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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of JEAN-CHARLES SKARBOWSKY by Serge TREFEU (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Jean-Charles how are you?

JEAN-CHARLES SKARBOWSKY: Very well thank you!

You have just made a long seminar in Thailand with how partner Danny Bill and Stephan NIKIEMA, this unique seminar to the camp Jocky Gym in Bangkok with former three big champions it is to go well?

Yes very well. One it is profoundly given, especially Thai, Pipa, Pidet and Toui (the trainers of the camp of Jocky Gym). There were even former champions as Rolek and Silapathai who came to give a hand, they came almost everything in daytime to hold paos. Our pupils progressed well thanks to them …

The Thai of Jocky Gym were satisfied to train these trainees with you?

Yes very satisfied and to please Stephan, Danny and me, Thai really gave themselves profoundly, really I had rarely seen that!

How were the trainings with three professors?

We were all three presents every day to supervise the pupils and each gave the councils. Have made them work the physical appearance and especially the technique. Then the pupils made a small mix of lessons given by three professors

What was the level of the trainees?

It was for the most part of the beginners who had not made fights and did not know the Thailand. They discovered for the first time « Thai camps « , they were all very satisfied…

Do the trainees had the opportunity to fight in Thailand during this seminar?

Yes we were able to organize fights on Pattaya in bars as « Best Friend ». We made eight fights but the level was not equal because Thai saw us arriving. They put us former Pros in front of our young beginners. Our pupils made all the same of beautiful thing in spite of their defeats. For some it was their first fight and they faced for example a Thai which was forbidden by fight in stadium because of « Lom Muay » (Forged fight) and who still boxed one month ago on the TV!

But what is important it is that our pupils have they the courage to go on the boxing ring and it makes them a beautiful experience…

How long was the seminar?

The seminar it is be spread over two months July and August, we had about twenty trainees spread over two months …

Are you ready to do again seminar similar to several champions?

Yes I am o.k I think that it would be necessary to make him over a month and to group together the trainees

We know that Stephan Nikiéma is a specialist of knees, Danny Bill it is all the techniques of legs, you it is rather fists and fronts kicks. Each of the champions gave his advice with his specialty in more?

Yes but this seminar was especially so very beneficial me for me because I observed Pipa and Pidet to give their advice to the pupils and it taught me many techniques of training. Now I have the impression to have progressed well in the teaching…

This method of teaching in the « thai » is going to serve you for your teaching in your gym?

Yes as soon as I returned I applied the techniques which I had learnt and we leave on new base, I am very satisfied with it!

Or is your gym since how long did you open him?

I begin my third year

You begin to have a lot of people?

Yes I begin to have many boxers. This year I have a lot of beginning who are soon going to be able to express themselves…

What ambition has you for your gym?

I want make the global level progress and have champions from my gym. This year it is almost sure Pipa is going to come to October for train in my gym. Last year he had to come but there was a problem with his visa but this year normally it is good. Toui is also going to come to help us during a few months and can be to fight. I plan to make the other Thai boxers come to fight or for the training as Chaowalit, Kaoklaï, Rolek, Silapathai or Seanchaï …

With Seanchaï what is that you could organize a seminar?

Yes I would like to make him, I hope that it can be made and quickly

Do you have pupils who begin break through?

I already have Tarik Benfkih who was a world champion, he has well progressed but he misses fight. I have a young of 18 old Bryan Denis who will be a champion one day, he has already fought in Malaysia and in Lumpinee, he stayed near one year in Jocky Gym!

When we speak about you in Thailand in the world of Muay Thai, a lot of people remembers your fights and often both names which are quoted by aficionados it is Dekkers and Skarbowsky, what is that it please you?

Of course it very pleases me!

What are your projects for 2009/2010?

To Become known my fighters and to give the luck for the new beginner which have want to make them first fight this year, they have the level for a challenge. For those who have the average level that they still progress and doing fighting abroad and that has made speak about us …

Last year you organized seminars everywhere in France, you are again going to make the seminar this year?

Yes this year more than ever!

You were to Canada to give your advice to George St Pierre (World champion UFC), you are again to make this experience with this big champion of the MMA?

George it became a friend, we often call. If he comes for a fight I shall try to release myself to help him, it is normal…

You taught him some techniques of Muay Thai?

Yes completely, to complete his techniques in MMA. I taught him techniques of Muay Thai which are applicable in his sport…

Jean-Charles thank you very much for this interview and chook dee to you!

Thank you Serge and thanks to all the fans of Muay Thai!



Fighter record’s: Three times Europe Champion. Twice winner of the Cup of King in Bangkok. Ranking N°1 Radja stadium in 2003 and 2006. N°4 in 2005.

97 Fights. 75 wins. 20 Losses. 2 Draws. 50 KO!