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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Interview of CEDRIC MULLER by NICHOLAS READ (2008)



NICHOLAS READ: Where you born?

CEDRIC MULLER: The city of Mulhouse

How old are you?

30 years

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

16 years

How you have discovered the Thai boxing?

Simply, I wished to make a sport allying the martial arts and an opposition to real striking. At the same moment a gym of Thai boxing in opened in Mulhouse

That brought you the practice of this martial art? 

The spirit of the martial arts influenced me since young person but especially the Japanese arts. Certainly of in the fact that my father was a Master of aikido and I saw him only during these lessons. So I made friends with the other followers of the district, our passion in continued guided by the study of Bushido.

Concerning the Muay Thai, I did not meet philosophic and practical values so strong even if I know that she exists in certain high schools.

The Thai boxing especially brought me to be able to deliver me profoundly and to exploit the sense of the fight. I always rise on the boxing ring with the ideal to play my life and my honour 


What are the most beautiful moments when you lived in boxing?

There were particular circumstances during world championships amateur that I made in 1997. Worthy of a Hollywood movie.  

What are the reasons which urged you to pass in professional?

It is the logical continuation if we want to progress. If I sacrificed any career classic professional for Muay Thai it is above all because my passion in always been stronger than my future or money. I manage from day to day, by taking care of meeting the needs of my close family

What do you think, today of the general level of the national and world of Thai Boxing?

I think that the sports level to progress obviously, however in France, there is a delay which had to create by the lack of media coverage and consideration of the Thai boxing. The new generation is not many and their experience is not enough to put to the test 

In your sporting career, what is the title of which you are most proud and why?

My title of World Champion represents for me the synthesis of all the fights which I was able to deliver up to here. Many champions that I beaten, of doubts in everyday life, of defeat in the suffering, preparation isolated and not supervised, give myself, I think, a credibility for this title. I claim not at all to be able to equal the best of my category. But I am ready to take up the challenge.

What is your feeling concerning the place of the Muay Thai in the TV and in the media?

The Muay Thai is under represented to see absent in the TV, in spite of the increasing craze of people

What is what the most evolved in the environment of the Muay Thai these last years?

Very few thing, actually, it is especially an increase of the constraints (protections, Medical certificates) it is a good thing in comparative degree of the risks that we took in a time (no protections to the children, the fights uneven of weights and levels). But these constraints must be applied only to a public amateur. Later, we are supposed to know what we make and accepted the risks…

As big specialist of the Thai Boxing, how make you to perfect?

At the moment, my perfection is limited, it will be a question of staying in Thailand to get fresh ideas, the main part of my progress is made by the fights, the regularity of the training, and the personal inspiration…

You are one of the French fighters Thai Boxing rare having a very Thai style, how you acquired this style?

I am inspired only Thai generally 

Have you a favourite technique?

secret defence 

What are your methods of training?

Rather traditional methods, based also on the assault with subjects and the energy sectors. The most important work is to prepare my fights according to my future opponent 

What is what so much fascinated you in this discipline?

Certainly the fact that it is a very complete discipline at the technical level, furthermore she requires a physical shape close to a high-level sportsman.

The intellectual and physical involvement is total. It really attracts me 


With hindsight, if you had things to be changed or regrets on your career, which they would be?

Maybe not to have emigrated into Thailand or in a gym of France with a good professor.

I had a nature very diligent and devoted, but I was very badly supervised and advised. It however allowed me to develop an autonomy and a trust in me relative. I was almost delivered to me even the beginning, I shall maybe have reached a superior level much more early in my career.

What do you think before the fight? And during the ram muay? Are you Buddhist?

I am not Buddhist but I have a big part of mysticism during my fights. As dictated in the bushido, it is necessary to be ready to die without regret during the confrontation. The moments which precede fights are very hard mentally, but when we call me on the boxing ring, my spirit is clear and I take a lot of pleasure to be.  

Are you interested in the Thai culture?

Not really

Have you about  a « sak  » ( tattoo) Thai?

No but my back in Henna, mostly happens to me of marked: the covered boxing ring of incantations 

In what year you were for the first time in Thailand?

In 1997

You have already fought over there?

Yes repeatedly

When you are going to train in Thailand you go to a camp in particular?

I travel often from north to south, thus I often change until to find the rare pearl. But it is evident that for 1 week, Thai will be interested in you only financially.

What advice would give you to a young person who wants to leave for Thailand to perfect it or fight?

Is to make a commitment in the long term on a good quality camp. Is to visit several places to discover a maximum of things to be then exploited in France. So not to miss to see fights in Lumpinee and in radljadamnoen 

What is fighters (European or Thai) which impresses you and for which reasons?

Any high-level fighter in qualities which I appreciate

You lived well thanks to the Thai boxing? 

From day to day

That make you in the life as profession?

About little jobs of supplements, I am awarded a diploma by state in sports but I reserve this activity for the continuation

We often speak about Cédric MULLER but rarely about his coach can you speak to us about it?

Because he do not have there, certainly, since 2000 I am surrounded with friends who to hold me the paos and coach me in the fights, in particular Karim Rouami.

Rachid Saadi brought me a lot of opportunity and I owe thank him for it

By speaking about gym where is situated your gym of training?

 » Mulhouse-Muay Thai » in city of Mulhouse, we have Kamel Mezatni and a good many of amateur and of educational, more than hundred of visitors by the years.

Can you speak to us about your current events? Of your next challenges?

There is a fight in the gala of the RMB in February, in Strasbourg at the end of February, a throw-in of my title in Mulhouse during an gala of Full-contact or I well plan to attract the favours of the public to our discipline. To note that I did not fight at home for 9 years for lack of promoters. Other events for which I still have no confirmation, as well as fights of last minutes for which I was often sought.

What advice would give you to a young person who wishes to make a career in the Muay Thai?

To go to live in Holland or in Japan or to find the trainer who can offer to him of real opportunity, should the opposite occur it will be very difficult, and the fight real will be the daily life. But it is feasible, I am the proof, it will then be necessary to make the biggest concessions and the sacrifice and to accept all the propositions to point out

Have you a fit of bad temper and to fall in love with?

Fit of bad temper in federations and institutions French which it seems does not grant big credits to our sport nevertheless acclaimed. Of a highly-rated, interests personal of careerist, of the others, Boycott of all kinds and a limitation of radiuses of action. The elite not being facilitated, the positive image of Thai Boxing will risk to disappear. Another domain or we declined since the Favorite 90s

To fall in love with. To the volunteers which work in the survival of the Thai boxing in spite of sticks in wheels.

You want to add anything?  and

Please have answered this interview and Good Luck for the continuation



Weight:70 Kg


Number of fight : 102. 80 wins. 17 Losses. 5 draws

Title :World Champion WakoPro 2010, French Contender 2009, World Champion WakoPro 2009, World Champion KF 2008, World Champion IKF 2007, Intercontinental Champion WMC 2006, France Champion 1998, Silver medal amateur world championship 1997