mourad Sari!

His fight’s record is remarkable with 98 fights for 79 wins (40 KO), 17 losses and 2 draws, three times France Champion, three times Europe Champion and four times World Champion (Interview of Stephan Nikiema on Siamfightmag, section Muay Thai, foreign boxer)!

It is one of the rare foreigners who fought, in 1999, for the belt of Lumpinee. In front of Neungtrakan Por Muang Ubon, Nikiema was a victim of one of the biggest injustices of the story of the muay thai. Because Nikiema in this fight dominated the Thai. In the fourth rounds, Neungtrakan was at the edge of KO but the referee received the order to stop the fight. He had there neither loser, nor winner. Later, we shall learn that the Thai judges had opted for this fight “Lom Muay”, that is which the Thai did not want to fight or would have been paid to lose. In fact, Neungtrakan was going to lose his fight and Thais one found this excuse because they did not want to let take out the second belts of the country. French Mourad Sari had gained a belt of Lumpinee just before the fight of Nikiema…

Stephane Nikiema knows well the Thailand because since 1987 he goes regularly to Bangkok to his camp fetish the Jocky Gym. A mythical camp where in 1990 he is going to stay for one year. He will fight for this camp in every stadium of Bangkok.

After stopped his career of nak muay in 2000, Nikiema who has the fiber for the teaching is going to give lessons of muay thai in several gyms in Paris. At the beginning of 2000s he will give even lessons in Pattaya, during almost one year, in this city which he knows by heart.

In 2005 he’s going to prepare the star of the K1, Jerome Le Banner, for these fights in Japan, together they will go to the famous dome of Tokyo. So, practically every year, during 10 years, with his pupils he is going to organize seminars in the famous camp, the Jocky Gym.

Today, since September, 2011, Nikiema is installed in Thailand. Then, to satisfy his passion of trainer he set up his own Team, Team Nikiema Muay Thai Academy. It is to Pattaya that he created his camp, Nikiema took back the infrastructures of RMB gym, the former camp of French Rachid Saadi. Stephan added henceforth that touches personal in this camp already very clean and placed well in Pattaya.

Nikiema which likes animals already has some of in his camp, singing birds, two cats Somtam and Roxy and a dog Spicy who became the mascots of Team Nikiema …

The surface of the camp is about 300 m2 and the ground is completely covered by a tatami, so the boxers can evolve in a complex with a healthy hygiene. A wide boxing ring and about ten punch bags allow the nakmuay to train without crowding.

The lessons are given by Master’s Nikiema, he is assisted by two trainers of good names, the champion Panturak Namtong says “Tan” which has more than 150 fights and Prayat Rinthamart says “Yak”, the own father of the champion Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee. Yak in a long experience in the domain because set apart to have formed his son who became one of the best boxers current of the international circuit, he also formed several other good boxers.

The trainings take place in the morning from 9:00 am till 12:00 am, and after noon from 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm. The boxers who wish to sleep in the camp can live with no problem at all. There are four small single, clean but simple rooms with a ventilator and an internet, and a double room with air conditioned and internet.

Prices are 500 bahts for two trainings a day and 300 bahts for one training. For those who wish to stay in the camp there are fixed prices in the month, weekly or in the day. For month the price is 380 euro, it includes the accommodation, two trainings a day, technical and tactical session with Master’s Nikiema, physical preparation in paos with Tan and Yak. For two weeks it is 200 euro and for day, included accommodation it is 650 bahts.

Attention, Nikiema will be inflexible to the boxers who will stay permanently in the camp. He wants only serious boxers, the roisterers have no their place within Team Nikiema.

The meals are taken in the small thai restaurant in front of the camp, dishes are in price very cheap, in more Nikiema knows well the boss. For those who prefer the formula training and accommodation outside of the camp, in the district hotels do not miss. Just a step from the camp there are apartments in 140 euro the month, hotels in 235 euro and 280 euro the month (Warn in advance for the reservations of apartment and hotel).

Everybody is welcome to Master’s Nikiema, the beginners as the confirmed can find what they are looking for. Stephane knows how to take in hand, however the basic beginner the big champion, it is his big strength of trainer, he knows how to adapt himself at every level…

The purpose here it is to make fight the most motivated, according to their level, in different stadium of the country, to Pattaya in the stadium Teprasit, in Bangkok in the stadium of Rangsit, Radja and Lumpinee. For some they can even fight in Cambodia. Nikiema has connections with all the promoters of these big stadiums.

Team Nikiema wait for you, put your suitcases at a big connoisseur of the Muay Thai, you will not be disappointed…