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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Interview of ANTUAN PINTO by Serge TREFEU  (2008)


On February 9, the young Antuan Pinto has boxing with the stadium Lumpinee has Bangkok on live of TV Thai Chanel 5. He be defeated honourably at the points face has a very physical adversary. Having technically dominates the first rounds by touching same its adversary with third with superb sequence of blows of elbows, it undergoes a fall of mode in the two last recoveries, which has surely influence the judges who have gives the profit of the fight to fighter Thai…

Hot Interview in a famous Thai boxing stadium, the Lumpinee Stadium…


Serge TREFEU  : Hello Antuan, how are you?

ANTUAN PINTO: A little disappointed to have lost, but it’s OK…

How old are you?

I am 17 years old (just in a week)

That made how long that you are installs in Thailand?

Now, more than six years

You have begins the Muay Thai towards which old?

Towards old 12 years. That makes about 4 years that I am in the Muay Thai

Does your first fight you has old 12 years?

Yes that’s right

It was in Thailand?

Yes has Hua Hin. (South of the country).

You really have begins the Muay Thai  in Thailand, you had never boxing in France?

I make all my fights in Thailand, I have boxing only once has foreign, it was in Kazakstan.

How much you have make of fights?

I have about 70 fights.

How much do you have wins?

I know that I have about fifteen losses, all the remainder I have gains. I never have made tie. I have gains twice at the points and all the remainder that is fights gain by Knock-out.…

You have gains more one about fifty fights by K.O.?

Yes exactly

You are a true puncher then in your style of boxing?

It is all the Muay Thai that I uses, the kicks, knees, elbows, really any mixtures

You have favourite techniques?

Favourite techniques, not, according to adversary, each fight is different so I ‘m adapts.

In which category do you boxing?

In Thailand, I fight in 140 pounds (63Kg500)

Which is your hardest fight until today?

All the fights are hard, each time it is a new test. I do not think than it is a fight harder there than the others. If not, I remember a fight very hard that was for Pimai (New Year) has Bangsaphan. With the second rounds my adversary is account, with third I take a kick with the head and I am account and with the fourth rounds, I put a left hook has my opponent and it falls K.O…

You have returned the situation?

Yes that’s right

You have meeting of the fighter’s in the ranking, of known names?

Yes forcing when one show on live TV and that one are fight principal, opposite one has a fighter who has opposition…

Do you have already boxing has foreign?

I have boxing in Kazakstan for a belt WMC Intercontinental. I lost at the points but was a good experiment. One will be able nothing to say on the referee’s because is not necessary it to make but good…

Which is your best memory of fighter?

The fight that I have gains by K.O. with the second rounds against Nazee of the tiger gym has Koh Lanta.

There is this are boxers who inspires you in your boxing?

In Thailand, there is much, much by good boxer thus all the boxer’s inspires me. All the boxers have different techniques, one takes a little technique of each boxer and one learns the every day.

You take a little in each one and you make your sauce?

It is that exactly.

You know names of French champions?

Jean Charles Skarbowsky already, after has there also Stephan Nikiema, Dany Bill, Farid Villaume which still boxing. After has of them there some like Mounir Bouti, Fabio Pinca, the others I would not be to say …

Are you are information of the actuality of French Muay Thai?

Yes of course, is necessary to interest that is important.

You would love boxing in Europe, France or Holland for example?

Yes much, I would like that people see the level that I have, that would please really to me to return boxing to France or Europe …

Wich is your promoter?

Here is Pethchyndee but my manager who occupies to find my fight is special Twins, I have a contract signs with him.

You think boxing one day of Japan in K1 Max for example?

I hopes, I can nothing say for now but I hopes to have one day opportunity …

As you live in Thailand and you boxing in Thailand, you think one capacity day to fight for a belt of Radja or Lumpinee?

I do not know, already I boxing in Lumpinee and in Radja is not possible. I am in a very particular circuit one cannot change as one wants. Boxing for a belt is very hard. But considering my category current, there is too much of boxing and can be one day would have opportunity, I hope for…

You have a little brother who boxing too?

Yes, its calls Victor. He fight under the name of Leo Siangboxing. It has boxing this evening in Lumpinee

You have also a nickname of fighter?

For me is Antuan before I called Dekchlam (small shark) but there is exchange one took again my true name

And yes as you grown one cannot any more call Dek (small children)?

Yes exactly

Your next fight is for when?

I do not know yet, considering my fight today, I do not go boxing before one month then I would return boxing here in Lumpinee stadium in front of TV Thai (channel5)

Which is your training gym in Thailand?

Siangboxing in Bangsaphan (South country)

Your “Wai Khru”, where did you learn and what is that mean?

My Wai Khru is that of the schools of boxing of Bangsaphan, one speaks there about the sin, the mountain, the water and of the force of people of the south after one adds personal character traits. This year I had the price of most beautiful Wai Khru of Lumpinee on TV5. It is first time a farang (foreign) has this reward, I’m very proud for all people of my village!

You have gone have school in Thailand for several years, are what that was difficult to integrate and especially to learn the language Thai and writing Thai?

With school was be very hard for me and Victor because I stays only the farang on 2000 pupils and my brother also only on 1500 was pupils in another school. He, it brawled every day and it made its place like. For me, I chose to have buddies and to live like Thai, Thanks to boxing one has represents our village, the area, after people of the south and today they love us like Thai. Also if one goes boxing foreign there are represents all Thailand and it is most important. For the language was rather easy but more difficult for reading and writing but the motivation was of knowing what the others thought of us…

Is what you became Buddhist?

I am not really Buddhist as my mother because there is a double culture, one makes with Buddhism because one lives with the every day, of the times one thinks and the times not. For example for my fight of this evening did not go because you think much, I was afraid for my brother all the day and I thought has him same during my fight because  practice it fights before me and I can be more present and if he loses I have the force and I want to avenge him. I saw  that the end of the 3 rounds my adversary was not fall and after I no think result what interest me was Victor, I have afraid all his fight. He then lost so he had gains, it was opened on the face and I have too disgusted for him, then of the times you believe in something and of the times you see the destiny because you have a ball with the belly and you can read a little your future, is what that has to see with Buddhism, I do not know…

Does the specific culture Thai as for example tattooing bhramanic interest you?

I know the culture of tattooing Thai, not easy to speak about because to have these tattooing it is necessary to be Thai or Buddhist, to believe in that and to really want it. One does not like when farangs (foreign) make that for the fun or without knowing the significance, the Thai’s do not like either…

In does your area in Thailand have shared the Muay Thai is what you practise of the leisure’s?

I do much sport adventures, of the canoe, kayak, canyon, climbing, plunged since very small because my father is mountain guide. Also, I dance and sing with my Thai buddies one has gains the Talent Show 2005 of the schools people of Thailand!

Antuan thank you very much to have answered has this interview and chookdee for all your fights?

Of nothing. Thank you very much.


Antoine PINTO is a complete fighter with a mental except standard, he has that 17 years and already a number of fight impressive. Its margin of progression is enormous, and has future, it will be surely future a star of the Muay Thai. His little brother takes the same way that him with already 40 fights is only 14 years old. This evening this small fimeu (technician) with exceptionally courage had gains its fight but the referees have gives loser, which has starts the anger of the punters of Lumpinee and generates brawls enter the punters and the referees …




Number of fight: 72. 60 wins. 59 K.O.!

Size: 1m83

Weight: 140 pounds (63Kg500)


Winner of the belt of the south of Thailand 115 pounds against Songkhamai prachuap in 2005.

Winner of the belt X One of Thailand in 127 pounds against Bondung (13 Corners Arises) in 2006

Winner against Adun Noi Sith Benjama on Chanel 11 for opening of stadium of Songchai in 2007

Vice champion WMC Intercontinental in 140 pounds against Astana in Kazakstan on Fox Sports in 2007

Lyons fight cup Thailand against Tigergym Ankhandeath Chanel 7

Award champion of best Wai Khru in Lumpinee Stadium 19

Fights in Lumpinee Stadium 12 for por pramuk and 7 for petchyindee. 1 fight in Radja Stadium. Fights in all stadiums of the south of Thailand

Promoteurs: Petchyndee, Sianthang, Special Twin and Por Pramuk