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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of VIRGIL KALAKODA by Serge TREFEU (2008)


SERGE TREFEU: Hello Virgil, you are originating in South Africa, you grew in which city?
VIRGIL KALAKODA: I grew up in Cape Town
With which age you did begin boxing?
I begin professional at 18
What is what attracted you in this sport?
My father was a boxer so he got me involved in the sport.
You started in which gym?
I started in Steves Gym
Is the kick boxing well developed in South Africa?
No it is not. Boxing is much more developed
Are there often great official receptions of kick boxing in South Africa?
It is starting to grow because of the K1\contender people are now starting to become very interested in it.

Who are the known champions of kick boxing with you in South Africa?
Mike Bernardo, he lives 10 min from me so I keep in contact with him.
How much do you have make fights in South Africa?
I have never had a kickboxing fight in South Africa only boxing.

How much do you have make fights, how much do you have win, draw and lose?
My boxing record is 24 wins, 4 losses,  1draw.   Kick boxing I think it is 8 wins, 6 losses
Do you have much victory by K.O?
I have K.O in boxing but the level of fighting in K1 is so tough that it is difficult to get the K.O
Do you have favourite techniques which you apply in fight?
I like the left hook to the body.
You have very good English boxing, do you have often fighting in English boxing?
I have done boxing in Wales and London. But I would love to do kickboxing over their as I no longer box.
Which are the titles which you gained until today?
IBC World Champion and IBF Africa and I was WBN boxing champion with Stephane Cabrera organisation a few years ago.
Which is your best memory of boxing until now?
Meeting Shane Mosley and Roy Jones.
And the worst?
Losing fights.
Which was your hardest fight in your career?
South Africa title fight against Joseph Makaringe
In 2005 you begin in K1 max in Japan, which boxer do you fought?
When I fought Albert Kraus in 2005 it was my first time ever fighting low kicks…
You met the best of K1 max like Kraus, Sato, Buakaw, Masato, Souwer, Olé Laursen, which gave you the most opposition?
I think Masato was the best.
Who are for you today the best champions in your category?
Masato, Yodsanklai Fairtex.
Which would you like to fight to day?
I would like to fight Artur Kyshenko
Do you already gone to Thailand for training and fight?
No I have never been to Thailand.
Would you like to come to fight in France?
I would live to fight in France please promoters give me a fight !
Do you know French champions of kick boxing and Muay Thai?
Yes,  Farid Villaume and I am friends with Samir WKN champion.
Is your next fight it for when?
No fight yet.
Today you in which gym, did you training yourself assemble your own gym?
I train myself at the moment and I am trying to base myself overseas so anyone who can help I will appreciate it.
Who is  your coach?
I have no coach.
Which are your objectives for 2009?
I would like to qualify for the top 8 if I get the chance because 2008 was a bad year for me in my fighting and personal life.
You want to add something?
Thank you and I hope to get support from fans. Also promoters don’t hesitate to contact me for fight offers as I manage myself.
Thank you to have answered this interview and good luck for the continuation


Numbers of fights: 53. Kick boxing. 15. Boxing Pro. 29. Amateur Boxing. 10.
Weight: 70 Kg
Size: 178cm

English boxing : IBC World Champion. WBN Inter-continental Champion. IBF Inter-Continental Champion of Africa

Gym: Team Virgil