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Christophe LEVEQUE

Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of Christophe LEVEQUE by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Christophe, how are you and have you forms it?

Christophe LEVEQUE: That’s OK, I am preserves, now (laugh)

Where you born and where you grew?

I was born in city of Asnière in the 92 (suburd Paris) and I live in city of Bonneuil on Marne (94 suburd Paris) since my more young age.

How old are you?

I will be 30 years old on February 17.

You come from a large family?

I have a brother and a sister. I am the elder one.

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

I began the muay Thai in October 91 at the 13 years age.

How have you discovered Thai boxing?

I discovered this sport thanks to my friend Kaddour Farsi. It practised karate kyokushinkai at the time and my known as that a section Thai boxing opened its doors in this same gym. I was to see training and I was magic immediately.

In which gym you started?

I began in Mahmoudi gym in city of Bonneuil

Speak to us about tone first trainer?

My trainers of always were the brother mahmoudi, Mamar and Nordine. The first was more on karate and the second on sheer the muay Thai.

Is what you remained faithful to this gym or you have go in other gym?

I always remained faithful to my gym since the beginning which I began.

How many fights?

In my career have make 50 fights, 34 wins, 15 losses and 1 draw.

What are your titles and your category?

I fought of 53 with 57kg. I had twice France Champion Professional, a bronze medal with World Champion amateur and I took the belt of South Champion of Thailand in 1998. In Kick Boxing, a gold medal with the championship of Europe amateur.

Your first fight do you remember it?

My first fight, I had to carry out it in May 92 in opening of a championship of the world which opposed Jaïd to Kasemsam, it was also the first fight in Pro of Dany Bill again Thai fighter. For me, I have a defeat but I had encouragements of many peoples from Thai boxing and its my thorough with step to release and go from the front one.

Which are the most beautiful moments that you lived in sports of combat?

Beautiful moments, I had full of it. But if I must retain of it that one it is my victory for the belt of champion of the south of Thailand!

The first time that you go in Thailand it was in which year?

I went for the first time to Thailand at 14 years during 1 month it was in August 92.

You fought at which age the first time in Thailand?

My first fights over there I carried out it 3 week after with the Best Friend Bar (Pattaya). I gained and a week after I fought with the Lunkee Stadium of Pattaya in and I also gained.

In which camp you training? Did the camp or you remain longest?

I ‘m training with the Sityotong Gym at the time or the camp was not invaded by the tourists. I have make 3 and 2 months over there stays. Then, I have make 1 month with the Tiptamai Gym with Chonburi, the camp of the family with Samath PAYAKAROON. Similar, no foreigner had put the feet there low and finally the Kietbanchong Gym, one of best the schools of muay thai in Bangkok when I was there and I remained 6 months over there.

You lived in the camp like Thai, it was not too hard?

Yes, I lived with them with each time I went  I wanted to live thoroughly the experiment. The last camp that I made the Kietbanchong hardest of was made that I remained a long time and the training was very hard. But I held good…

Is what you have of the good memories at the time when you were in Thailand?

Full memory but one of largest was my friendship with the champion of the Lumpini of 47 kg at the time Samliam Sityotong. It had a little the same personality as me, timid, generous, humble…

Is what the culture Thai interested you?

Today that made 5 years that I did not leave and all misses me food, environment, heat, the language. I am a Thai in the heart…

Speaks us about the Ram Muay which you carried out, you learned in which camp?

The first time that I learned the Ram muay, it was into 96 and it is Thai Muslim with the Kietbanchong Gym which taught it to me as I am converted with the Islamic religion. That stuck to me perfectly and I needed a support before fighting. This Ram muay was an additional force.

What do you think, today of the general of the muay Thai national and in world?

The standard today, I speak more particularly about France start to better be good and his fact pleasure. If not in Thailand, the fighters have less prestige than at the time in my eyes. Of course have exceptions there…

Is what there is Thai boxer or French boxer who inspired you at the beginning of your career?

The boxers who inspired to me more are the majority of the Thais. I looked at many vidéos of Samath, Chamophet, Olé, Silapataï, Nontaloni…

How many fights in Thailand?

25 fights in Thailand. 16 wins and 9 losses.

Are you fought in other countries and other style of boxing that the muay thai?

I fought 1 time in Japan, in Holland, in Italy and Switzerland. If not I carried out only 2 fights in kick boxing in Denmark and a fight of Full Contact at the beginning of career.

Was your hardest fight in Thailand against which? And in France?

My hardest fight in Thailand was against Chatchaï Satsakul former challenger WBC into English. I had been sick and under antibiotic. But I did not refuse the fight, I held until the limit, but I enormously suffered from made that I was not in form. In France, hardest I do not know. But most intense it was against Krim Hamitéche finally championship of France 2000. I lose on the wire but my adversary deserved its victory.

You stopped the Thai boxing in which year?

I stopped the competition since now a little more than 6 years for medical reason (myopia). Its my much affected made that very stops so suddenly. But it was better for my health…

You had preferred techniques?

I like the clinch and the elbows.

Wanted you to be always in boxing Thai or to do to other thing?

Yes, I wanted absolutely to remain in the medium of the muay Thai. I have that in blood. But in which manner, I did not know of it anything at the time because the competition was my great motivation…

Is what to training of the young fighters is something who would impassion you or not?

For 2 seasons now, I am training the educational in Bonneuil. I make 3 lessons per week. I really like that.

Today which the fighters (European or Thai) which impresses you more?

The fighters who most currently impress me are Yodsenklai and Senchai. Dimensioned European, I will say Tyrone Spong

Look at you it topicality of kick boxing?

I am always at looked the topicality. I like much my sport which contribution to me much…

What is your job currently?

I am in the territorial public office as an organizer

You are playing in movies, in particular “livraisons à domicile”, or you incarnated a boxer, is a good experiment, and would like you to renew it?

I finally will renew the TV experiment; I am currently passing castings for the return of the emission “camera coffee” and the proposals to appear on the series Off Premium on TV M6.

Which councils would give you to a young boxer who begins his career and especially its after career?

That the muay, it is not very that it is necessary well to work at the rare school because live about it. But nothing prevents from living its passion strong and that if he wants to become a great champion in the future, he must be assiduous with the training…

You want to add something?

Thank you for the interest that you carry me his fact pleasure and long life with SIAMFIGHTMAG!

Thank you to have answered this interview and chookdee